Balance Druid DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

Balance Druid DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

In the Season of Discovery, Balance Druids receive significant assistance in addressing one of their major concerns from Classic - the rapid depletion of mana. The introduction of "Furia de Tempestira" ensures that the spell "Cólera" costs zero mana! This rune not only resolves the mana issue but also promotes off-healing when necessary. With the newfound freedom from mana constraints, incorporating an instant-speed "Toque curativo" sporadically can prove to be crucial. This healing touch can help sustain you without interruptions during the leveling process.

Furthermore, Balance Druids gain access to a couple of new abilities through runes: "Oleada de estrellas" and "Fuego solar." As Phase 2 unfolds, the addition of "Eclipse" provides an incentive to fluidly alternate between "Cólera" and "Fuego estelar." This strategic weaving enhances the druid's overall damage-dealing capabilities.

These developments in Phase 2 not only mitigate the mana challenges faced by Balance Druids but also introduce a dynamic playstyle, encouraging a seamless integration of offensive and supportive spells. As you progress through the Season of Discovery, mastering the art of balancing lunar and solar powers will undoubtedly elevate your effectiveness in both solo and group encounters.

PVE TBC Balance Druid DPS Guide (Short)

Viability of Balance Druid DPS

In the Season of Discovery, the Balance Druid has experienced significant improvements compared to its performance in Classic Vanilla. Despite these enhancements, there are still a few drawbacks to consider. The gameplay has become more interactive, introducing multiple spells into the rotation and providing increased mana flexibility. However, it's important to note that the class has undergone several balance changes at the start of Phase 2.

While Balance Druids may not top the damage meters, they remain in demand within raids due to their unique combination of attributes. Their damage output is solid, and their utility, along with the buffs and debuffs they bring to the raid, make them a valuable asset. The class's newfound mana freedom, particularly with "Stormfury" making "Anger" cost zero mana, addresses a historical issue of quick mana depletion, enhancing the overall sustainability of the Balance Druid.

In essence, while not claiming the top spot on damage charts, Balance Druids in the Season of Discovery offer a well-rounded package of damage, utility, and supportive abilities. Their adaptability and unique contributions make them a desirable addition to raid compositions, ensuring they play a meaningful role in group dynamics. As the season progresses, staying abreast of any further adjustments and refining gameplay strategies will be key to maximizing the potential of a Balance Druid in a raid setting.

Strengths and Weaknesses


1. Good Single Target Damage: Balance Druids excel in dealing solid single-target damage. Their rotation, especially with the introduction of "Furia de Tempestira" in the Season of Discovery, allows them to consistently contribute to focused damage on a particular target.

2. Flexibility to Off-Heal: With the mana flexibility provided by "Furia de Tempestira," Balance Druids have the ability to off-heal when the situation demands. This flexibility enhances their survivability and utility, allowing them to contribute not only in damage but also in supporting the group with healing when necessary.

3. Provides Strong Buffs and Debuffs: Balance Druids bring valuable utility to the raid through buffs and debuffs. Their presence enhances the overall performance of the team, making them a sought-after addition to group compositions. The class's utility extends beyond raw damage, contributing to the success of the entire raid.


1. Not Great AOE Damage: One of the notable weaknesses of Balance Druids is their subpar AOE (Area of Effect) damage. While they shine in single-target scenarios, their ability to handle multiple enemies simultaneously is not as robust. This can pose challenges in encounters that require effective AOE damage.

2. No Hard Crowd Control or Interrupts: Balance Druids lack hard crowd control abilities and interrupts. In situations where crowd control or interrupt abilities are crucial for success, the class may face limitations. This weakness emphasizes the importance of coordination with other classes in the raid that possess these essential control elements.

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Best Runes for Balance Druid DPS 

In Phase 2, Balance Druids have a selection of powerful runes to enhance their abilities and adapt to various combat scenarios. Here are the notable options:

1.  Fury of Stormrage Rune:

- Ability: Gain the Fury of Stormrage ability.

- Effect: Reduces the mana cost of Wrath by 100% and grants a 12% chance for your next Healing Touch within 15 seconds to be instant whenever you deal damage with Wrath.

- Comment: Provides flexibility by significantly reducing the mana cost of Wrath, addressing the historical mana challenges faced by Balance Druids. The bonus instant Healing Touch adds utility, allowing for timely heals in combat.

2.  Sunfire Rune:

- Ability: Gain the Sunfire ability, replacing Moonfire in Bear Form, Cat Form, or Dire Bear Form.

- Effect: Sunfire is a new damage-over-time ability that benefits from and triggers effects associated with Moonfire. It adds versatility to your toolkit, especially when on the move.

3.  Starsurge Rune:

- Ability: Gain the Starsurge ability.

- Effect: A 6-second cooldown single-target instant-cast arcane spell that benefits from most talents and effects triggered by Wrath or Starfire. It takes top priority in your rotation, offering significant damage potential.

4.  Eclipse Rune:

- Ability: Gain the Eclipse ability.

