Class Tier List in Last Epoch 2024


Looking to excel in Last Epoch's seasonal cycle? With fifteen Mastery Classes stemming from five base Classes, choosing can be daunting. Our tier list aids in selecting the best classes for mastering Corrupted Monoliths. Whether it's the Lich's sustain, the Warlock's spell versatility, or the Void Knight's resilience, each offers distinct strengths. Dive into Necromancer's minions or Beastmaster's companions for varied playstyles. Paladins and Druids provide support, while Spellblades and Marksmen offer unique blends. Explore these options to dominate Last Epoch's challenges.

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Tier S

In Last Epoch version 1.0.4, while every class is viable, three stand out in the most challenging content: the S-tier Masteries. These classes effortlessly tackle Empowered Monoliths with minimal gear and excel even further with investment, outscaling their competitors.


The Falconer's standout feature is its powerful signature pet, the Falcon, boasting high base damage. The Falcon's attacks, including the Dive Bomb ability, scale remarkably well. Additionally, the Falconer's passive tree facilitates dual scaling by transferring some character stats to the Falcon, providing a unique advantage.

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Warlock shines with two exceptional signature skills. Chthonic Fissure delivers various deadly effects, from bleed to curse to hit-based builds, allowing for potent damage output on the move. Adding to its strength, Warlock features the game's premier defensive skill, Profane Veil, generating ward while evading incoming hits.

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Utilizing Intelligence stacking, Runemaster maximizes survivability, utility, and damage from a single stat. With Reowyn's Frostguard and Flame Ward, Runemaster builds an immense ward pool without needing low-life gear. Offering flexibility, Runic Invocation can be customized to suit various playstyles and needs effectively.

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Tier A

The A-tier Mastery Classes in Last Epoch are potent but may present challenges in starting or scaling compared to S-tier counterparts. These classes might have more distinct weaknesses, lower potential ceilings, or require specific items for optimal performance.


Stands out for its defensive and utility scaling through skills like Holy Aura and Sigils of Hope. It shines especially bright in team play, although solo it's versatile but doesn't quite reach the heights of S-tier classes.

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Offers builds ranging from decent to outstanding, with Wraithlord Necromancer being the strongest, but it requires a specific item. Without Wraithlord's Harbour, it doesn't reach S-tier competitiveness.

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Void Knight:

While having excellent potential, it may take longer to reach it due to mana or defensive issues. However, with higher gear levels, Void Knight can shine.

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Despite having strong options, its class mechanics don't sync well with low-life defensive setups. This makes it challenging for Lich to match the tankiness of other Acolyte classes, but it remains competitive in damage.

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Marksman and Bladedancer:

Both offer excellent damage potential but are overshadowed by Falconer, which excels in multiple aspects. However, they're still viable options for players looking to diversify their Rogue playstyle.

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Druid and Beastmaster:

Both classes require more gear to achieve comparable DPS to their counterparts but shine with higher gear levels. Druid's transformations offer unique builds, while Beastmaster provides an alternative summoner experience to Necromancer.

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Tier B

B-tier Mastery Classes remain viable but exhibit significant weaknesses compared to their counterparts. They may suffer from poor scaling, defenses, or resource management, ultimately doing less with more. While playable, they won't outperform S-tier builds regardless of gear investment.


Although Shaman's totem-focused playstyle offers unique mechanics, it can feel clunky compared to other minion-focused builds. Nature-themed spells like Tornado and Earthquake lack synergy, and while Shaman boasts decent defenses, they don't match up to the ward stacking of low-life and Runemaster builds.



Spellblade's concept of scaling spell damage through melee weapons often falls short compared to traditional spell scaling methods. Frost Claw Runemaster with the Glamdring node offers a more effective alternative for players interested in this fantasy.

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While Sorcerer features several viable builds, they are generally overshadowed by superior versions available to Runemaster. Unless specifically aiming for Sorcerer's signature skills, there's little reason to choose it over the more versatile options provided by Runemaster.

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Forge Guard:

Forge Guard suffers from similar issues as other B-tier classes, with solid builds that often perform better on Paladin or Void Knight. While Forge Guard offers unique minion skills, they aren't as potent as those of Necromancer or Beastmaster.

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