Desert Treasure 2: The Fallen Empire Quest Guide 2023

Desert Treasure 2 Step-By-Step Quest Guide

Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire is a significant grandmaster quest in the Mahjarrat series and acts as a follow-up to Desert Treasure I within the framework of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Gaining fame as one of the most strenuous and lengthy quests in the game, it offers players a set of some of the hardest battle scenarios to be encountered. Successful completion of this quest grants players the opportunity to battle four formidable high-level bosses, each of which drops highly sought-after rewards, including Virtus robes, fragments of the soulreaper axe, and ancient rings.

The quest's difficulty level sets it apart from other quests, and its extensive storyline and complex combat mechanics provide a thrilling and immersive experience for players. As they progress through the quest, players will encounter formidable adversaries and must employ their best strategies, combat skills, and gear to emerge victorious.

The rewards offered by this grandmaster quest are highly desirable and sought-after by players in the game. Acquiring the Virtus robes enhances players' magical capabilities significantly, while obtaining fragments of the soulreaper axe unlocks its full potential as a powerful weapon. Additionally, the ancient rings offer unique and potent abilities that can greatly enhance a player's combat prowess.

Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire is a challenging and rewarding adventure that caters to high-level players seeking the ultimate test of skill, combat prowess, and determination in Old School RuneScape. As players strive to overcome the quest's trials, they will uncover a rich storyline that adds depth and lore to the game's world, making it a memorable and coveted achievement in the RuneScape community.               


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Before embarking on the "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire" quest in Old School RuneScape, several prerequisite quests must be completed:

1. Desert Treasure I: This is the original Desert Treasure quest and serves as a precursor to the sequel.

2. Secrets of the North: This quest is essential for understanding the story leading up to Desert Treasure II.

3. Enakhra's Lament: Another important quest in the series that lays the groundwork for the sequel.

4. Temple of the Eye: This quest further delves into the lore of the Desert region.

5. The Garden of Death: A significant quest in the Desert series that contributes to the narrative.

6. Below Ice Mountain: This quest provides additional context to the overall storyline.

7. His Faithful Servants: Another quest that leads to important events in the Desert series.

Moreover, to take on the challenges of "Desert Treasure II," you'll need to level up specific skills to the following levels:

 75 Firemaking 

 75 Magic 

 70 Thieving 

 62 Herblore

 60 Runecrafting 

 60 Construction 

Once you meet these requirements, make your way to the Ancient Vault, located northeast of Nardah and south of the Ruins of Uzer. This is where the adventure will truly begin as you embark on the epic journey of "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire" in the vast and challenging Desert region of RuneScape. Best of luck in your quest!

The starting location of Desert Treasure II in Old School RuneScape.

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Similar to its prequel, Desert Treasure I, Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire is a quest that heavily involves combat and requires extensive traveling. To navigate through the challenges effectively, players will find it beneficial to use super energy and stamina potions to maintain their energy levels. Additionally, having access to various teleportation methods is crucial for quick and efficient movement throughout the quest.

It's highly recommended that players read through each section before engaging in battles to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the fights. The main bosses can be complex, especially when faced for the first time. Therefore, gaining an understanding of their mechanics beforehand can greatly improve the chances of success.

For non-ironman accounts with limited teleport options, utilizing the Rimmington portal on world 330 allows entry into another player's Player-Owned House (POH), granting access to various teleportation and restoration options, which can be advantageous during the quest.

Furthermore, each section of the quest will include a "notes for pures" section, catering to players with unique account builds. These notes will help players with special account restrictions determine if they can complete the quest. It's important to note that, unlike in Desert Treasure I, none of the bosses in Desert Treasure II are cannonable. Players will need to gain Hitpoints experience in order to progress through the quest.

Familiar Faces

Before embarking on "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire," remember to switch to the Ancient Magicks spellbook, as it is essential both for starting the quest and for casting spells later in the quest.

To begin, head to the Ancient Vault located just northeast of Nardah. You can reach it in multiple ways: use the fairy ring code "dlq" and run southeast, or employ a Nardah teleport scroll or the desert amulet 3, followed by running northeast. Once inside the Ancient Vault, you'll find four statues, and Asgarnia Smith will follow you, proposing another partnership after finding no treasure in your previous adventure together.

After conversing with Asgarnia, inspect the four statues inside the vault and observe the names: Vardorvis, Perseriya, Duke Sucellus, and the Whisperer. Speak to Asgarnia once more about your discoveries, and he will suggest seeking Terry Balando for further information.

Make your way to the Exam Centre, either using the Senntisten Teleport or a digsite teleport, and talk to Terry Balando. Though he admits knowing little about Zaros, he advises you to consult Dr Banikan, who considers himself a Zarosian expert and has established a new dig on the eastern edge of the Digsite.

Proceed to the winch at the easternmost part of the Digsite. You can conveniently get near the area using the Digsite teleport or Digsite pendant. Operate the winch to descend and find Dr Banikan. Inform him about the Ancient Vault and the four names you discovered. Dr Banikan speculates that they may be referenced in a key military installation beneath the digsite—a remnant of the Zarosian Empire. He asks you to mine the rocks nearby to clear the way down. If you need a pickaxe, search the crate at the northeast corner of the dig to find a bronze pickaxe.

The Ancient Guardian

Upon descending into the instanced area, you will immediately face a formidable foe, the Ancient Guardian, in "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire" quest. The guardian has a total of 200 health, with two phases of combat. The first phase involves depleting its shield health, followed by dealing damage to its regular health. Here's what you need to know for this intense battle:

Combat Strategy:

1. Recommended Melee Attacks: It is advised to use melee attacks for this fight. Melee attacks are effective in quickly depleting the guardian's shield health, preventing it from regenerating rapidly.

2. Shield Depletion: Focus on depleting the guardian's shield health bar first. Once the shield health is depleted, you can proceed to attack its regular health.

3. Protection Prayer: The guardian only uses melee attacks. Protect from Melee prayer can be used to reduce the incoming damage.

4. Ceiling Collapse: Be aware that every five attacks, the ceiling will crumble, and debris will fall from above, dealing 15-25 damage if not avoided. To dodge the debris, move away from the looming shadow on the ground.

Note for Pures:

1. For players with unique account builds, such as pures, it may not be possible to drain the guardian's shield without gaining Hitpoints experience. However, any melee style can be used in this scenario.

2. If you do not use melee, it is technically possible to defeat the guardian using magic or ranged attacks. However, it requires high-damage spells or ammunition, and the player must remain in melee distance to prevent the shield from regenerating.

3. Prayer is not essential for those who can deal high enough damage. However, players who cannot use melee effectively should be prepared with high-healing food or Saradomin brews to sustain themselves during the prolonged fight.

Prepare for the Battle:

Ensure your inventory is well-stocked with suitable combat gear, food, potions, and prayer-restoring items.

A player taking on the Ancient Guardian during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Military Secrets

After your victorious battle against the Ancient Guardian, you will call down Dr Banikan, who will accompany you around the military installation. As you explore further, you will come across a golem machine, which requires eight cells to power up. You can find these uncharged cells by searching the nearby crates, where you will receive a stack of eight of them.

To the west of the machine, you'll find an altar surrounded by four totems. Your task is to activate these totems using burst spells or better from the Ancient Magicks spellbook. Once activated, use the uncharged cells on the altar to obtain charged cells.

With the charged cells in hand, proceed to power up the golem. However, it won't be as simple as inserting the cells. You'll need to solve a puzzle to properly power it up. Here are the rules for the puzzle:

1. Place one cell per section of the golem.

2. Place one cell per row of the golem.

3. Place one cell per column of the golem.

4. Ensure that no adjacent cells are used.

If you attempt to power up the golem with the wrong solution, you will receive an electric shock, resulting in 5-10 damage.

