Dofus - The Best Solo Classes

Determining the optimal solo classes in Dofus involves assessing each class's performance in solitary combat scenarios, particularly in PvM engagements, including quests and specialized dungeons.

When selecting a class, it is paramount to prioritize personal comprehension of the game mechanics and align gameplay preferences. Rather than conforming to the metagame, aspiring adventurers are encouraged to embark on their Dofus journey with a sense of exploration and discovery. Thoroughly evaluating each class at lower levels facilitates informed decision-making, leading to the selection of a class that resonates most with individual preferences.

While some classes may exhibit advantages in specific situations, the pursuit of enjoyment should supersede the quest for absolute superiority. Each class within Dofus is meticulously balanced to ensure a fulfilling solo experience for all players.

Dofus - The Best Solo Classes

Tier Classes S+

Eliotrope: The Eliotrope class stands out for its ingenious portal mechanic, which enables swift traversal of vast distances while dealing considerable damage. Despite a brief learning curve, this class demonstrates remarkable adaptability, allowing players to effectively navigate diverse combat scenarios.

Huppermage: Renowned as the quintessential versatile class in Dofus, the Huppermage embodies the qualities of a human Swiss army knife. Leveraging its elemental state mechanic, the Huppermage can amplify spell effectiveness up to fourfold. Whether employing multi-elemental or mono builds, players benefit from an array of strategic options for every encounter, coupled with exceptional mobility capabilities.

Tier Classes S

Pandawa: Following its comprehensive rework in 2022, the Pandawa has maintained a steady trajectory, offering a balanced and reliable gameplay experience. While its capabilities were streamlined, the class remains highly effective and adaptable, particularly well-suited for solo endeavors.

Forgelance: Introduced as a versatile addition to the Dofus roster, the Forgelance class demonstrates proficiency across both solo and group PvM content, showcasing a diverse skill set despite encountering adjustments and nerfs post-launch.

Enutrof: The Enutrof class excels in delivering ranged damage, summoning capabilities, and sustainable health regeneration. Despite the absence of a teleportation spell, its arsenal of abilities ensures formidable performance in various combat situations.


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Steamer: Among the ranks of versatile classes, the Steamer distinguishes itself with its adaptability and effectiveness across diverse playstyles. Leveraging its expansive array of equipment options, the class remains a formidable contender in both solo and group encounters.

Eniripsa: Following a comprehensive redesign, the Eniripsa class ascends in prominence, offering players a wealth of strategic options for navigating solo PvM content and beyond. From mobility and positioning to healing and damage output, the class now boasts a comprehensive toolkit of elemental spells and pathways to optimize performance.

Tier Class A

Feca: With the introduction of spell variants, the Feca class has notably enhanced its long-range effectiveness. Renowned for its unparalleled protection spells, Feca's abilities excel in dismantling boss mechanics in high-level encounters.

Sacrier: Comparable to the Iop in damage dealing prowess, the Sacrier class offers additional advantages in tanking, strategic positioning, and exceptional mobility. While its limited range remains a concern, ongoing updates have mitigated this drawback over time.

Rogue: Leveraging the spell variants for enhanced mobility, the Rogue class secures its position among the top contenders. Combining agile movement with potent bomb damage, it boasts formidable versatility. Recent redesigns have also improved accessibility for novice players and bolstered survivability along its Fire path.

Iop: As a quintessential warrior archetype, the Iop excels in close combat engagements. However, its relative weakness in ranged combat poses challenges in certain PvM scenarios.

Osamodas: Despite its comparatively limited movement capabilities, the Osamodas class harnesses significant power through its summoning abilities. While challenging to optimize for multi-element builds or with older equipment, Osamodas remains a formidable force in combat.

Tier Classes B

Xelor: Renowned for its complexity, the Xelor class offers a unique blend of movement manipulation, AP management, and mobility. While capable of independence, Xelors may encounter challenges against monsters with immovable states, limiting their effectiveness in certain encounters.

Cra: As one of the most accessible ranged classes, the Cra boasts straightforward spells and high efficiency, making it a formidable contender in solo gameplay, particularly outside of quest-oriented battles.

Sram: Despite adjustments to its invisibility mechanics, the Sram class maintains considerable power, albeit transitioning to a more supportive role within team compositions.

Ouginak: While proficient in dealing damage, the Ouginak's reliance on close combat can prove limiting in various scenarios, despite efforts to balance the class in version 2.68.

Zobal: With advantageous shielding abilities, particularly beneficial in quest encounters, the Zobal class faces challenges due to its relatively lower damage output, especially at range. Vulnerability to disenchantment further diminishes its effectiveness.

Sadida: The Sadida class demonstrates potential with its infected state mechanic, yet suffers from deficiencies in movement, survivability, and positioning, hindering its performance in PvM quests and select dungeons.

Tier Class C

Ecaflip: Currently considered the underperforming class of 2023, the Ecaflip faces notable gameplay challenges, hampering its ability to excel effectively. Despite its potential, significant shortcomings detract from its overall performance, suggesting a need for substantial improvements in future updates to regain its former luster. Until such enhancements are implemented, players may find better success exploring alternative class options.