Chrono-Lord Deios Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Chrono-Lord Deios Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

The arrival of Chrono-Lord Deios heralds a dire threat to the very fabric of time in the world of Azeroth. With the infinite dragonflight's machinations at play, the heroes of Azeroth face a formidable challenge in thwarting Deios and preventing the rise of Murozond.

Deios's manipulation of time presents a unique challenge, as his actions ripple across history, altering events and shaping a future where Murozond reigns supreme. The heroes must navigate through the turbulent currents of time, confronting threats both past and present to unravel Deios's schemes.

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Chrono-Lord Deios Abilities

Stage 1: We Are Infinite

1. Summon Infinite Keeper Summon Infinite Keeper: Deios summons Infinite Keepers, powerful agents from alternate timelines, to aid him in battle.

2. Collapsing Time Rift Collapsing Time Rift: Defeating the Infinite Keeper destabilizes the time rift, causing damage to Deios over time.

3. Infinite Keeper Abilities:

-  Chronal Burn: Inflicts Arcane damage over time to a target, decreasing in frequency over time.

- Infinite Blast Infinite Blast: Deals direct Arcane damage to a target.

4. Time-Displaced Troopers Time-Displaced Troopers: Reinforcements that aid the Infinite Keepers in combat.

5. Infinity Orb Infinity Orb: Manifests orbs of compressed time above targeted locations, which fall and explode upon arrival, dealing damage to players in the area.

- Infinity Nova Infinity Nova: Explosion of time magic that damages all players and increases damage taken for a duration.

6. Temporal Breath Temporal Breath: Releases a frontal cone of time magic, dealing damage over time to affected players.

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Stage 2: Lord of the Infinite

1. Infinite Corruption Infinite Corruption: Deios blasts Nozdormu with corrupted bronze magic, causing damage to all players and leaving scars on the ground.

2. Temporal Scar Temporal Scar: Ground-based damage over time effect caused by Infinite Corruption.

3. Infinity Orb Infinity Orb and Infinity Nova Infinity Nova: Similar to Stage 1, Deios continues to summon orbs of compressed time that explode upon impact.

4. Temporal Breath Temporal Breath: Same as in Stage 1, emitting a frontal cone of damaging time magic.

Tips and Strategy

- Summoning Infinite Keepers: Deios begins by summoning Infinite Keepers, who create stable time rifts and bring reinforcements from alternate timelines.

- Aerial Assault: Once all portals close, Deios takes to the skies, requiring ranged attacks to damage him until he lands again.

- Assault on Nozdormu: While airborne, Deios targets Nozdormu, and players must protect him from Infinite Corruption.

- Liberation of Nozdormu: When Deios reaches 8% health, proto-dragon allies land and assist in freeing Nozdormu, leading to a direct confrontation with Deios.

Roles and Strategies:


- Position yourself to aim Deios's Temporal Breath away from allies to minimize damage.

- Take the brunt of the damage from Infinite Blast while tanking the summoned Infinite Keepers.

- Coordinate with the team to ensure efficient handling of mechanics and interrupts.

Damage Dealers:

- Be mindful of the significant area damage inflicted by Temporal Breath and spread out to minimize its impact.

- Prioritize defeating summoned Infinite Keepers to bring Deios back to the ground from Collapsing Time Rift.

- Utilize positioning to stagger the application of Infinity Nova's vulnerability by standing under Infinity Orbs as they fall.


- Prepare for significant damage from Infinite Keepers' Chronal Burn on the primary target and be ready to heal accordingly.

- Coordinate with the team to stand under Infinity Orbs to stagger the application of Infinity Nova's vulnerability and mitigate incoming damage.

- Be vigilant for the significant area damage from Temporal Breath and ensure the party's health is sustained through its duration.