Prepare for the Puzzle:

Make sure you have your charged cells and are ready to tackle the puzzle.

Bring food or healing items in case you accidentally trigger the electric shock.

Testing Your Medal

In the next phase of "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire," you will undertake four sections to retrieve the medallions of the Forgotten Four. The order in which you complete these sections is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that the medallions cannot be deposited into a bank and should be returned to the Ancient Vault at your earliest convenience.

When you attempt to return the first medallion to the Ancient Vault, you will encounter the Mysterious Figure, who demands the medallion for her mistress' goal. Refusing her request, she warns you to watch your back before departing.

Subsequent acquisitions of medallions may lead to her ambushing you. The Mysterious Figure is a formidable foe, using all three attack styles, each capable of dealing up to 18 damage. Additionally, she can cast Tele Block to prevent your escape, use blood spells to heal herself, freeze you in place with ice spells, and activate protection prayers. Always keep some spare food and an emergency teleport on hand during these encounters. Be cautious, as she might disguise herself as the sandwich lady; avoid engaging in conversation with her if you possess a medallion to evade combat.

To avoid her ambushes, you can quickly teleport away before she manages to cast Tele Block, or move to a different room or floor. It is essential to note that defeating her will not prevent her from reappearing later, as she can simply teleport away. Due to her high hitpoints, prayer switching mechanics, and the potential for her to return, it is advisable to delay direct combat with her until later stages of the quest.


Carry spare food and an emergency teleport at all times.

Avoid engaging in conversation with anyone resembling the sandwich lady while holding a medallion.

Consider postponing combat with the Mysterious Figure until later stages of the quest when you are better prepared to face her.

Carnifex Maximus Vardorvis

In the next section of "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire," you will need to access a faraway area in the Kebos Lowlands. Having access to various teleportation methods will be helpful for this part of the quest, such as fairy rings, Xeric's Honour teleport from Xeric's talisman, or the Quidamortem station of the Lovakengj Minecart Network. Unlocking all routes from the Mountain Guide will also be advantageous.

Follow these steps to progress through this section of the quest:

1. Exit the military installation and head to Elissa, who can be found just northeast of the digsite. Inform her that you heard she visited Lovakengj recently and that you are seeking information on Vardorvis. While she may not know much, she suggests that the Burning Man monument in the city, representing the defeat of an ancient evil, could be a good starting point for your search.

2. Make your way to the Burning Man monument, located on the western side of Lovakengj. If you have Xeric's talisman, teleport to Xeric's Inferno, then run southwest. Speak to Barus, a Lovakengj historian, who will provide you with the history of the Burning Man. He also mentions The Stranglewood, a cursed area between the Kebos Lowlands and Varlamore, from which the great evil emerged. He adds that a botanist who lived near the Hosidius Estate Agent attempted to explore The Stranglewood but went missing.

3. Locate the Estate Agent's building at the northeastern end of Hosidius, and next to it is the botanist's house. If you have Xeric's talisman, teleport to Xeric's Glade and run north, or use Kharedst's memoirs to teleport to Hosidius and run northeast across the River Hos. Search the desk in the botanist's house to obtain a strange potion and potion note. Read the note to learn about the potion and discover a rowboat that can take you to The Stranglewood. The rowboat is situated south of Mount Quidamortem.

4. If you have access to fairy rings, use the code "bls" to teleport to the base of the mountain, then head west towards the rowboat. Alternatively, if you have unlocked the Xeric's Honour teleport, you can resupply at the bank on Mount Quidamortem before speaking to the Mountain Guide to be taken to the crossroads east of the rowboat location. Once you reach the rowboat, drink the strange potion and board it to travel to The Stranglewood.

Prepare for the Journey:

Ensure you have access to the necessary teleportation methods (fairy rings, Xeric's Honour teleport, or Quidamortem station).

Take the strange potion and potion note from the botanist's house in Hosidius.

Have some food, equipment, and supplies ready for your exploration of The Stranglewood.

A picture of the Burning Man in western Lovakengj in OSRS

Freaky Forest

While exploring The Stranglewood in "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire," be cautious of the high-level strangled creatures that inhabit the area. These creatures can trap you in place with roots and inflict continuous damage. To make matters more challenging, there is an infection mechanic represented by a health bar on the top left of your screen. If the infection level reaches 100%, you will be overwhelmed by the infection and respawn at the last location where you were uninfected.

As you navigate through The Stranglewood, keep an eye out for stone chests scattered throughout the area. Search these chests to find tatty pages, which contain valuable information on the Zarosian's presence shortly after their arrival in the region.

Follow the path south and swiftly enter the large building. Ignore any strangled creatures and run south, then west towards the entrance. Upon reaching the entrance, a cutscene will play, during which you encounter a large horde of strangled creatures. Seek refuge in a nearby barricaded building, where you will meet Kasonde Shaw. You indirectly interacted with him during The Garden of Death quest. Initially, he may accuse you of tailing him, but he quickly realizes that you alerted the horde of strangled by disturbing the tendrils nearby. Kasonde advises you to head down below quickly.

Be Prepared for the Stranglewood:

Take care to avoid being trapped by strangled roots and manage your health carefully to avoid infection.

Keep a close eye on the infection level displayed on the health bar.

Search the stone chests for tatty pages to gather valuable information.

Move swiftly and cautiously through the area to evade the strangled creatures.

Protecting Kasonde
After seeking refuge in the barricaded building with Kasonde Shaw, you will have to defend him for three minutes against oncoming waves of strangled creatures. Failing this defense will restart the activity, so there is no need to worry about death during the encounter. Here's what you need to know for this defense segment:

Defending Kasonde:

Defend Kasonde Shaw for three minutes from waves of strangled creatures.

If you fail the defense, the activity will restart, so you have multiple attempts to succeed.

Stone Chests:

There are six stone chests in the area.

Four of the chests require lock-picking to open and contain two barricades and four satchels.

The satchels hold explosives that can be detonated remotely to deal with large groups of strangled.

Lock-Picking the Chests:

To open the lock-pickable chests, move the tumblers by clicking on the slots above them.

A brute force approach is quick: Click "confirm," see if any tumblers show up as green on the right, and if not, move everything up by one. This method should take no more than eight tries for the final combination.


Pay attention to Kasonde's directions to identify where the waves of strangled are coming from.

Plan your actions accordingly and time the detonations of the explosives to deal with the incoming waves effectively.

If the barricades break, consider using ice spells to freeze the strangled, as they will move towards Kasonde.

Completing the Defense:

After successfully defending Kasonde Shaw for three minutes, any remaining strangled creatures will automatically die.


Be vigilant and responsive to Kasonde's directions.

Use the explosives strategically to handle groups of strangled.

Consider bringing ice spells to control the movement of strangled creatures if the barricades break.

With this information, you are now equipped to defend Kasonde Shaw against the oncoming waves of strangled creatures in "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire" quest. Time your actions wisely, use the explosives effectively, and emerge triumphant in this challenging defense segment. Best of luck in protecting Kasonde and progressing further in your quest!

Protecting Kasonde during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Breaking The Stranglehold

Defending Kasonde Shaw, you will talk to him to learn about the Old Ones and The Strangler. He explains that The Strangler was the result of a failed ritual by the Old Ones to overcome their extinction. The Strangler can infect living things that get too close to it, and it can alert nearby strangled creatures if you step on one of its tendrils. However, Kasonde informs you that some plants are immune to the infection and believes they can be used to create a better version of the serum you drank before arriving in The Stranglewood.

Strangled Behavior:

Strangled creatures move in a shuffle and will only attack if you get too close to them.

Walking reduces the aggression range compared to running, and they will only chase after you if they notice you.

