Azureblade Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon

Azureblade Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon

Azureblade, steadfast in her duty as the guardian of the Vault, made the solemn decision to remain within its confines even as it was sealed shut. Despite the looming threat and the allure of safety beyond its walls, she chose to prioritize her responsibility over her own well-being. As time passed and the blue dragons, once entrusted with safeguarding the Vault alongside her, failed to return, Azureblade's steadfast resolve morphed into bitter resignation.

Faced with the harsh reality of abandonment and the relentless passage of time, Azureblade's mind began to fray at the edges. In a desperate bid to prolong her existence and cling to the remnants of her former life, she delved into the very magics she had sworn to protect. Through dark and forbidden means, she extended her own lifespan, becoming a twisted reflection of her former self.

Now consumed by madness and fueled by a sense of ownership over the relics and treasures left behind by the blue dragonflight, Azureblade roams the depths of the Vault, a spectral guardian twisted by her own desperate bid for survival. In her madness, she sees herself as the rightful ruler of all that remains within, guarding it fiercely against any who dare to challenge her claim.

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Azureblade Abilities

1. Overwhelming Energy Overwhelming Energy: Azureblade moves to the center of the room and taps into the power of the draconic seal, enveloping herself in a shield of Draconic Illusions. She periodically inflicts 1,812 Arcane damage to all players until all illusions are destroyed.

Draconic Illusion:

- Seal Empowerment Seal Empowerment: When empowered by the seal, Azureblade becomes immune to incoming damage. Players must destroy these illusions to weaken her defenses.

Ancient Orb Fragment Ancient Orb Fragment: Azureblade's immense energy causes magic to surge uncontrollably. Players who come into contact with the orb suffer 8,361 Arcane damage and are knocked back.

2. Summon Draconic Image Summon Draconic Image: Azureblade conjures an illusion of herself to assail and disrupt players.

Draconic Image:

- Illusionary Bolt Illusionary Bolt: The image fires an illusory bolt at a random player, dealing 5,574 Arcane damage.
3. Ancient Orb Ancient Orb: Azureblade creates a volatile orb of pure magic and hurls it at a player, causing 12,542 Arcane damage and knocking back any players in its path.

4. Arcane Cleave Arcane Cleave: Azureblade executes a powerful cleave, slicing through players within 10 yards in front of her and dealing 12,821 Arcane damage. Players should avoid standing in front of her during this attack to minimize damage taken.

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Tips and Strategy

Azureblade engages players with a relentless assault of arcane magics and illusions. Throughout the encounter, she conjures Draconic Illusions to shield herself during her powerful ability, Overwhelming Energy. Players must work together to destroy these illusions and weaken her defenses. Additionally, Azureblade unleashes devastating attacks such as Ancient Orb and Arcane Cleave, which require careful positioning and coordination to mitigate their impact.

Damage Dealers:

- Focus on destroying Draconic Illusions as quickly as possible to reduce the damage inflicted by Overwhelming Energy.

- Beware of Ancient Orb, which deals significant damage to players caught in its path.

- Position yourself carefully to avoid being hit by Arcane Cleave, as it inflicts high damage to players in front of Azureblade.


- Be prepared to heal through the sustained damage from Overwhelming Energy until Draconic Illusions are eliminated.

- Watch out for Ancient Orb, as it can cause heavy damage to players.

- Prioritize healing players who may have taken damage from Arcane Cleave, especially those within the cone in front of Azureblade.


- Prepare to mitigate the high damage from Arcane Cleave, which affects players in a cone in front of Azureblade.

- Maintain threat on Azureblade and position her carefully to minimize the risk of players being hit by Ancient Orb.

- Coordinate with your team to ensure that Draconic Illusions are quickly dealt with, reducing the damage from Overwhelming Energy.