Beginner Tips in Last Epoch


In Last Epoch, class and mastery choice is crucial. Experiment with different combinations to find your style. Manage your skills and gear wisely to optimize your performance. Explore the world thoroughly to discover secrets and rewards. Understand the crafting system to enhance your equipment. Control your resources like Mana and Health in combat. Don't hesitate to try out different builds and seek guidance when needed. With these tips, you'll be ready to tackle challenges and save the world in Last Epoch.

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1. Begin with a Solo Account or Character: Starting out with other players can be distracting and may hinder your progress in learning the game. Playing solo allows you to focus on improving your skills without relying on others. You have the option to create a Solo Account or a Solo Character, both of which prevent you from joining parties or receiving items from other players. A Solo Account Found (SAF) character can share items in the Stash with other SAF characters, while a Solo Character Found (SCF) cannot share items. Once you feel comfortable with the game mechanics, you can then consider creating an online character.

2. Experiment with All Five Starting Classes using SAF Characters: To gain insight into their playstyles and determine your preferred focus, try out each of the five starting classes using Solo Account Found (SAF) Characters. This approach allows you to share items between characters while experiencing their unique abilities and mechanics firsthand. By experimenting with different classes, you can identify which one resonates most with your playstyle and preferences. Whether you're drawn to the primal power of the Primalist, the arcane mastery of the Mage, the swift strikes of the Rogue, the stalwart defense of the Sentinel, or the strategic prowess of the Acolyte, exploring each class with SAF Characters provides valuable insight into Last Epoch's diverse gameplay options.

3. Ensure to Experiment with Every Unlocked Skill: In Last Epoch, skills unlock automatically as you level up, eliminating the need to allocate points into them. For instance, each base class grants nine skills that become available as you progress.

It's crucial to experiment with each skill upon unlocking to grasp its potential fully. For example, if you're playing the Primalist class, testing both Maelstrom and Summon Thorn Totem, despite their shared AoE nature, is advisable.

Through experimentation, you can determine which suits your playstyle best. Additionally, as you level up, you'll need to designate skills as Specialized Skills. By the time you unlock all specialized skill slots, prioritize five as your main focus for optimal gameplay.

4. Maximize Your Specialized Skills Usage: Utilizing your specialized skills frequently is key to optimizing your character's performance. Once you've selected a specialized skill, it gains experience through usage, allowing you to invest points into its skill tree.

The skill tree holds paramount importance for each specialized skill, as allocating points enhances damage output or introduces adjustments. For example, with the Fireball spell in the Mage Class, you can augment its damage or enable it to cast three fireballs at a higher cost.

As you unlock more specialized skills, incorporate them into your rotation habitually. To maximize experience gain, employ long-cooldown spells like AoE or defensive abilities whenever they're available. By spamming your specialized skills and strategically investing in their skill trees, you'll greatly enhance your character's effectiveness in combat.

5. Select Your Realm: When creating your character, you'll be prompted to choose between the Cycle and Legacy Realms, each with distinct features. Opting for the Cycle Realm is generally advised due to its benefits.

Cycle Realm:

- Your other characters and their stashes are inaccessible.
- Begins with a fresh start, allowing you to experience various updates.
- Features Leaderboards to track your progress.
- Cycles typically last three to four months.

Legacy Realm:

- Grants access to other characters and their stashes.
- Maintains the original game experience without updates.
- Lacks Leaderboards for competitive tracking.
- Available continuously without seasonal resets.

6. Always Prioritize Quest Completion: In Last Epoch, encountering numerous side and main quests is common. While the temptation to rush through the game exists, it's imperative to dedicate time to completing side quests.

Quest completion yields various rewards, including Gold and Experience Points. Moreover, certain side quests unlock Passive Skill Points and additional bonuses, enriching your gameplay experience.

Engaging in quest completion fosters exploration, aiding in your preparation for forthcoming areas. Each region features a recommended level, and by tackling quests, you'll likely surpass or meet this threshold, ensuring you're adequately leveled for challenges ahead.

7. Leverage Town Portals Frequently: In Last Epoch, Town Portals serve as invaluable aids, particularly when you need to return to town to sell items. Given the constraints of inventory space, utilizing Town Portals strategically becomes essential.

When not engaged in combat, employing a Town Portal allows you to swiftly return to the last visited village. This enables you to access merchants, vend items, and promptly re-enter the fray through the portal. Such a mechanism proves ideal for maximizing your gold accumulation without the inconvenience of backtracking.

8. Utilize Negative Mana in Emergencies: In Last Epoch, each spell comes with a Mana Cost, but the game introduces a unique mechanic allowing you to exceed your Mana limit. For instance, if you have only 30 Mana remaining and cast a spell costing 50 Mana, you'll end up with negative 20 Mana.

Remarkably, this mechanic doesn't inhibit spellcasting but grants you flexibility by surpassing your Mana threshold. However, you're unable to cast additional spells until your Mana balance returns to positive.

Harnessing negative Mana proves invaluable in dire circumstances. For instance, as a Rogue, you can employ it to swiftly teleport away from perilous situations and retreat until your Mana replenishes. Leveraging this mechanic judiciously can be a lifesaver, offering an escape route when confronted with overwhelming threats.

9. Ensure Versatility with Single Target, AoE, and Defense Skills: Last Epoch's class system facilitates covering both offensive and defensive aspects efficiently. This entails incorporating skills tailored for single-target damage, those adept at hitting multiple enemies, and abilities focused on defense or healing.

With the capacity to equip five skills simultaneously, opt for a combination of three single-target and AoE spells. Additionally, include two defensive skills in your arsenal one dedicated to bolstering defense and another providing an escape mechanism, if available. This balanced setup ensures versatility in combat scenarios, enabling you to effectively handle various challenges that arise throughout your journey.

10. Frequently Utilize Healing Potions: Throughout your journey, you'll encounter Healing Potions scattered across various segments. These potions scale in efficacy as you progress but are limited in quantity that you can carry at once. At the outset, you may only possess a handful, typically around three.

Given this constraint, it's prudent to employ healing potions whenever your health dips below half. This becomes especially vital when facing formidable adversaries like bosses, whose attacks can swiftly deplete your health pool. By vigilantly monitoring your health and promptly utilizing healing potions, you can effectively mitigate potential threats and sustain your endurance in combat situations.