Blight of Galakrond Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Blight of Galakrond Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

The Blight of Galakrond emerges as a sinister consequence of the necrotic energies emanating from the remains of the ancient dragon, Galakrond. Among these primal dragons are Ahnzon, embodying the crackling hunger of the storm; Dazhak, epitomizing the insatiable gluttony of flame; and Loszkeleth, representing the seeping starvation of the cold. Their formidable presence looms over Azeroth, presenting its heroes as delectable prey in their eyes.

Blight of Galakrond Boss

Blight of Galakrond Abilities

Blight of Galakrond

1. Malignant Transferal: The blight uses Malignant Transferal to take over hosts. It transfers into Ahnzon at 80% health, and transfers into Loszkeleth and Dazhak at 50% health.

2. Corrosive Infusion Corrosive Infusion: Blight of Galakrond blasts a player with corrosive energy, applying Corrosion and causing a Corrosive Expulsion.

- Corrosion Corrosion: Blight corrodes a player, inflicting 151 Nature damage on impact and an additional 38 Nature damage every 1 sec. Corrosion transfers to another player on contact. Blight Reclamation consumes this affliction.

- Corrosive Expulsion Corrosive Expulsion: Blight of Galakrond ejects a volley of ooze, inflicting 252 Nature damage to players within 4 yards of the impact and stunning them for 1.5 sec.

3. Corrupted Mind Corrupted Mind: If Corrosion afflicts a player for its full duration, the player is consumed by blight. Their mind becomes corrupted, turning them against their allies for 6 sec.

4. Blight Reclamation Blight Reclamation: Blight of Galakrond reclaims blight particles to re-energize, inflicting 676 Physical damage to players in a frontal cone and pulling them inward. This effect removes Corrosion.

5. Blight Seep Blight Seep: Toxic corruption oozes from Blight of Galakrond, draining its energy and inflicting 8 Nature damage every 1 sec to players within the resulting blight pools.

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- Necrotic Winds Necrotic Winds: Ahnzon radiates power, inflicting 23 Nature damage every 0.5 sec for 7.5 sec and pushing players away. While radiating, tornadoes blow outward, inflicting 181 Nature damage upon contact with players and knocking them away.


- Necrofrost Necrofrost: Loszkeleth immobilizes a player with necrotic frost, reducing their haste by 5% and inflicting 15 Frost damage every 1 sec until the Necrofrost is destroyed.


- Incinerating Blightbreath Incinerating Blightbreath: Dazhak breathes necrotic flames, inflicting 101 Fire damage every 0.5 sec for 3 sec to players in front of her.

- Noxious Ejection Noxious Ejection: Dazhak spits blight at players, inflicting 55 Nature damage.

Tips and Strategy

During battle, Blight of Galakrond releases Blight Seep, creating hazardous pools on the battlefield, while simultaneously launching Corrosive Infusion attacks against players. Blight Reclamation is employed by the blight to replenish its energy. The blight transfers into a new host at 80% health and again at 50% health, acquiring additional abilities each time.

Damage Dealers:

- Be cautious of Corrosion, as it can spread to other players upon contact.

- Focus your damage on destroying Necrofrost when it appears, as it is vulnerable to damage.


- Watch out for Corrosion, which can spread to other players upon contact.

- Be prepared for significant damage from Necrotic Winds affecting all players.


- Keep an eye on Blight Seep, as it continually forms beneath afflicted creatures, posing a threat to their health.

- Utilize Blight Reclamation to remove Corrosion from affected players and manage the blight's energy levels.