Decatriarch Wratheye Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

Decatriarch Wratheye Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

The final encounter within the dungeon is with Decatriarch Wratheye, known as Foul Necromancer Ojoiracundo. Upon reaching maximum energy (100), she will unleash Decomposition Surge, enhancing herself and afflicting your entire party with Putrid Eruption. Here's a detailed guide for the fight.

Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and  Loot - World of Warcraft - Icy Veins

Important Decatriarch Wratheye Trash Tips and Tricks

Before facing Foul Necromancer Ojoiracundo, there are various trash mobs to tackle along the way. Navigate to the right after defeating Bocaárbol, heading towards the Den of Decay area. Pay attention to the following trash mobs:

1. Decomposer Clamainmundicia: This is the initial trash mob to confront. Interrupt its Decomposition Surge cast and be cautious of the toxins left by Putrid Wave on the ground.

2. Sickening Mutilator: Watch out for Decomposition Claws and Bloody Bite to protect your tank from significant damage.

3. Stinking Rotcreeper: Among the tougher non-boss enemies, these creatures have a Pack Tactics aura and an essential cast - Decomposition Burst. Exercise caution; when it summons Summon Totem, swiftly switch focus and eliminate it to prevent the Withering Disease effect on your group.

4. Vile Plaguewitch: Another caster spreading Disease effects. Maintain a minimum 5-yard distance between each party member to hinder Withering Contagion spread. Act quickly to prevent Drain Decomposition empowerment by standing over 30 yards away before it completes the cast.

5. Withered Biter: Although non-elite, they are part of every pack. These mobs can apply Bloody Bite to your tank, posing a threat. Do not underestimate them and stay vigilant during encounters.

Prepare your party by keeping these tips in mind as you traverse Brackenhide Hollow. Success against Foul Necromancer Wratheye awaits those who navigate these challenges wisely.


For All Roles:

1. Avoid Choking Putrid Cloud: Steer clear of the noxious cloud. Staying within it deals damage and silences you. Additionally, each hit applies a stackable Withering Putrefaction damage-over-time effect, reducing your damage done by 5% per stack for 15 sec.

2. Mythic Difficulty Note: On Mythic difficulty, Withering Putrefaction persists until Decatriarch Wratheye absorbs it with Decomposition Force or the encounter concludes.

3. Rotburst Totem: Swiftly switch focus to the Rotburst Totem when the boss is about to summon it. Prolonged existence of the totem leads to escalating AoE damage, accompanied by a Withering Putrefaction debuff.

4. Decomposition Force: When the boss casts Decomposition Force, everyone receives Withered Burst. The size of the effect is determined by the number of Withering Putrefaction stacks, so ensure proper spreading!

For Tank:

1. Putrid Strike: Activate mitigation when afflicted by Putrid Strike. Be cautious, as this effect stacks.

2. Positioning: Maneuver Decatriarch Wratheye closer to the Rotburst Totem to enable cleaving on both targets simultaneously.

For Healer:

1. Putrid Strike Healing: Swiftly heal up Putrid Strike on your tank.

2. Rotburst Totem: Utilize healing cooldowns upon Rotburst Totem spawn. Prolonged existence of the totem results in increased damage to your party.

For DPS:

1. Totem Priority: Immediately switch to the totems upon spawning. Interrupting their casts is crucial to avoid potential group wipe scenarios.