Albion Online Lance Build for Hunter

Lance Build for Hunter in Albion Online

The Normal Lance stands out for its consistent damage, great mobility, and crowd control abilities. It's a solid choice for hunters who prefer maintaining a safe position while dealing damage to their targets.

Lance Build for Hunter

Equipment and Abilities Used


Initiate's Lance - The primary weapon of choice, known for its versatile moveset and constant damage output.


1. Stabbing Strike: A piercing attack that deals damage in a line in front of you, slowing down enemies hit by 10%. It also applies a charge of Spiritual Lance, enhancing the damage of your basic attacks.

2. Lance Grove: A channeling ability lasting up to 2.1 seconds, dealing damage in a cone in front of you every 0.3 seconds.

3. Reckless Charge: Your main skill allows you to dash to a specific location, launching all enemies you pass through into the air. The damage is based on the number of Spiritual Lance charges, consuming them in the process.


Initiate Mage's Habit - Fire Breath: Offensive spell that briefly ignites enemies in front of you.

Initiate Mercenary Jacket - Bloodlust: The active skill of the jacket allows you to recover health each time you deal damage.

Initiate Soldier's Boots - Rejuvenating Sprint: The boot skill is a sprint that provides a slight healing effect.

Initiate Torch - Passive Effects: Increases attack speed and reduces cooldowns passively.

Initiate Cape - Passive Effects: Boosts energy and passive energy regeneration.

Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts a long-term damage-over-time effect on targets and reduces their resistances.

Beef Stew: Increases your damage output.

Roast Pork: Description: Restores health based on the damage you inflict.

Worker's Horse Mount: A mount that swiftly traverses the map, providing additional carrying capacity.


Advantages and Weaknesses


1. High Mobility and Crowd Control: The primary skill provides excellent mobility and crowd control, allowing you to maneuver effectively and disrupt enemy formations.

2. Powerful Basic Attacks: Strong automatic attacks enhance your sustained damage output, contributing to a consistent threat to opponents.

3. Fast Area Clearance: The ability to quickly clear monster-infested areas is a notable advantage, making you efficient in PvE scenarios.

4. Good Endurance: Solid durability is achieved through the combination of food and other equipment, enhancing your survivability in battles.

5. Suitable for 1v1 and Duels: The build is well-suited for one-on-one combat situations and duels, where mobility and sustained damage play crucial roles.

6. Affordable: The build is cost-effective, making it accessible to a wide range of players without requiring high-tier equipment.


1. Delayed Access to W Skills: Most W skills are unlocked at higher levels, potentially limiting your skillset in the early stages of the game.

2. Not Suitable for Large-Scale Battles: The build is less effective in large-scale battles where the focus is on managing multiple opponents simultaneously. The emphasis on 1v1 scenarios may pose challenges in larger conflicts.



Initiating Combat:

1. Q Ability (Stabbing Strike):

- Start the combat with your Q ability to strike enemies in a line in front of you.

- Apply Spiritual Lance charges, enhancing the damage of your basic attacks and contributing to your healing capability.

2. Basic Attacks:

- After using the Q ability, leverage Spiritual Lance charges to empower your basic attacks.

- The "Drain Blood" passive will significantly heal you when hitting enemies, providing sustainability in combat.


3. E Ability (Reckless Charge):

- Use your main ability to dash to a specific location, launching enemies you pass through into the air.

- Inflict damage based on Spiritual Lance charges, consuming them in the process.

- This ability is versatile: interrupts enemy spells, strategically repositions you, or allows for a quick escape.

4. W Ability (Lance Grove):

- In safe situations, channel your W ability to repeatedly deal damage in a cone in front of you.

- Combine with the Jacket ability to capitalize on "Bloodlust" and rapidly recover health during the channel.

5. Initiate Jacket (Bloodlust):

- Activate the Jacket ability to recover health each time you deal damage.

- Effective when combined with the W ability for efficient healing.

Tactical Maneuvers:

6. Q Ability and Continuous Basic Attacks:

- During the confrontation, use your Q ability as needed to maintain active Spiritual Lance charges.

- Continuously auto-attack your primary targets to maximize damage and healing.

7. E Ability for Dodging or Interrupting:

- Strategically use your E ability to dodge enemy spells, quickly reposition, or interrupt dangerous actions.

Closing the Combat:

8. Initiate Habit (Fire Breath): Utilize the additional spell from the habit to finish off groups of enemies quickly, providing an extra boost to conclude the combat.

9. Initiate Boots (Rejuvenating Sprint): If necessary, use the sprint ability of the boots to quickly recover a small amount of health and increase your movement speed.

This playstyle emphasizes mobility, crowd control, and the strategic combination of abilities to maintain pressure on enemies while staying in the fight. Adaptability in ability selection and precise timing are crucial to fully leverage the Initiate's Lance build.