Stepping on a tendril will alert strangled creatures from a wider area, even beyond your field of view, so it's essential to avoid them.

Attacking a strangled from a distance will not alert others until they get close enough, which can be helpful for running past some strangled.

Ice spells can be used to freeze strangled, but they have some freeze resistance and won't stay frozen for the usual duration.

Collecting Ingredients:

Kasonde requires two items to create the Strangler serum: a korbal herb and argian berries.

The korbal herb can be found slightly northwest of the large temple. Head south-west from the barricade, avoiding the red tendrils. Run directly north, then head east past the south side of the large pyramid, and run north again. The korbal herb is on a small outcrop with a strangled boar nearby.

The argian berries can be found at the south-western camp, near a strangled lynx. Run south from the herbs towards the bridge, and then run south-west near the lynx. If needed, you can take a break by running south-east after the bridge, as it leads to the Stranglewood mine, where strangleds don't spawn.

Brewing the Strangler Serum:

Head to the Temple, located northwest of the building where you were initially hiding with Kasonde.

Inside the Temple, defeat the two strangled attacking Kasonde, then talk to him.

Kasonde will give you an unfinished serum. Add the korbal herb, then the argian berries to create the Strangler serum.

Drinking the Strangler serum will grant you permanent immunity from The Strangler's infection but won't protect you from the damage dealt by strangled creatures.

The Stranglewood map and all key areas during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Executing the Executioner

Make sure you are properly geared up with appropriate weapons and equipment. Vardorvis is weak against slash attacks, so weapons like the abyssal whip or Osmumten's fang on slash are recommended. The Bandos godsword special attack can be used at the beginning of the fight to make it easier. Consider wearing a warrior helm for better slash accuracy, even if it provides a lower strength bonus compared to other armors.

Vardorvis is located in the snowy square west of the temple, known as the "Ritual Site." The first time you go there, follow the path by running south, west to the bridge, south again, west across another bridge, and then north over a final bridge until you reach the ritual site. However, after entering the ritual site once, you can use a shortcut by going down the entry in the northwest area, next to where the korbal herbs were found, and then running west to the ritual site. When you're ready, enter the site by climbing the rocks in the north-west clearing.

During the fight, Vardorvis will use various special attacks:

1. Swinging axes: He will summon 2 or 3 axes within the arena. The player must quickly find a safe section of the arena to avoid this attack. The arena is divided into a 3x3 grid, and the axes will follow either a straight or diagonal line predetermined by where they spawn. Avoid lingering in the center of the arena, as all axes will pass through this point. Getting hit with this attack will cause residual damage hits of 2.

2. Homing spikes: Similar to the Phantom Muspah, Vardorvis will slam the ground, causing spikes to form underneath the player. Move quickly to avoid taking damage.

3. Head projectile: Vardorvis Head will appear from the ground and shoot a blue projectile that turns off overhead prayers. Protect from Missiles negates this special attack. Keep an eye out for this attack and prioritize protecting from ranged when it appears.

4. Virus cells: Vardorvis will cover the player's screen with a red tendril, and red spores will appear around the center of the screen. Quickly click on all the spores to mitigate up to damage from the root.

A player fighting Vardorvis during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS.


After obtaining the temple key, you give it to Kasonde, who informs you that he found something beyond the doors but needs medical equipment from Kourend to treat his condition, as he is already infected by The Strangler. However, you decide not to risk spreading the infection and leave him with no choice but to fight his way out.

Kasonde will attack you with accurate melee and ranged attacks, occasionally healing during the fight. The only way to defeat him is to out-damage his healing. He also has two special attacks:

1. Potions: Kasonde will throw potions on the ground where you're standing. Walk away to avoid them, or you will take 35+ damage. The green potions inflict venom, requiring an anti-venom, and the orange potions damage you and disable protection prayers.

2. Explosion: Kasonde charges this attack, which can be avoided by blocking his line of sight with one of the pillars in the room.

The most effective strategy is to use ranged attacks and keep moving around the room to prevent him from getting into melee distance. A crossbow with diamond bolts (e) or the Bow of Faerdhinen alongside crystal armor work well. Magic is ineffective. Remember to use Protect from Range prayer throughout the fight and stay out of melee distance.

After defeating Kasonde, he reveals that he already had Vardorvis' medallion and kept it hidden from you, fearing you wouldn't help him if he gave it to you. He mentions that it's in a chest back in his hideout and then sadly passes away.

If you wish, you can proceed to the next room and search the stone chest for the final entry of the tatty pages. Return to the barricaded building where you first met Kasonde, and search the stone chest in the northeast corner to obtain Vardorvis' medallion. Take it to the Ancient Vault and place it on Vardorvis' statue in the northeast corner.

Praefectus Classis Perseriya

To reach the Temple of the Eye quickly, use the amulet of the eye teleport, the minigame grouping teleport, or the portal in the Wizard's Tower basement (fairy ring code dis).

Speak to the Catalytic Guardian near the portal, who informs you that The Great Guardian detected a magical signal of unknown origin emerging from the rift. You ask to be transported to The Scar despite the guardian's warnings. The Catalytic Guardian uses the magical signal as a guide to send you roughly to its source.

Upon entering The Scar, you encounter demons and abyssal creatures fighting each other. Defeat them all, then cross over the stepping stones. If you leave The Scar and return, you won't need to kill the monsters in the landing area again.

After crossing the stones, head east to the rowboat and attempt to board it. Wizard Persten interrupts you, revealing she sent the signal and survived her entry into The Scar. She seeks something in an old ship but can't get past a sea creature in the lake. You realize you're looking for Perseriya's ship, which is the same ship she's trying to reach.

Persten suggests burning up what remains of Perseriya's fleet to smoke out the sea creature. She asks you to go down three nearby tunnels and set the ships on fire so she can redirect the smoke to the sea creature.

Enter the first open passage and solve the puzzles in the rift. For each of the three scar levels, leaving before burning the ship at the end will reset all puzzles completed in the passage. You can safely leave The Scar and restock on supplies once you burn a ship at the end of a passage.

Each subsequent passage will have scarred lesser demons with different combat styles, so focus on a single protection prayer for each specific passage. Remember to wear a slayer helmet or facemask in subsequent passages, or you will periodically choke and take 10 damage. The final passage will still deal damage even with a facemask, but it will be reduced if the mask is worn.

Entering the Scar during the Desert Treasure quest in OSRS

A player speaking with Wizard Persten during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Shoot for The Scars: south-east entrance

The Axon Terminal.

The Axon Terminal puzzle during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

The Broken Nerve Endings.

The Broken Nerve Endings puzzle during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

The Summoning Circle.

The Summoning Circle puzzle during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

The player will arrive at the south-east, by the  on the minimap. A gooey note and slimy tablet can be found as well, indicated on the map to the right.

In the Axon Terminal room, players must hit abyssal axons toward their corresponding terminals, either diagonally or directly. The objective is to match the axons with the correct terminals. Players must also avoid lightning strikes in this room, as they can deal around 15 damage. To avoid getting hit, players should walk away from the shadows that appear on the ground when the lightning strikes. If a monster is stuck, leaving the room and returning will reset it.

In the Broken Nerve Endings room, players must dive in and break the nerve endings around the area. After breaking them, they must combine the nerve endings to the appropriate ones in the center of the room. The nerve endings will respond shortly after being broken. However, players need to be mindful of their oxygen level, as there is limited air in the room. To replenish oxygen, they must use the air bubbles scattered around the area. Note that diving equipment will not help in this room.

To progress, players will need to obtain a total of 3 fire nerves, 2 air nerves, 2 earth nerves, and 1 water nerve. Once they have the required nerves, they must combine them as follows to complete this section:

Combine 2 fire nerves with 1 air nerve.

