Chronikar Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Chronikar Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Chronikar dedicated her entire existence to the relentless cause of the infinite dragonflight, steadily ascending the ranks until she was rightfully bestowed with the esteemed title of commander. Among the fervent adherents of the infinites, her unwavering zeal stands unparalleled. Entrusted as the revered rearguard, she is resolute in her commitment to obliterate any who dare to challenge the supremacy of her order. With unyielding determination, she marches forth, a formidable force to be reckoned with, unwavering in her resolve to fulfill the mandate of her timeless allegiance.

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Chronikar Abilities

1. Eon Shatter Eon Shatter: Chronikar swiftly leaps and slams down onto a player's location, dealing a substantial 504 Arcane damage to players within an 18-yard radius of the impact zone.

- Effect: The forceful impact generates Eon Fragments.
- Eon Fragments Eon Fragments: These fragments of timespace explode outward, causing 252 Arcane damage to players struck and forcefully knocking them back.
2. Chronoshear Chronoshear: With a powerful swing of her mighty axe, Chronikar inflicts 504 Physical damage upon her target, simultaneously knocking them away. This attack cannot be evaded or parried. Furthermore, the temporal disruption caused by the swing enables the target to absorb 989 healing.
3. Sand Stomp Sand Stomp: Chronikar forcefully stomps the ground, giving rise to a hazardous Withering Sandpool beneath marked players.
Withering Sandpool Withering Sandpool: Upon emergence, the Withering Sandpool deals 101 Arcane damage to players within a 6-yard range. For those who remain inside the pool, it inflicts 121 Arcane damage every 2 seconds. Additionally, affected players experience a reduction in movement speed by 15% and a decrease in haste by 25%. The lingering effects of the sandpool create a challenging environment for those caught within its confines.

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Tips and Strategy

Chronikar commands the battlefield with a combination of ground-shaking stomps, time-bending axe strikes, and a devastating leap that unleashes fragments of timespace. Her abilities pose unique challenges to Damage Dealers, Healers, and Tanks alike.

Damage Dealers:

- Withering Sandpools: These pools not only inflict damage upon formation but also create hazardous terrain, restricting movement for players. Be mindful of their presence to avoid unnecessary damage and maintain positioning.

- Eon Shatter and Eon Fragments: When Chronikar reaches 100 energy, be prepared for her powerful leap, Eon Shatter. The resulting Eon Fragments deal substantial damage. Swift reactions and strategic positioning are crucial to minimize the impact on the group.


- Chronoshear: Chronikar's axe, in the form of Chronoshear, inflicts high damage and absorbs healing. Anticipate this ability and allocate healing resources accordingly to mitigate the damage sustained by the affected player.

- Withering Sandpools: These pools demand quick healing responses as they inflict damage upon formation and continue to pose a threat to players within them. Healing throughput and efficient triage will be essential to keep the group sustained.


- Chronoshear: Tanks should brace for the high damage and healing absorption caused by Chronoshear. Employ defensive cooldowns and coordinate with healers to endure this potent attack.

- Eon Shatter and Eon Fragments: The tank should be prepared to handle the significant damage from Eon Shatter and its subsequent Eon Fragments. Positioning and mitigation strategies will play a crucial role in managing this threat.