Albion Online Tracking Guide

Albion Online Tracking Guide

Explore the open world and hunt special creatures to earn unique rewards. Tracking is a new open-world activity that sends you and your group on a quest to pursue strange creatures.

To begin tracking, you first need to unlock the Tracker Apprentice node on the Destiny Table. You can achieve this by gaining some PvE fame. This will enable you to use level 3 tracking kits, which can be crafted at the Tool Factory or purchased directly from the market.

There are a total of seven creatures, each with a small version suitable for 1-3 players and a larger version designed for 4-8 players. Hunting in larger groups than specified is not allowed. Ensure you are well-prepared by stocking up on enough kits before embarking on the adventure.

Preparation and coordination are key to a successful hunt, as each creature presents unique challenges. Are you ready to delve into this exciting tracking experience and claim the rewards that await those brave enough to face these creatures? Happy hunting!

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The Hunt Initiation

To kick off the hunt, you need to venture into a red or black zone. Once there, you can deploy the tracking kit either by selecting it in your inventory or using a shortcut key (default: U).

This action will unveil any discernible traces in your surroundings. A level 3 kit has the capability to reveal Panthers, Sylvans, and Bear Spirits, with each subsequent level introducing another type of creature. Moreover, higher-level kits broaden the radius within which you can discover new tracks. Proceed towards one of the tracks you've unveiled and interact with it to initiate the hunt.

Subsequently, you'll be guided to a specific area to search for additional clues. This location may be on the same map or in a neighboring zone. Thoroughly examine the assigned area, and you'll uncover tracks or even encounter the creature itself.

The Hunt Initiation

Find the trail

Locating and engaging with the tracks of your target is a crucial step in the hunting process. These tracks are identifiable by a small circle and may be surrounded by protective monsters. Prior to interacting with the track, it's essential to eliminate these creatures. The presence of adversaries adds an element of challenge, requiring strategic combat skills to clear the area safely. Once the surroundings are secure, engaging with the marked tracks will advance your pursuit, guiding you further into the immersive and dynamic experience of the hunt. Stay vigilant, as the journey unfolds with each interaction, revealing the mysteries of the creatures you seek.

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Confrontation with the Target

Once you've located your target, engaging in combat becomes crucial for further advancement. It's possible that you won't defeat the creature in your initial encounter, as it might flee after sustaining a certain amount of damage, reaching a time limit, or due to the presence of too many players.

Fear not, as all damage inflicted will persist for subsequent encounters. Should you succeed in defeating the creature, it will drop various items, from rare potion crafting ingredients to powerful artifacts necessary for crafting the new shapeshifter weapons. Prepare for a challenging battle and savor the rewards that come with triumphing over these formidable creatures.

Albion Online | The Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG

Different Levels of Tracking Kits and Specialization

Unlocking and utilizing higher-quality tracking kits comes with numerous advantages. Not only do they enable you to track rarer creatures, but they also yield increased fame, expedite interactions with tracks, and expand the search radius for discovering new clues more efficiently.

As you progress in tracking specialization, you'll be able to confront more challenging creatures and earn even more valuable rewards. The summary below highlights the types of creatures you can encounter, along with the corresponding fame bonus based on your tracking kit's level. Unlock new possibilities and become a master tracker in this thrilling hunting journey!

Tracking Kit

Creature unlocked

Fame Bonus




bear spirit






Hellfire Imp



Stone Golem rune



dawn bird






Each phase of the hunt, following its initiation, bestows tracking fame upon you and your group members when equipped with a tracking kit. Accumulating tracking fame advances the Experienced Tracker node and its associated specializations on the Destiny Table. This progression enables the use of superior tracking kits, enhancing your hunting efficiency.

Creatures encountered during the hunt may drop valuable items, contributing to crafting and enchanting:

1. Animal Remains: Enchant potions

2. Rare Ingredients: Crafting new potions and Shapeshifter Weapons

3. Artifacts: Shapeshifter Artifact Weapons