Combat Options in OSRS


Combat Options in OSRS

Combat Options refer to the various attack styles a player can employ during combat in a game. These styles influence the type of experience gained by the player. The player's chosen attack style is typically selected within the combat screen section of the interface. The available combat options are dictated by the weapon category, conveniently located just below the auto-retaliate option and special attack bar.

Understanding and mastering these combat options is crucial for players seeking to optimize their combat effectiveness. Each attack style may have unique strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one at the appropriate moment can significantly impact the outcome of a battle. It's essential for players to familiarize themselves with the weapon categories and their associated combat options to strategically adapt to different combat scenarios.

The Combat Options tab serves as a valuable resource for players, offering a visual representation of the available attack styles and providing insight into how each choice affects their overall gaming experience. Whether it's unleashing a powerful special attack or employing a specific combat style to exploit an opponent's vulnerability, players can tailor their approach based on the weapon category and combat situation at hand.

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Melee Weapons

The combat options of a longsword.

Melee weapons in the game exhibit a variety of attack styles, with some offering three options corresponding to different combat styles, while others provide four options, often including a controlled or alternative aggressive attack.

The attack types available for melee weapons are:

1. Stab:

2. Slash: 

3. Crush:

The available attack styles for melee weapons include:

1. Accurate: This style focuses on improving Attack, granting 4 experience in Attack and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints for every damage point dealt. Additionally, it provides an invisible +3 boost to the player's Attack level.

2. Aggressive: Geared towards enhancing Strength, the aggressive style grants 4 experience in Strength and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints for each damage point dealt. It also provides an invisible +3 boost to the player's Strength level.

3. Defensive: Prioritizing Defense, the defensive style awards 4 experience in Defence and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints for every damage point dealt. It includes an invisible +3 boost to the player's Defence level.

4. Controlled: Exclusive to certain melee weapons such as longswords, scimitars, maces, spears, halberds, hastae, claws, and whips, the controlled style distributes 1.33 experience in each of Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, and Defence for every damage point dealt. It provides an invisible +1 boost to the player's Attack, Strength, and Defence levels.

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Ranged Weapons

The combat options of a crossbow.

Ranged weapons offer several attack styles tailored to different combat situations:

1. Accurate: Opting for the accurate style grants the player 4 experience in Ranged and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints for each point of damage dealt. Despite shooting less frequently compared to the rapid style, players receive a significant advantage with a +3 invisible bonus to their Ranged level. This boost enhances both accuracy and damage output.

2. Rapid: The rapid style allows players to shoot more frequently than the accurate style, resulting in 4 experience in Ranged and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints for each point of damage inflicted. However, due to the increased rate of fire, players are more likely to miss their shots, occasionally dealing zero damage.

3. Longrange: Choosing the longrange style yields 2 experience in Ranged, 2 experience in Defence, and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints for every damage point inflicted. This attack style extends the player's attack range, providing a tactical advantage in combat situations. Moreover, players receive a +3 invisible boost to their Defence level, enhancing their overall defensive capabilities.

Each attack style offers unique benefits, allowing players to adapt their strategies based on the specific demands of the encounter. Whether prioritizing accuracy, speed, or defensive prowess, mastering the various attack styles available with ranged weapons is essential for success in combat.

Magic Weapons

The combat options of a staff.

Magic weapons, typically wielded in the form of a staff, offer unique combat options that leverage the power of spells:

1. Melee Attack Styles: Players wielding a Magic weapon can utilize normal melee attack styles in Melee combat. Alternatively, they can opt for the Autocast feature, enabling automatic spell casting during combat.

2. Autocast: When the Autocast option is selected, players can choose from a list of spells available for autocasting, varying depending on the magical weapon equipped. Once a spell is selected, it is repeatedly cast during combat as long as the player meets the Magic level requirements and possesses the necessary runes. While using autocast, players must also choose either the normal or defensive style to determine how the spell is cast.

3. Powered Staff: Depending on the selected attack style with a powered staff, players can receive certain invisible bonuses:

- Accurate Style: Grants a +3 invisible bonus to the player's Magic level.

- Longrange Style: Provides a +1 invisible bonus to the player's Magic level and a +3 invisible bonus to their Defence level. Additionally, attack range is increased with this style.

4. Autocast Styles:

- Standard: Choosing the standard style for autocasting results in a normal magical attack. For each point of damage the spell deals, players gain 2 experience in Magic and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints, in addition to the Magic experience from casting the spell.

- Defensive: Opting for the defensive style during autocasting also results in a normal magical attack. For each point of damage dealt by the spell, players gain 1.33 experience in Magic, 1 experience in Defence, and 1.33 experience in Hitpoints. However, the experience from casting the spell is entirely attributed to Magic.