Combine the resulting combination with 1 earth nerve.

Combine the last air nerve with the water nerve.

Once the correct combinations are made, the section will be completed.


The first level of the Scar during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Nerve ending

Required nerves


Air and Earth


Earth and Fire


Fire and Air


Water and Fire




Summoning Circle

To access this room, players must use the southern-most neural teleporter. In this room, the objective is to kill all the scarred imps, who are providing protection prayers to the lesser demons in the center. The lesser demons will also summon scarred lesser demons and scarred hellhounds to hinder the player. Both the summoned demons can hit through protection prayers, making it crucial to focus on eliminating the imps and spawns first. Once all the scarred imps and lesser demons are killed, any summoned demons will be defeated as well.

After successfully completing all three rooms in this level of The Scar, the passage containing the shipwreck will be fully disturbed, allowing players to enter it. Within the shipwreck, players should search for the following items and interact with them:

1. Perseriya's Logbook: This item contains valuable information about Perseriya's journey and can be found inside the ship's cabin.

2. Waterlogged Supplies: Players need to search the barrels on the ship to find waterlogged supplies. These supplies are necessary for the upcoming fight with the sea creature.

3. Perseriya's Medallion: Search for Perseriya's medallion, which is a significant item needed to complete the quest.

After collecting these items and interacting with them, players will be ready to proceed with the next phase of the quest.




Crate in south-west corner


Skeleton near the crate

Slimy key

Skeleton in south-east corner

Old tablet

Chest in front of the ship


Shoot for The Scars: middle entrance

Upon arriving at the middle of The Scar, players will notice a Dungeon icon on the minimap. In addition, they will find a gooey note and a slimy tablet in the vicinity, both marked on the map.

The first room in this area is the Abyssal Stem. Here, players must dive into the water and touch the abyssal stem. They need to observe the order in which abyssal growths glow and then touch them in the same sequence. It's important to note that players cannot use diving equipment to maintain their oxygen levels; instead, air bubbles found in the room will replenish their oxygen.

The second room is the Brain Pillar. In this room, players must protect the abyssal antibodies from the attacks of scarred hellhounds and scarred lesser demons until the brain pillar is fully healed.

The last room, known as the Unlit Veins, can be accessed by using the blue neural teleporter. To reach the blue teleporter, players should first access the Brain Pillar room (marked as B on the map), then run east to the green neural teleporter (marked as A), use it, and run north.

In the Unlit Veins room, players must obtain four illuminating lures from the light leeches. It's essential to be cautious, as attempting to take the lures may result in failure, and the leeches will retaliate with melee attacks. It is advisable to pray Protect from Melee while dealing with them. Once players have collected the illuminating lures, they must proceed to light all four of the damaged growths. When the room is fully illuminated, the Crimson and Radiant Veins will appear.

To repair the Crimson and Radiant Veins, players must use crimson and radiant fibres on the veins. These fibres are obtained from killing crimson and radiant sanguisphera. These enemies use very accurate blood spells that heal them, so it's crucial to use Protect from Magic prayer to defeat them quickly.

After successfully completing all three rooms in this level of The Scar, the passage containing the shipwreck will be fully disturbed, allowing players to enter it. Within the shipwreck, players should search for the following items and interact with them:

1. Perseriya's Logbook: This item contains valuable information about Perseriya's journey and can be found inside the ship's cabin.

2. Waterlogged Supplies: Players need to search the barrels on the ship to find waterlogged supplies. These supplies are necessary for the upcoming fight with the sea creature.

3. Perseriya's Medallion: Search for Perseriya's medallion, which is a significant item needed to complete the quest.

After collecting these items and interacting with them, players will be ready to proceed with the next phase of the quest.

A picture showing the Scar level 2 during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS













Crate in south-east corner


Skeleton in the south-east corner

Slimy key

Skeleton in the north-west corner

Damp tablet

The chest in the south end of the room


Shoot for The Scars: north-west entrance

The player will arrive from an entrance in the north-west of the area, by the  on the minimap. A gooey note and slimy tablet can be found as well, indicated on the map to the right

Abyssal Tether

Here, you must reach the Abyssal Tether at the end of the maze. This is done by moving the cerebral orbs, which you must stand adjacent to or order to avoid being electrocuted, dealt 5–10 damage, and sent back to the beginning of the maze.

Cerebral pathfinders (green) will travel in the direction you are facing when you hit them, and cerebral pathbreakers (red) travel in the opposite direction from where you hit them. Ensure that run is turned off for this section, and make your way through the maze:


Cerebral orb type

Push from the

Move to the


 Cerebral pathfinder




 Cerebral pathfinder




 Cerebral pathfinder




 Cerebral pathbreaker




 Cerebral pathbreaker




 Cerebral pathbreaker





In the Catalyst room, players can quickly access it by using the green neural teleporter located in the north-east corner. Inside the room, players must break the nerve endings found around the area. These broken nerve endings should then be used on the catalyst with the corresponding rune symbol to disrupt it. To combine the base (elemental) nerves, players must match them based on the symbol displayed on the catalyst.

If players are uncertain about which of the combined nerves remain, they have the option to use the base nerves on the catalyst when the correct rune symbol is shown. However, using the base nerves in this way will deal less damage to the catalyst compared to using the correctly combined nerves.

Important Warning: Players should be cautious not to leave any items on the ground when completing this room. Leaving items on the ground can result in the items being moved to another instance of the room, making them unobtainable. Therefore, it is essential not to drop any items in the Catalyst room that players are not willing to leave behind.

Successfully disrupting the catalyst in the Catalyst room will contribute to fully disturbing this level of The Scar, allowing players to proceed further in their quest to reach Perseriya's shipwreck and uncover more about the mysteries of The Scar.


Nerve ending

Required nerves

Elemental nerves from scratch

 Smoke nerve

Fire and Air

Fire x1, Air x1

 Blood nerve

Mind and Water

Mind x1, Water x1

 Nature nerve

Water and Earth

Water x1, Earth x1

 Cosmic nerve

Soul and  Nature

Mind x2, Water x1, Earth x1

 Astral nerve

Cosmic and Earth

Mind x2, Water x1, Earth x2

 Wrath nerve

 Smoke and Blood

Fire x1, Air x1, Mind x1, Water x1


Damaged Growth

This room is accessed quickly by using the blue neural teleporter in the west corner and then running southwards. Here, you must take four illuminating lures from the light leeches (you may fail) whilst being under attack by them, so use Protect from Melee. After lighting all four damaged growth, the room will light up in the centre showing runic energies, which you must touch in the correct order. You have to return to each energy as you get the order, so for instance when one turns white, try another energy. If the next one does not turn white, return to the first one that turned white, once you get that second white that too will need to stay white to move on to the next colour. (for example; if you get Law Energy first, that must stay white, if you try earth and it doesn't turn white you will have to go back to Law Energy before proceeding).

After completing all three rooms, this level of The Scar will be fully disturbed, allowing players to enter the passage containing the shipwreck. Search for the following:





Crate in south-east corner


Skeleton in the south-west corner

Slimy key

Skeleton in the north-west corner

Damp tablet

Chest between the ship wreckage


Laying-off the Leviathan

Once all three ships have been incinerated, you will be returned to the location where Persten is waiting. Leave The Scar and prepare to engage in a battle against The Leviathan. To confront the Leviathan, ascend the rocks in the landing area when you feel prepared. Employ ranged attacks, as they are the most effective, and equip shadow spells to stun the Leviathan.

Unlike most adversaries, the Leviathan's standard attacks won't inflict damage until the animation physically connects with your character. Hence, standing at a greater distance will provide you with more time to react and avoid incoming attacks.

