Albion Online Guild Season

Albion Online Guild Season

Being a part of a guild in Albion Online comes with numerous advantages, as collaboration is paramount in this virtual realm. Joining a guild not only allows you to engage in guild wars but also makes it easier to find players for group activities, provides the security of hideouts and territories, and facilitates progress in your conquest endeavors.

During guild seasons, players have the opportunity to collaborate closely with their guildmates to achieve collective goals. These seasons present an exciting array of challenges, ranging from conquering and besieging territories to capturing castles and participating in special events. By engaging in these activities, guilds can accumulate season points, benefiting both the guild as a whole and its individual members.

The key to success during the guild season lies in cooperation and strategy. Working together to plan attacks, defend territories, and complete challenges significantly increases the chances of achieving high levels of success and obtaining valuable rewards.

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Guild Season Structure

Each guild season lasts approximately 12 weeks and can be divided into three segments of 4 weeks each, preceded by invasion days. During these invasion days, all territories become neutral and must be reconquered. Guilds need to defeat a territory guardian to claim a tower.

Outside of invasion days, territories can be attacked during their prime time, which depends on the region. The prime time lasts for an hour, at the end of which a percentage of both raw and refined energy from a territory converts into season points.

The first two parts of the season award standard season points, while territory season points are doubled during the last four weeks. This structure encourages competition and strategy throughout the season, providing key moments such as invasion days and the point boost in the final weeks for guilds to plan and execute their tactics cunningly and with determination.

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Earning Season Points

Season points can be acquired through various types of content, allowing even guilds without territories or a focus on PvP to reach a high rank and declare their own headquarters.

1. Territories: Maintaining guild territories is a significant way to generate a large number of season points. After capturing a territory during invasion days or a successful attack, you can level it up using power crystals. Higher-level territories generate more points, and the region's quality amplifies this effect.

If your guild is part of an alliance, the season points obtained from territories are shared. 50% of all points go directly to your guild, while the remaining 50% is distributed among all other clans in the alliance, including yours.

Owning many territories as a guild or alliance also increases the control cost. If this number exceeds 15, it causes a drain on bottled energy, and if it exceeds 25, all guild members will suffer fame and silver penalties.

2. Guild Power Levels: The guild power level allows each guild member to contribute to the collective effort through various activities. Each level gained earns the guild a certain amount of season points directly.

Guild members can track their guild's progress through the guild interface.

3. Guild Challenge: The guild challenge is an additional way to contribute to season points. It can be leveled up by earning challenge points, which can be obtained by killing monsters, gathering, or fishing. These points are identical to those used to progress in the adventurer's challenge. Daily bonus points do not count toward the guild challenge.

Guild Benefits

Guilds can achieve fame by conquering and maintaining objectives in the Outlands, climbing the seasonal rankings. This increases their visibility for potential new members and bestows valuable rewards.

Controlling territories generates bottled energy, serving as a passive income for guilds. Guilds can use silver to attack enemy territories, improve guild infrastructure, or provide rewards and other benefits to their members. The more season points a guild earns, the better the location it can secure for its central hideout. Central hideouts are a special type of hideout that remains invulnerable to enemy attacks as long as it receives enough energy from power cores.

Here's a summary of how many season points are needed to declare a central hideout in different regions:

- 200,000: Quality 6 / Level 8
- 120,000: Quality 5 / Level 8
- 80,000: Quality 4 / Level 8
- 40,000: Quality 3 / Level 7
- 20,000: Quality 3 / Level 6
- 10,000: Quality 1 / Level 6
- 1,000: Avalon Roads

Guild Benefits for Members

Active participation in guild activities brings forth a range of rewards for players. Guilds with ownership of hideouts or territories can utilize power cores and power crystals to elevate the levels of their hideouts and territories. This not only contributes a substantial amount of guild power for personal conqueror challenges but also earns favor, allowing members to procure additional items through the energy manipulator.

The possession of territories and hideouts by a guild extends a layer of security to its members. These locations act as meeting points, safe storage spaces for equipment, and shelters from potential enemy encounters. Elevating the level of a hideout using power cores enhances the resource yield rate for crafted items, proving beneficial for crafters seeking increased profits.

Moreover, advancing in the guild ranking ladder enhances the rewards within the personal conqueror's chest in the conqueror's challenge.

As territories generate bottled energy, all clan members receive a daily power bonus that can be claimed through the conqueror's challenge interface. This bonus not only bolsters the individual power of guild members but also serves as an incentive for active engagement in guild activities, fostering a sense of collective accomplishment.