Elemental Shaman DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

Elemental Shaman DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

In WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 2, Elemental Shamans experience a paradigm shift with the Rune system. Affixing runes like Overload, Power Surge, and Lava Burst to gear introduces potent abilities. Notably, runes such as Water Shield and Shamanistic Fury aid mana management, while Alpha Spirit enhances tank threat.

However, strategic gear slot competition arises, like Lava Burst and Water Shield vying for the glove slot. This complexity reshapes Elemental Shaman dynamics.

Unlocking the Lava Lash rune, independent of Dual Wield Specialization, allows passive dual-wielding across Shaman specs. This feature revolutionizes gameplay, amplifying spell damage through double Lesser Wizard Oil and off-hand caster weapons like Hypnotic Blade or Volatile Sacrifice Dagger.

Adapt your strategy to these additions, redefine Elemental Shaman gameplay, and unleash newfound potential in the evolving challenges of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 2.

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Viability of Elemental Shaman DPS

Elemental Shaman DPS retains the utility commonly associated with the Shaman class, including Totem of Furious Wind (now also provided by Uncontrolled Strikes from Feral Druid) and Tremor Totem. These abilities contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of Elemental Shamans in various group scenarios.

Totem of Furious Wind provides valuable crowd control, while Uncontrolled Strikes from Feral Druids offers an alternative source, diversifying the utility within a party or raid. Additionally, Tremor Totem proves crucial for dispelling fears and charms, enhancing the group's resilience in challenging encounters.

While Elemental Shamans may face gear slot competition due to the Rune system, their unique combination of damage-dealing capabilities and utility makes them a valuable asset in group settings. Adaptability, strategic spellcasting, and leveraging the Shaman's utility contribute to the viability of Elemental Shaman DPS in diverse team compositions during WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 2.

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Strengths and Weaknesses


1. High Burst Damage: Elemental Shamans excel at delivering potent burst damage, particularly advantageous in PvP scenarios where swift and impactful attacks can be decisive.
2. Excellent Utility: Elemental Shamans bring valuable utility to the table, particularly notable in PvP settings. Abilities like crowd control and support totems enhance the team's overall effectiveness.


1. Mana Problems: Elemental Shamans encounter mana issues, especially until unlocking **Ira del chamán**. Managing mana efficiently becomes crucial to sustaining optimal damage output.

2. Low Sustained Damage: Despite their ability for burst damage, Elemental Shamans may struggle with sustained damage over extended encounters. This limitation is particularly notable in PvE situations where consistent output is essential.

Best Runes for Elemental Shaman DPS

1. Overload Rune Overload Rune: Overload stands out as a fantastic ability, significantly boosting your damage without any downsides. This becomes a must-have for Elemental Shamans, enhancing overall DPS without drawbacks.

2. Lava Burst Rune Lava Burst Rune: The Lava Burst Rune introduces a new spell that always crits when Flame Shock is active on the target. It seamlessly integrates into your core DPS rotation, providing consistent high-damage output.

3. shamanistic Rage Rune Shamanistic Rage Rune: Shamanistic Rage is another solid choice, particularly for the legs slot. Apart from aiding in personal Mana management, it benefits the party by restoring Mana and reducing damage taken. The scaled Mana return based on the size of your Mana pool makes Intellect a more valuable stat. This rune eliminates the need for dual-wielding Rockbiter Weapon and associated macros.

4. Power Surge Rune Power Surge Rune: Power Surge provides extra Mana regeneration and occasional cooldown resets and instant spell casts for your primary damage-dealing spells. Its effectiveness is contingent on maintaining Flame Shock on the target.

Gameplay Elemental Shaman DPS

As a ranged DPS class, optimal positioning is key for an Elemental Shaman. Stand within range of enemies to maximize damage output while avoiding their attacks or environmental damage. Adjust your positioning based on the needs of the moment and the encounter dynamics.


1. Deploy utility totems based on your group's needs: Searing Totem, Totem of the Furious Wind, Strength of Earth Totem, and Healing Stream Totem are solid options.

2. Use Shamanic Rage to replenish your Mana and that of your group once a sufficient amount has been spent, ensuring efficient regeneration.