As the confrontation persists, the Leviathan will escalate its assault, increasing its speed and introducing orange orbs. Utilizing shadow spells will temporarily stun the creature, granting you an opportunity to target its vulnerable backside and deal bonus damage. However, this tactic will also trigger the Leviathan's special attacks:

1. Lightning Barrage: The Leviathan will emit a zone of electricity in a circular pattern around itself. To evade this, run in a tight circle to stay ahead of the electrified area.

2. Smoke Blast: The Leviathan will initiate a sequence in which 10 boulders descend upon the player's location. You can avoid these boulders by moving away from their trajectory. Keep in mind that the boulders take two ticks to land, allowing you to stand still for one tick on each tile if you wish to attack the Leviathan. After this attack, the Leviathan will roar and release a smoke blast; you can take cover behind a boulder to avoid damage.

When the Leviathan's health reaches 20%, it will become relentlessly aggressive, continuously attacking and hurling rocks. Additionally, a moving abyssal pathfinder will appear in one corner of the arena. The location of the pathfinder is not random, but the mechanics governing its appearance are unknown. To avoid substantial chip damage, the player must remain on top of the pathfinder for the rest of the battle.

After successfully defeating the Leviathan, climb down the handholds to the north-east and traverse the stepping stones to reach Perseriya's ship. Once you arrive there, Wizard Persten will join you, rowing out to the ship. Both of you will discover that Imperium, the artifact mentioned in the ancient tablets, was found by a crew member in Perseriya's private cabin, despite the tablets stating that it had been "safely delivered to the east."

The Leviathan fight during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Duke Sucellus of the Sixth Legion

As you begin this section, note that all your items will be temporarily removed while you're in the prison. When you're ready, head to the Ghorrock Prison, and enter the heavy door in the north-eastern room. You will be interrupted by Captain Malleta, who you'll convince to let you in. However, you will be knocked out and teleported into a cell upon entry.

Between Ghorrock and a Hard Place

Upon investigating the northern wall of your cell, you hear a mysterious voice speaking to you. The voice reveals that it belongs to one of General Khazard's soldiers who got himself into trouble and was locked in a neighboring cell. He asks for your help in finding something that might aid in both of your escapes. Search the skeleton in the cell, and you come across a prisoner's letter, indicating that there is something hidden in the latrine bucket. Carefully search the bucket and uncover a concealed knife.

Pass the knife to the soldier, who uses it to acquire a chisel. In a generous gesture, he hands the chisel over to you. Proceed to examine the bed, and utilizing the chisel, you manage to pry out a loose slab of stone hidden beneath it, revealing a useful lockpick. Although the lockpick won't work on your own cell, you give it to the soldier.

Once freed from your cell, engage in a conversation with the soldier, only to realize that he is none other than the Assassin you encountered during the Secrets of the North quest. He discloses that Jhallan was the one who imprisoned him and that he urgently needs to find something in the asylum, which coincides with your mission as well. The Assassin suggests that while he searches for a way to access the asylum, you should endeavor to locate the key to the cell where your belongings are held.

Afterward, he hands you back the lockpick and vanishes into the shadows. The fate of both of you is now intertwined as you venture further into the asylum, each pursuing your own objectives while remaining wary of the dangers that lie ahead.

Sapphire key

As you explore the prison, you come across crates containing rations, similar to the scarred scraps you encountered in The Scar. These rations will be essential for sustaining your strength during your ordeal.

Using the map provided, you start at point Y, where the Assassin left you. Your objective is to reach point L, where you'll encounter a locked gate. Employing a lockpicking interface similar to the one found while defending Kasonde, this time the lock has six tumblers. To unlock it, you opt for the brute force method, carefully manipulating each tumbler until the gate yields. After successfully unlocking it, take the south path, circling around until you reach the eastern entrance of the refugee camp.

Once inside, open the southern gate, leading you into a room with an altar. Here, you discover a warning note which provides hints towards the passcode required to open a chest located in the south-east corner of the room. Throughout the area, six candle stands stand tall, each adorned with a flag bearing a specific symbol. These symbols vary in the number of strokes they contain. For instance, the north-east candle holder has two candles, and the flag behind it exhibits one stroke. This implies that the first digit of the passcode is 2.

Observing the other candle stands, you deduce the full passcode to be 214013. Successfully entering this code grants you access to the sapphire key, which is likely to be used in your further explorations within the prison.

The Ghorrock Prison map and key points during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Ruby key

From this point, Jhallan will begin to pursue you after you exit the room. Though using Protect from Magic reduces the damage he deals, entering any room will cause him to teleport away. If he manages to kill you, you will respawn back in the room with the emerald key.

Run down the eastern passage into a small room with a blocked crevice. Unblock it and enter the next room, then enter the room with seven beds in it. Search the crate in the south-east corner to receive a code converter and a magic lantern. Attempt to open the seven chests that are next to the beds, which will give you the names of seven people: Vedius, Grazon, Phalina, Marcus, Nithrak, Baelys, and Atreus. Note down their locations, then stand next to the exit and equip the magic lantern, where you'll see a purple arrow pointing outside. Follow the arrows, where you'll also see coded letters appear; using the code converter, the entire route will spell out the letters AGVMNBP - the initials of the seven names you saw earlier.

By mapping out the movement from each chest to the next (eg. Atreus' chest is to the north of Grazon's), the passcode of the chest in the south-east corner can then be figured out as UP RIGHT LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP, which gives you the ruby key.

Diamond key

Return to the main block, and open the ruby gates to the north-west. Make your way to the cell with the locked chest, and search the bed for a library note and strange slider. The note instructs you to look for books written by Duke Quirinius in the library, and also to remember the phrase "Various people emerged near us" (taking only the first letter of each word, this spells VPENU). Make your way to the library in the administration section of the prison, where the ruby gate is.

Searching all the bookcases in the library will result in you finding three books by Duke QuiriniusInnocenceLonging, and Harmonious. Notably, the location of Innocence is equally spaced between Longing and Harmonious, hinting that the stranged slider should have the letter I on the bottom equally spaced between the letters H and L on the top. Lastly, by looking at the top letters of the phrase from the library note (VPENU), you will find that the bottom letters spell out the passcode of the locked chest as WRATH, which gives you the diamond key.

Distracting Jhallan

Return to the main block of the prison and locate the Assassin on the west side. Demand answers from him before opening the diamond gate. He complies and confesses that he was paid by someone to search for the Frostenhorn, the artifact Dr. Banikan was seeking at the golem machine in the military installation. He also admits to framing the Hazeel Cult for breaking into the Carnillean Mansion and resurrecting Hazeel (in case the player did not do so during the Hazeel Cult quest) to make the motives appear credible. Satisfied with his revelations, you can now enter the cell and open the chest to retrieve your items.

The Assassin informs you that while you were occupied, he found a way into the asylum but needs to deal with Jhallan before proceeding. He requests your help in attracting Jhallan's attention by lighting a pack of firecrackers he left in the refugee camp. Find the pack next to the center pillar and ignite it.

You must now survive for approximately three minutes until the Assassin arrives. Your goal is to evade Jhallan without engaging in combat. Use Protect from Magic and run around the center pillar to avoid being hit. Periodically, you may be teleported to Jhallan and become frozen. Shadows will converge on your location, so quickly click away to escape. At some point, shadow clones of Jhallan will spawn, but they won't pursue you if you run behind the pillar. However, they can gang up on you if you stay within melee range. If you remain stationary when the illusions first appear, you may sustain heavy damage.

Note that it's possible to kill the illusions, but it's not necessary, especially considering their high defense. If you find the damage challenging, consider bringing baskets of strawberries or other high-healing food that heals you in several bites, such as pizzas, to survive without wasting excess healing. A prayer potion can be helpful here, as well as a stamina potion, although it's possible to manage without them if you have good luck with their spawns.

