Albion Online Gathering Sets Guide

Albion Online Gathering Sets Guide

Engaging in gathering activities within the open world may not be synonymous with combat, but it certainly entails confronting inherent dangers. Whether facing enchanted direwolves or delving into bandit-infested territories in search of premium resources, your gear and skills become pivotal factors determining whether you return triumphant with a backpack full of treasures or hastily retreat in nothing but your underwear. Each gathering profession Harvester, Lumberjack, Miner, Quarrier, and Skinner comes equipped with specialized gear, featuring an array of spells designed to enhance their efficiency in their chosen field.

The primary focus of these gathering gear sets lies in ensuring survivability and providing a means of escape, all while offering passive bonuses to amplify your gathering yield. Unlike conventional combat armors that require accumulating kill fame from mobs to level up, gathering gear seamlessly levels up alongside your chosen gathering tool. This unique progression system allows you to bypass extensive dungeon runs, empowering you to dedicate more time to advancing your proficiency in your preferred gathering profession.

In essence, the synergy between your chosen gathering gear and skills becomes the linchpin for a successful venture into the wilderness, ensuring that you not only survive encounters with formidable foes but also optimize your resource collection efforts. So, equip yourself wisely, hone your skills, and embark on a journey where the fruits of your labor are measured not just in combat victories but in the bountiful harvests you bring home.

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Overview of Gathering Sets

Each gathering gear set comprises four essential items: a Cap, Garb, Workboots, and Backpack. These items are unlocked concurrently with the respective gathering tool through the gatherer line on the Destiny Board, starting from Tier 4. For instance, to access the Tier 5 Lumberjack set, you must first unlock the Expert (Tier 5) Lumberjack node. Your proficiency with the tiered tool directly influences your mastery of the gear, emphasizing the importance of continuous gathering to enhance your gear's item power.

The Backpack, designed to occupy the cape slot, boasts a passive ability that reduces the weight of the corresponding resource by 30%, significantly enhancing your carrying capacity for resources.

The Cap, Garb, and Workboots each feature a passive spell tailored to augment gathering yield for their respective resource type. Equipping these items increases your chances of obtaining extra resources while out gathering, with the bonus gathering yield scaling up with each tier.

Upon equipping an entire set, your gathering yield receives a substantial boost, with the increase varying according to the tier:

- Tier 4: 10% increased gathering yield
- Tier 5: 20% increased gathering yield
- Tier 6: 30% increased gathering yield
- Tier 7: 50% increased gathering yield
- Tier 8: 70% increased gathering yield

Additionally, the Cap, Garb, and Workboots each offer a set of basic active spells along with one unique active spell to choose from:

Cap: Options include Block, Cleanse, or a profession-specific spell.

Garb: Choose from Mend Wounds, Ambush, Frost Shield, or a profession-specific spell.

Workboots: Opt for Run, Wanderlust, or a profession-specific spell.

Harvester Set

Harvester Set

1. Harvester Cap - Magic Pollen: Throw out magic pollen to confuse enemies around you, making them walk randomly. This spell also turns you invisible, breaking only if you receive damage or inflict harm on others.

2. Harvester Garb - Spirit of Vengeance: Apply a shield that absorbs damage and increases gathering speed. If the shield is prematurely destroyed, it explodes, rooting and damaging enemies around you.

3. Harvest Workboots - Ethereal Path: Dash towards a target location, becoming invisible and immune to forced knockback effects during the dash. After reaching the destination, gain increased move speed and maximum load for a duration.

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Lumberjack Set:

Lumberjack Set:

1. Lumberjack Cap - Tree Trunks: Throw out tree trunks behind you. Every enemy hit will be knocked away.

2. Lumberjack Garb - Purging Shield: Apply a purging shield on yourself, increasing your gathering speed and resistance for several seconds. While the shield is active, enemies lose all positive status effects whenever they damage you.

3. Harvest Workboots - Sprint Shield: Create a shield on yourself that can absorb damage and lasts for several seconds. While the shield is up, your movement speed and maximum load are increased. Attacking someone will remove the shield from you.

Miner Set:

Miner Set:

1. Miner Cap - Motivating Worker’s Song: Remove movement-impairing effects and gain immunity for several seconds. Does not protect against forced movement effects like knockbacks.

2. Miner Garb - Wind Shield A wind shield boosts gathering speed, armor, and magic resistances for a duration. Taking damage triggers knockbacks on nearby enemies.

3. Miner Workboots - Flee: Increase movement speed and maximum load. After activation, unable to cast spells or attack for a brief period.

Quarrier Set:

Quarrier Set:

1. Quarrier Cap - Fatigue-Proof: Boost crowd control resistance for a duration. Enemies damaging you are slowed, with the slow effect stacking up to nine times.

2. Quarrier Garb - Flow: Increase gathering speed and resistances over time, with the resistance boost stacking up to ten times.

3. Quarrier Workboots - Motivating Pain: Temporarily increase movement speed and maximum load. Taking damage further boosts movement speed, with the increase stacking up to five times.

Skinner Set:

Skinner Set:

1. Skinner Cap - Bear Trap: Place a bear trap under your feet. The first enemy triggering the trap is slowed and takes damage, reducing the resistances of hide animals.

2. Skinner Garb - Hide Animal Poison: Poison hide animals with normal attacks for 40 seconds, dealing additional damage over time. Gain a shield that enhances resistances and provides healing over time.

3. Skinner Workboots - Scent of the Wilderness: Increase movement speed and maximum load for a duration. Creatures avoid attacking you during this time, but you are unable to cast spells or attack for a brief period after activation.