- Effect: Starfire increases the critical strike chance of your next two Wraths by 30%, and Wrath reduces the cast time of your next Starfire by 1.0 second. Both effects stack up to 4 charges, with a 70% chance for both spells to not lose casting time when taking damage.

- Comment: A highlight of Phase 2, Eclipse alters the rotation, encouraging a strategic balance between Wrath and Starfire to maintain powerful buffs. This adds depth and variety to your gameplay.

5.  Dreamstate Rune:

- Ability: Gain the Dreamstate ability.

- Effect: Your damaging spell critical strikes grant you 50% of your mana regeneration while casting for 8 seconds and increase Nature damage dealt to the target by 20% for 12 seconds.

- Comment: A passive rune contributing significantly to mana regeneration and providing a Nature damage debuff to the target. This benefits not only your own DPS but also enhances the performance of other Nature damage dealers in the raid.


The introduction of the new rune, Eclipse, has altered the Balance Druid's main rotation. Now, it involves a seamless transition between Starfire and Wrath, while keeping Starfall as a top priority on cooldown. Despite some initial phase-related fluctuations affecting the rotation, maintaining Solar Fire and Lunar Strike continuously is crucial for maximizing DPS.

Use the Grace of nature procs to insert an additional Wrath when possible. If mobility is required, adjust your rotation to cast instant-speed spells while on the move, and readjust when stationary. In situations where mana becomes a concern, Fuegolunar becomes the least essential spell and can be omitted if necessary.

It's noteworthy that starting the fight with a precasted Starfire is a viable strategy. Always remember your role as a utility class; make use of Healing Touch when procs allow, and consider switching Wild Growth for Solar Fire in scenarios where your raid requires additional off-healing. For those aiming for maximum optimization, in fights where being in melee is safe and won't force movement, incorporating a melee attack with instant-speed casts can be beneficial if your weapon has a speed of 1.5 or quicker. While this provides only a marginal damage increase, every point contributes to overall efficiency.


- Star Surge
- Sunfire
- Moonfire
- Starfire
- Star Surge
- Starfire
- Wrath
- Wrath
- Repeat

Stats and Gear for Balance Druid DPS

Stat Priority:

1. Spell Damage
2. Spell Hit Chance
3. Spell Critical Strike Chance
4. Intellect
5. Spirit

Spell damage is the primary stat for Balance Druid DPS, followed by spell hit chance and spell critical strike chance. Intellect and spirit also contribute to overall effectiveness.

Reaching the spell hit cap is not mandatory, as each additional point of spell hit is valued at approximately 7 spell damage. For example, comparing items like "Druid's Bindings" and "Ornate Iron Knuckles," they result in similar DPS. However, personal preference may lean towards the Bindings due to the other beneficial stats they offer.

Gear Recommendations:

Outside of raid gear, or sometimes irrespective of it, consider these options:

1. Dreamweave Vest or Toga of the Magi: Both are excellent pre-BIS chest options, with one being crafted, and the other a world BOE.

2. Star Belt: A commendable pre-BIS belt from Tailoring.

3. Red Mageweave Pants: One of the best options until acquiring raid pants, and conveniently crafted through Tailoring.

4. Dreamweave Gloves: Another crafted piece from Tailoring, serving as your BIS gloves even when compared to raid options. Ensure to acquire these for optimal performance throughout the phase.

5. Druid's Bindings: An epic BIS item obtainable outside of raids, although it requires grinding Exalted Warsong reputation.

6. Ring of Knowledge / Advisor's Ring: Highly recommended rings, achievable at Honored reputation with your respective Warsong clan. Despite being "Unique," you can wear both the level 28 and 38 versions simultaneously. The 38 version is Phase-BIS, while the 28 version serves as pre-BIS until acquiring a raid ring.

7. Summoner's Shadowgem: A raid item from Blackfathom Deeps, it remains one of your BIS trinkets for this phase. Continue running BFD to secure one for your arsenal.

Best Races for Balance DPS Druid

As a Druid, your race options are limited to one per faction:

Best Alliance Race:

- Night Elf: Unfortunately, Night Elf doesn't provide any relevant combat abilities for Balance DPS.

Best Horde Race:

- Tauren: For Horde, Tauren provides a little extra survivability with Endurance. Additionally, War Stomp gives you a useful stun that you otherwise don't get in humanoid form.

Best Professions for Balance DPS Druid

1. Enchanting: Enchanting is now a highly recommended option for raiding Balance DPS Druids. "Enchanting" provides access to "Innovative Enchantment," a 'bind on pickup' consumable crafted exclusively by Enchanters. This consumable grants 20 spellpower for a duration of 30 minutes, offering a significant boost to your performance during raids.

2. Engineering: No other profession provides the versatile combat options of Engineering for a Balance DPS Druid. Engineering offers damage and utility through grenades, bombs, and dynamite. Additionally, it grants access to various gadgets suitable for both PvE and PvP scenarios, enhancing your overall effectiveness and survivability.