Crawth Boss Guide in Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon

Crawth Boss Guide in Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon

In the heart of the peculiar Talon Toss arena at Algeth'ar Academy, Crawth, an imposing bird, has made its residence. With apparent intentions to stay, it challenges adventurers to a duel where feathers and strategy intertwine. In the initial phase, face the onslaught of its razor-sharp feathers and navigate gusts of wind. Upon reaching 70% health, a "Ball of Friendship" phase ensues, where cooperation and tactical play are crucial to persuade Crawth to abandon its roost. Triumph in this airborne dance and reclaim control of Lish Llrath!

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Crawth's abilities

1. Play Ball! Play Ball!: The Pitch activates, allowing players to score points in either the Goal of the Searing Blaze or the Goal of the Rushing Winds.

Goal of the Searing Blaze: Scoring 3 points triggers a Firestorm.

- Firestorm: Flames erupt, launching motes of fire that deal 50 Fire damage and stun players for 3 sec within 6 yards. Also stuns Crawth and increases damage taken by 75% for 12 sec.

Goal of the Rushing Winds: Scoring 3 points triggers Gale Force.

- Gale Force: Winds push players back, summoning Roving Cyclones for 15 sec. Motes grant 45% Haste and 50% movement speed for 20 sec and immunity to Gale Force's push.

2. Roving Cyclone Roving Cyclone: Moves around, inflicting 33 Nature damage and knocking back players.

3. Overpowering Gust Overpowering Gust: Crawth faces a random player, flapping her wings to inflict 50 Nature damage and knock back players in front of her.

4. Deafening Screech Deafening Screech: Releases a loud screech, causing a sonic eruption, dealing 12 Nature damage to players within 4 yards of each location. Interrupts spell casts and silences interrupted players for 6 sec.

5. Savage Peck Savage Peck: Viciously pecks target, inflicting 75 Physical damage instantly with an additional 15 Physical damage every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Tips and Strategy

Nesting amidst the sporting grounds of the ancient academy, Crawth vehemently opposes any attempts to reclaim the space. Unbeknownst to the colossal bird, the goals of the arena still retain some of their original power...


- Beware of Savage Peck, which inflicts high damage over time.

- During Play Ball!, scoring goals can trigger the field's Firestorm or Gale Force.

- Prepare for Overpowering Gust, which knocks away players positioned in front of Crawth.

Damage Dealers:

- Utilize goal-scoring opportunities during Play Ball! to activate Firestorm or Gale Force.

- Be wary of Overpowering Gust, as it can forcibly move players positioned in front of Crawth.

- Stay alert for Deafening Screech, which interrupts spells and silences casting targets.


- Coordinate with your team during Play Ball! events to handle potential Firestorm or Gale Force activations.

- Watch out for Overpowering Gust and its effects on player positioning.

- Be prepared to counteract Deafening Screech interruptions and silences on casting targets.