3. Cast Elemental Mastery and use it on Chain Lightning as soon as it's off cooldown.

4. Cast Flame Shock and refresh it before expiration.

5. Cast Lava Burst if it will land while Flame Shock is active on the target.

6. Cast Chain Lightning on cooldown unless Mana issues arise; in such cases, use it whenever **Elemental Focus** procs.

7. Use Lightning Bolt if Mana is running low or exclusively when facing Mana constraints.

Adapt and refine your rotation based on the encounter, ensuring optimal use of your abilities while managing resources effectively for sustained damage output as an Elemental Shaman DPS.

Stats and Gear for Elemental Shaman DPS

Stat Priority:

1. Spell Hit
2. Spell Damage
3. Intellect
4. Spell Crit
5. Mp5
6. Spell Penetration
7. Stamina

As a level 40 Elemental Shaman, prioritize throughput stats with some Mana stats to ensure sustained spellcasting without running out of Mana.

Gear Recommendations:

1. Brightscale Coif - Crafted by Leatherworking, this headpiece stands out in Phase 2 for its high stats and unique on-use effect.

2. Gleaming Throwing Axe - A powerful caster weapon for this phase, though challenging to obtain. Dual-wield it with another caster weapon like Sacrificial Dagger from the Blackfathom Deeps raid.

3. Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator Set (Mesh Shirt, Tunic, and Grounding Boots) - Gnomeregan's Electromagnetic Gigaflux Invocatrenchanters set, designed for Elemental Shamans, offers a unique 0.2-second cast time reduction on Lightning Bolt. It boasts strong stats with no loot competition.

4. Summoner's Wand - An excellent trinket available from the final boss quest in Blackfathom Deeps, still one of the best at Level 40.

5. Stormspire Vest - Specifically tailored for Elemental Shamans, these shoulders are Mail with Nature Damage. The absence of Stamina, Spirit, or Mp5 in their budget makes them powerful in the current level bracket.

6. Greens with Nature Damage - Seek out green items with Nature damage stats for additional benefits if available.

Strive for this gear selection to optimize your Elemental Shaman DPS in Phase 2, ensuring a balance of stats for both damage output and Mana sustainability.

Best Races for Elemental Shaman DPS

The optimal race for a WoW Classic Horde Elemental Shaman varies based on the focus – Trolls excel in PvE, Orcs in PvP, while Tauren provide versatility.

1. Troll Shaman - PvE Excellence: Trolls bring considerable PvE benefits with their racial ability, Berserking, providing a significant increase in casting speed when activated. This is especially advantageous for Elemental Shamans looking to enhance their damage output in raid scenarios.

2. Orc Shaman - PvP Dominance: Orcs stand out as one of the premier PvP races, primarily due to Hardiness. This racial ability boosts resistance against enemy crowd control, making Orc Elemental Shamans more resilient to stuns. While Blood Fury and Axe Specialization contribute less to damage in a caster role, they can prove useful during leveling or solo play.

3. Tauren Shaman - Jack of All Trades: Tauren, with their Endurance racial, offer increased health, making them more resilient. While not specialized for PvE or PvP like Trolls or Orcs, Tauren Elemental Shamans can provide a versatile and sturdy option for players who enjoy a balanced approach.

Choose your Horde race based on your preferred playstyle, whether it be focused on PvE raiding, PvP encounters, or a more well-rounded experience. Each race brings unique advantages to enhance your Elemental Shaman's performance in different aspects of the game.

Best Professions for Elemental Shaman DPS

1. Leatherworking: While not traditionally a strong profession in WoW Classic, Leatherworking gains relevance for Elemental Shamans with the introduction of Bind on Pickup (BoP) items like the Brightscale Coif. This makes Leatherworking a viable choice, especially for those aiming to craft a best-in-slot headpiece exclusively usable by maxed-out Leatherworking characters.

2. Engineering: Engineering stands out as an indispensable profession for Elemental Shamans seeking to maximize their impact in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

- PvE Benefits: Opt for Gnomish Engineering, enabling the creation of items like the Gnomish Battle Chicken and later the Arcanite Dragonling. These bind-on-pickup trinkets summon pets that contribute significantly to group performance. The Battle Chicken boosts melee attack speed, benefiting the entire party, while the Dragonling inflicts fire damage and increases vulnerability to fire a valuable asset against fire-vulnerable enemies. Additionally, engineering provides access to explosives like Dense Dynamite, offering a potent damage boost with a short cooldown.

- PvP Advantages: Engineering in PvP offers diverse tools, such as crowd control devices, sappers, and various gadgets, providing Elemental Shamans with strategic advantages in battle.