Once the three minutes are up, a short cutscene will show Jhallan frozen by an Ice Barrage. The Assassin then appears and informs you that the entrance to the asylum is now open. If you didn't bring combat equipment and supplies beforehand, leave the area and prepare yourself, as you will be facing Duke Sucellus inside the asylum

Duking it Out

To proceed with this part, make sure you have a pickaxe and a pestle and mortar. If you don't have these items, you can find an iron pickaxe and a pestle and mortar on the walls to your right and left as you enter the room.

Before confronting Duke Sucellus, you must first wake him up by creating two arder-musca poisons using resources found in the room. There are extremities on both sides of the chamber that periodically open their eyes and emit a dangerous red gaze, freezing you and dealing significant damage. The extremities open their eyes in succession, and you need to watch for the one that opens its eye first. Once you see the last of the three close its eye, quickly run past them to the mushrooms. Be cautious of the stunning energy attacks emitted from the floor, indicated by shadows on the ground.

At the end of the path, collect two arder and two musca mushrooms. Use your pestle and mortar on each type to create 12 of each mushroom powder. Next, mine the salt deposits on the sides of the arena to obtain 12 salax salt.

Now, fill the fermentation vats with the ingredients (12 mushroom powder and 12 salax salt) and then empty the vats to retrieve the arder-musca poisons. The order in which you complete these tasks doesn't matter.

When you're ready, use both potions on Duke Sucellus to initiate the fight.

Duke Sucellus possesses several dangerous attacks:

1. Slam: When in melee range, Sucellus slams his arms on the floor, causing spikes of ice to appear on every tile directly adjacent to him. The spikes can deal up to 12 damage, and Sucellus' melee hits can deal over 30 damage. It's advised to use Protect from Melee in this situation.

2. Magic Orb: When you are out of melee range, Sucellus fires a blue magic orb. Using Protect from Magic will reduce the damage taken, but it's recommended to attack him with melee, praying against melee attacks while tanking the magic hits if needed.

3. Acid Gas: Sucellus launches a projectile toward one of the vents (two later in the fight), causing it to emit gas that deals rapid damage of up to 10 every game tick. As soon as the gas emerges, run to the pillar on the other side of the room while avoiding standing on any tile directly adjacent to Sucellus.

4. Freezing Gaze: Every six attacks, Sucellus opens his eye and unleashes his freezing gaze. Quickly hide behind one of the pillars closest to you as soon as this happens, or the attack will deal 90+ damage.

Survive and overcome these challenges to defeat Duke Sucellus and continue your journey within the asylum.

A player fighting Duke Sucellus during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

The Whisperer

Make your way to the Ruins of Camdozaal. The best way to reach the entrance is via Mind Altar Teleports (or the magic tablet), then running south-east. Speak to Romarno, he will teleport to the forge North-West, speak to him. At the bank chest east of Ramarno, speak to Prescott, the head archaeologist, and he will tell you that he found an icon that is not dwarven in origin somewhere in the mines. He adds that he hasn't returned since hearing strange voices from the large sinkhole there, and you'll ask him about going down there, to which he'll commend your bravery and give you a very long rope to use.

Head north-west towards the Camdozaal Mines where the sinkhole is. Attach the very long rope on the rock there, and you'll find yourself in the Lassar Undercity, untouched by time. Throughout the undercity, you will see transportation icons () on the map; these are teleporters that allow easy navigation of the undercity. Activate them whenever you pass by one.

Make your way to the Science District in the south-west. In the north-western building, take the shadow blocker schematic and the green shadow key, then take the purple shadow key from the building south of the one you were in. Head north-east towards the Residential District, then south towards the Sunken Cathedral. You will faint and reappear in the house of Ketla, an Imcando dwarf. She will tell you that a shadowy entity was responsible for your blackout, and that it must be stopped by breaking the totem that links the real world with the Shadow Realm.

You will mention your ring of visibility, to which she asks to see it. She will then tell you that it is useless on its own and that it only lets you view a small glimpse of the Shadow Realm, but that she has a shard from the totem that can allow you to actually enter the Shadow Realm: the blackstone fragment. Ketla believes the totem is located in the Sunken Cathedral, but its entrance is blocked by shadows. She will then give you the fragment.

Give the shadow blocker schematic you picked up earlier to her, and she will make you a shadow blocker. Whenever the player gives her new schematics, the devices she builds can be picked up by searching her workbench.

A map of the Lassar Undercity and key points during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Scheming in the Shadows

The Shadow Realm is an alternate dimension which can be entered by using black puddles found throughout the undercity. Upon entry, you will have a sanity meter that depletes by 1% every tick, as well as Lost Souls who can drain your sanity. Once the player loses their sanity, they will begin taking damage at a rapid pace. The blackstone fragment allows instant departure from the Shadow Realm, and the player's sanity will restore by 10% every tick.

In addition, you may notice bright, white remnants scattered throughout the undercity whilst in the Shadow Realm. All but one are optional to touch during the quest, and touching some of them will result in a shadow keeper attacking you. Thus, it is recommended not to touch these until you have acquired the shadow blocker later in this section.

You will need to find schematics and shadow keys throughout the undercity, which involve going in and out of the Shadow Realm using the blackstone fragment. The first of these will be the basic shadow torch schematic, found in the middle of the Science District (the building with the furnaces). Enter the building, then place the shadow blocker next to the locked doors. Next, enter the Shadow Realm from the black puddle nearby and picklock the doors; as long as you are adjacent to the shadow blocker, your sanity will not be lowered. Once the doors are unlocked, head to the north room and pick up the schematic. Use the blackstone fragment to leave the Shadow Realm, then right-click "Recall" on it to retrieve your shadow blocker. Use the nearest teleporter and select the Western Residential District as your destination. Bring the schematic to Ketla and retrieve the basic shadow torch.

The next schematic you'll need is the revitalising idol schematic, found in the large building east to the black puddle in the Residential District. Enter the Shadow Realm, destroy the tentacles at the entrance, and return to the real world to retrieve the schematic. Before returning to Ketla, head east and activate the last teleporter, then use it to teleport to the Western Residential District. Give the schematic to her and retrieve the revitalising idol.

As the basic torch is not strong enough to destroy the other tentacles, your next schematic will be the superior shadow torch schematic. Use the nearby teleporter to teleport to the Eastern Residential District, then place the revitalising idol next to the teleporter. Enter the Shadow Realm, and touch the revitalising idol, which will restore 50% of your sanity. Keep running north and around until you are at the door with the tentacles, then destroy it and pick up the blue shadow key in the north-west corner of the building. If your sanity is running low after destroying the tentacles, you may retrieve the shadow key in the real world instead. Head to the western building (next to the Western Residential District teleporter) and place the shadow blocker next to the entrance, then enter the Shadow Realm and picklock the doors. Once the doors are unlocked, enter and pick up the schematic. Give the schematic to Ketla for the superior shadow torch.

The next item you'll need is the anima portal schematic. Recall your devices via the blackstone fragment, then enter the Shadow Realm via the Science District. Make your way around the north-western building, destroy the tentacle found further up north, then pick up the schematic and return to the real world. Give the schematic to Ketla for the anima portal.

The last schematic available in the undercity is the perfected shadow torch schematic. Teleport to the Plaza and enter the Shadow Realm from there, then destroy the tentacles at the building to the south-west. Return to the real world, and enter the building, making your way west to the outside area where you'll find the white shadow key. Exit the building and teleport to the Palace. If you left any devices placed somewhere, recall them all via the blackstone fragment.

