Attack Types in OSRS


Attack Types in OSRS

Attack types encompass the various methods by which a player or NPC can engage in combat, targeting other players, NPCs, or interactive elements within the environment. These methods include stab, slash, crush, magic, and ranged attacks. Player equipment contributes significantly to combat effectiveness by providing attack bonuses for each style and defense bonuses against corresponding attack types. This dynamic system adds depth and strategy to engagements, as players must consider both their offensive capabilities and defensive resilience in various combat scenarios.

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Here are detailed descriptions of the attack bonuses for each type:

1. Stab: Stab is predominantly utilized by daggers, swords, spears, pickaxes, and rapiers. Longswords, maces, halberds, and scimitars also employ it as a secondary attack. Most effective against foes in chainbody or leather armor, or with heavy skin like dragons. Less effective against adversaries with tough armor, such as platebodies.

2. Slash: Primary for longswords, scimitars, two-handed swords, battleaxes, axes, abyssal whip, and halberds. Swords, spears, and daggers use it as a secondary attack. Ideal against opponents in clothing, leather-based armor, or without armor. Less effective against those clad in tough, usually metal armor or scaly skin like dragons.

3. Crush: Primary for maces, warhammers, and maul-class weapons, and secondary for two-handed swords, spears, and battleaxes. Exclusive for unarmed combat. Most effective against platebodies, small monsters, or hard-shelled creatures. Less effective against enemies with flexible skin/armor or large foes like giants.

4. Magic: Used exclusively when casting offensive spells. The spell's maximum hit is determined by the spell itself, with the staff of the dead, Kodai Wand, and Ahrim's staff potentially increasing the maximum hit. Accuracy in PvP is based on the caster's magic attack bonus, 70% of the opponent's Magic level, and 30% of the opponent's Defence level. Magic is potent against metal armor but less effective against foes with high magic deflection, like dragonhide armor or dragons.

5. Ranged: Involves hurling projectiles (Arrows or Bolts) from a distance. Requires a ranged weapon, typically a Bow or Crossbow. Ranged attacks excel against foes using magical attacks or large opponents but are less effective against enemies in metal armor. Some projectiles (Knives or Darts) don't require a separate weapon and are wielded directly.