Head to the north-west corner of the Palace, where you'll see a locked chest. Place the shadow blocker in front of the chest, the anima portal between the two braziers, and the revitalising idol several tiles south-east of the anima portal. Enter the Shadow Realm from the Plaza, then make your way back to the Palace. Use the revitalising idol, then light the four braziers around the chest; the anima portal will distract the lost souls while you do so. Once they are lit, they will disappear and the chest can be opened for the schematic.

A picture of the player burning tentacles during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRSThe optimal device placement for the chest during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Do you really think you can save them?

Return to the real world, recall your devices, and give the schematic to Ketla. She will tell you that it is a fake, marked by the black hand of the Silent Choir. When you ask for more questions, she will enter a trance again, and you will break her out of it. She tells you that time is running out, and asks that you find the church of the Silent Choir, hidden somewhere in the city.

Enter the Shadow Realm from the Residential District, and run to the building with the pub icon () where you obtained the superior shadow torch schematic. Head upstairs and touch the remnant in the north-eastern room. You will discover that the church is found in the cistern below, and that you'll need some sort of icon to reach them.

Return to the real world, and reenter the Shadow Realm once your sanity is replenished. Burn the tentacles from the doors of the building next to the Cathedral teleporter, and then the tentacles from the other building just west. Return to the real world and pick up the final shadow key from the rectangular building. Head inside the square building, then place the shadow blocker by the chest and picklock it from within the Shadow Realm. You will acquire one half of the icon segment. For the other half, enter the Shadow Realm from the Science District, then head south to the building next to the South Science District teleporter. Destroy the tentacle there, open the chest inside, and assemble the segments to create the strange icon.

With the icon in tow, enter the drain in the centre of the Residential District. Go through the door in front of you and down the ladder to the east. Head to the centre of the room and interact with the ancient pillar. You will suddenly see multiple versions of yourself speaking to you, slowly surrounding you as the screen steadily fades to darkness. You will then appear in the middle of a body of water, still surrounded by hallucinations, beckoning you with the same phrase you heard from Ketla: "Do you really think you can save them?"

As you cry for help, Ketla snaps you out of it, revealing that you succumbed to the darkness, and that you were able to return to reality because she destroyed the totem. Without it, the darkness cannot spread beyond the undercity, but it still remains in her. She will also tell you that she found the real schematic and has the perfected shadow torch ready for you, and that she will be leaving for a new journey away from the undercity.

Take the torch from Ketla's workbench, and burn down the row of tentacles blocking the Sunken Cathedral from the Shadow Realm. Head back to the Ruins of Camdozaal and resupply, as you will be fighting The Whisperer in the next section.



Before you set off, ensure you have the blackstone fragment, as it's essential to initiate the fight. Equip your best magic combat gear and bring runes for ice spells to counter one of the Whisperer's attacks.

The Whisperer will attack three times per auto-attack, using either Ranged or Magic. Ranged attacks are purple barbs, while Magic attacks manifest as blue orbs. The attack pattern depends on the phases of the fight. After each attack, a set of tentacles will converge toward the player's initial position, dealing 10-20 damage and draining 20% of their sanity if hit.

Here's the attack pattern for each phase:

Phase 1: Only one combat style is used.

Phases 2 and 3: Both combat styles are used, with two of one style and the last attack of the other style.

Phase 4: Alternates between both styles. She starts this phase with ranged attacks and switches between range and mage every two attacks.

Once you deplete one-third of her health, she will unleash one of three special attacks from within the Shadow Realm. When the blackstone fragment glows yellow, activate it.

Special Attacks:

1. Soul Siphon: The Whisperer summons twelve Lost Souls and begins siphoning energy from them. If not interrupted in time, she will unleash a shockwave dealing massive damage and heal herself. To interrupt her, kill one set of spirits chanting the same phrase. The quickest method is to kill the two yellow spirits chanting "Vita!" You'll have enough time to kill 5 or 6 of them quickly.

2. Corrupted Seeds: The Whisperer sets orbs around her, appearing in both dark and light green colors within the Shadow Realm. Activate the Blackstone Fragment to see the different-colored seeds. Step on all the light green seeds while avoiding the dark seeds, which deal 20+ damage if stepped on. Stepping on all light green seeds without touching a dark green one will also restore 15% of your sanity. Use diagonal movements to effectively catch most of the light green seeds.

3. Screech: The Whisperer teleports to the southern end of the arena and prepares to gather energy for three successive screeches. Pillars emerge from the water to block the incoming attacks. The pillars have 20, 40, or 60 health. Start by focusing on the weaker pillars and run to the remaining standing pillars, as targeting the highest health pillar first will cause the boss to destroy all pillars at once, leaving you vulnerable.

After a special attack, the Whisperer will launch a binding projectile if you are within 10 tiles of her. She will then approach and deal heavy melee damage, which can be partly mitigated with Protect from Melee for a few seconds. Freeze her during this phase to prevent her from reaching you.

Upon reaching 0 health, the Whisperer will become enraged, dragging you into the Shadow Realm and restoring 140 of her health. Her attack speed will increase, and she will alternate between ranged and magic attacks every two auto-attacks, beginning with ranged attacks. Only one tentacle will appear per attack. These attacks will not drain sanity if hit while off-prayer, but the tentacles will.

After defeating the Whisperer, search her entrails for her medallion. Before proceeding to the Ancient Vault, head to a bank to prepare for the next section's fight.

A player fighting the Whisperer during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

The Desert Treasure


Upon your attempt to return the last medallion, the Mysterious Figure will knock you unconscious by triggering magic in the vault doors. As you come to, you find yourself imprisoned again, this time in an underground temple. Search the bed to find a hair clip and use it to picklock the door. Employ the same brute force method you've used several times during the quest to open the lock.

Proceed to the eastern room and search the chest for your items. However, to your dismay, the medallion is missing. Investigate the altar in the western room, and the Mysterious Figure will manifest before you. Now, you must defeat her to retrieve the last medallion.

If you have previously fought her, you will know that you need at least two combat styles to effectively damage her. She will switch protection prayers every three hits and may launch a purple orb towards you after freezing or pushing you. These orbs can deal up to 35 damage if not avoided. The freeze/stun effect will wear off ticks before the orb lands, so ensure you click away as quickly as possible to avoid getting hit.

You can use safe spots with magic and ranged attacks by standing behind the north-west corner of the altar. However, setting up this safe spot can be challenging. When she attacks you with melee, have her stand on the west side of the altar, then stand two tiles away from her diagonally, as seen in the image. This may require multiple attempts to set up, but it's beneficial for lower-level players. If you have a higher combat level and good equipment, a viable strategy is to bring melee and ranged gear, and Protect from Magic to mitigate her most damaging attacks, as it can also lower your stats.

If you need to leave the fight midway, you can exit through the barrier, which will lead you just south of the Desert Quarry. You can re-enter the temple using the same portal, but please note that you cannot use other teleports due to a magical barrier blocking them.

After defeating the Mysterious Figure, head to the bank to regroup and re-gear, preparing for the final battle that lies ahead. Be ready to face the challenges and bring the quest to its conclusion.

Disputes of the Mahjarrat

After returning to the Ancient Vault, a heated argument will break out between you and Asgarnia Smith over the treasure. As he throws a smoke bomb, you are left disoriented. Once you regain your senses, you find that Asgarnia Smith had placed the medallion and opened the way down into the vault. As you venture downward, you encounter him gazing at the sight of the treasure - a massive horn. You recognize the power radiating from it, and you believe it to be the Frostenhorn. However, Dr. Banikan suddenly appears and reveals his true identity as Azzanadra, the Mahjarrat you freed in the Ancient Pyramid.

Azzanadra explains that the horn is not the Frostenhorn but an extremely powerful and ancient artifact known as the Elder Horn. This horn grants absolute control, capable of subjugating entire armies without lifting a finger - a power you recognize as that of Imperium. Azzanadra confirms that the Imperium Perseriya delivered to the east was a fake, and she had intended to seal the real Imperium in the vault. You come to the realization that the true Imperium must be the Elder Horn.

As the discussion continues, Hazeel suddenly appears, having been hiding in the Shadow Realm before revealing himself. Hazeel informs Azzanadra that the Frostenhorn was destroyed while you were in Ghorrock Prison. Enakhra and Akthanakos also appear, stating that they were all waiting for you to open the vault, which was specifically sealed to prevent Mahjarrat from doing so. The four Mahjarrat begin to argue when Azzanadra senses the presence of a fifth Mahjarrat within the vault. Akthanakos believes it to be Khazard, but Hazeel contradicts him, stating that Khazard is elsewhere and believes the hidden Mahjarrat to be someone else.

Enakhra realizes that Asgarnia Smith is not who he claims to be and reveals his true form as Sliske, a Mahjarrat. Sliske confesses that he had planned to take the Elder Horn from the beginning, assuming various identities to test your worthiness and to recruit you as one of his wights, similar to the Barrows brothers. He discloses that the Ritual of the Mahjarrat is not sustainable in the long run and that the Mahjarrat will eventually face extinction due to their own actions. Sliske claims that the Elder Horn will be used to break this cycle and end future rituals.

Enakhra and Akthanakos start fighting each other, while Sliske summons the Barrows brothers to distract Hazeel and Azzanadra. This leaves you to confront Sliske. He summons the wights of the four people he had disguised himself as to challenge you.

Prepare for the ultimate showdown as you face off against Sliske and his wights, knowing that the fate of the Mahjarrat and the powerful Elder Horn rests on your actions. The battle ahead will be crucial in determining the outcome of the story.

Asgarnia Smith stands before the Elder Horn.


The Mahjarrat reveal themselves.

Sliske the serpent-tongued appears at last.

 The battle for the Elder Horn begins.

Wight Club

The Forsaken Assassin

The Forsaken Assassin uses both ranged and melee on a whim, though he seems to use range more often. Similar to the fight during Secrets of the North, he cannot be damaged in normal combat; in order to damage him, lure him towards the white smoke he throws around the room. If the Assassin stands in the pink smoke, he will heal for around 25 Hitpoints, and if you stand within them, they will damage you for around 10 damage per tick.

He will also throw bottles of poison on your current tile that are indicated by a throwing animation. He will throw three in a row, which can be avoided by moving away when you see the animation begin. Otherwise, they will deal a high amount of damage and inflict poison. The Assassin will always perform an auto-attack almost immediately after throwing the third bottle

A player fighting the Forsaken Assassin during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Ketla the Unworthy

Facing Ketla the Unworthy, be prepared for her ranged attacks and her ability to summon clones to fight alongside her. Her attack rotation consists of two auto-attacks, followed by the summoning of shadow clones, then two more auto-attacks, and finally, one or two charged shots. This pattern repeats throughout the fight.

Ketla's shadow clones can hit a maximum of 7 through Protect from Missiles prayer. To conserve your supplies for the upcoming battles, it is advisable to wear armor with high ranged defense. When Ketla summons the shadow clones, a skull will appear above her, similar to a player casting Vengeance, indicating that a charged shot is coming. To avoid taking damage from this attack, quickly move behind one of the shadow clones, as the charged shot will hit the clone instead of you.

Each batch of shadow clones may trigger up to two charged shots, so ensure that at least two clones remain alive to absorb the shots and protect you. Since the clones have only one hitpoint, using a fast attack weapon like darts will swiftly eliminate them.

Maintain awareness of her attack pattern and manage the shadow clones effectively to survive Ketla's assault and emerge victorious in this battle. Your strategic approach will be crucial in conserving resources for the subsequent fights ahead.

A player facing Ketla the Unworthy during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Kasonde the Craven

Facing Kasonde the Craven, be prepared for both melee and ranged attacks. He is more likely to use melee attacks if you are within close distance to him. The fight will be similar to when he was alive, but his potion and explosion attacks will function differently as a wight.

Instead of venom, Kasonde's vials will now inflict corruption upon hitting you. Corruption starts at 4 and will damage you in the low 30s. These attacks are typeless, meaning they cannot be mitigated by protection prayers or armor, making them particularly dangerous.

During his explosion attack, Kasonde will create three shockwaves in succession. However, there will be a small safe spot close to him where you can stand to avoid the damage. It's crucial not to let the potions he throws build up near the center of the area, as this will leave you with no room to dodge his explosions, which deal typeless damage in the low 30s.

To emerge victorious in this battle, stay aware of Kasonde's attack patterns, keep an eye on the potions to avoid building up too close to the center, and position yourself strategically during his explosion attack to minimize damage taken. It will require skillful maneuvering and quick reflexes to defeat Kasonde the Craven and continue your quest to confront Sliske and the other Mahjarrat.

A player facing Kasonde the Craven during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS

Persten the Deceitful

As you face Persten the Deceitful, be prepared for her magic attacks and two special attacks. Her first special attack involves channeling power to launch lightning strikes, indicated by looming shadows, which will cause moderate damage, hitting in the high 20s and low 30s. As her Hitpoints decrease, she will channel subsequent lightning strikes in a row, up to three at a time.

The second special attack involves conjuring Wighted Portals with 30 Hitpoints. These portals will spawn wighted leeches until they are destroyed. Persten can create two portals simultaneously, and they will always be located near the entrance of the room. The wighted leeches have 5 Hitpoints and move at a speed slower than walking. However, they attack at the same speed as darts on rapid style and have 100% accuracy, usually hitting between 4 and 6. Their attacks cannot be blocked by prayer.

You can quickly close the portal before it spawns any leeches if you're fast enough. Using a dragon dagger's special attack can be helpful in doing this swiftly. For defeating Persten, it is recommended to switch to your ranged weapon. If too many leeches spawn and you cannot kill them all, you can kite them around the room while attacking Persten with ranged attacks. The leeches can be obstructed by the dueling Mahjarrat, and they often lose aggression due to their slow movement. Another strategy is to ignore the portals and leeches entirely by staying sufficiently far north, causing the leeches to lose aggression before they reach you.

Adapt your combat tactics and use your ranged attacks wisely to defeat Persten the Deceitful. You're one step closer to confronting Sliske and resolving the unfolding events among the Mahjarrat. Exercise caution and strategic thinking to ensure your success.

A player fighting Persten the Deceitful during the Desert Treasure 2 quest in OSRS


Once the last wight is defeated, Sliske manages to successfully teleport the Elder Horn away. He expresses satisfaction with the outcome and informs you that you will make a worthy vessel, hinting at future encounters in the North. Enakhra and Akthanatos depart to inform their allies of the situation, leaving Azzanadra and Hazeel behind. Hazeel scolds Azzanadra for not controlling his "pet" (referring to Sliske), but Azzanadra explains that Sliske always acted on his own. Despite their differences, Azzanadra realizes that he will have to collaborate with the Zamorakians to stop Sliske, although Hazeel neither confirms nor denies the idea before leaving.

Azzanadra then apologizes to you for his multiple deceptions throughout the quest and acknowledges that you have become a significant player in the affairs of the Mahjarrat, whether you like it or not. As a token of gratitude, he upgrades your ring of visibility to a ring of shadows and advises you to prepare for what lies ahead.

Congratulations, the quest is complete! You have played a crucial role in the events surrounding the Mahjarrat and their encounter with Sliske. With the upgraded ring and your newfound insights into the Mahjarrat's affairs, you are now better equipped to face future challenges in the world of Gielinor. Well done on your accomplishments!


Congratulations, you've completed Desert Treasure 2: The Fallen Empire in OSRS!