Albion Online - Fames Credits Guide

In Albion Online, players accumulate fame by immersing themselves in various activities within the game's expansive environment. Whether it's gathering, engaging in PvP battles, crafting, farming, participating in PvE encounters, constructing buildings, or other endeavors, each action contributes to the acquisition of fame. This fame serves as a pivotal element for character progression and advancement in the game.

Successfully completing a range of in-game tasks, such as defeating monsters, collecting resources, conquering dungeons, and participating in PvP skirmishes, all yield fame points. Moreover, the creation of certain goods, spanning from Tier 1 to Tier 8 weapons and armor, also grants fame points to players. Additionally, there exist specific tasks and events tailored to awarding fame points, adding further depth to the game's mechanics.

Players who invest significant time and effort into Albion Online can amass substantial amounts of fame points, facilitating a swifter progression through the game's challenges. These accrued fame points unlock potent abilities within the Destiny Board, allowing players to access formidable gear and expedite their journey through the game's content. Thus, fame serves as both a measure of accomplishment and a means of propelling characters toward greater heights within the Albion universe.

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How to Obtaining Fame Credits

In Albion Online, obtaining Fame Credits is a crucial aspect of character advancement, but it's not as straightforward as purchasing them directly. Instead, there are two primary methods for acquiring Fame Credits within the game.

1. Mastering Nodes: When you achieve the maximum level of Mastery on a specific node, you'll be rewarded with Fame Credits. This process requires dedication and skill in mastering various aspects of the game, whether it's combat, crafting, gathering, or other activities.

2. Respec: Respeccing allows you to instantly convert your specialization levels into Fame Credits. This involves reallocating levels from one item to another. By lowering the level of the first item and transferring those levels to another, you can earn Fame Credits. However, keep in mind that respeccing comes at a cost, requiring a set amount of silver to perform. Once you've opened up the item you wish to improve, you can utilize your accumulated fame credits to enhance it further.

How to Obtaining Fame Credits


"Respec" in Albion Online grants players the flexibility to adjust the levels of combat-related nodes, including both specializations and masteries, albeit with certain silver-related limitations. This process involves converting accumulated combat fame into combat fame credits on the Destiny Board, which can then be reallocated to other areas or retained as combat fame credits for future use.

This mechanic allows players to adapt their character builds as needed, without the need to start from scratch with other nodes. It enables players to experiment with different builds, continue earning combat renown beyond level 100, and adapt to changes in the game's meta. By utilizing respec, players can fine-tune their characters to suit their evolving playstyles and strategic preferences.

Elite Specializations

In Albion Online, elite specializations refer to combat specializations that have reached level 100 or higher, with an elite specialization node having a maximum level cap of 120. When a player achieves elite-level status on the Destiny Board for their gear, whether through combat or by using tomes of insight, they earn combat fame credits.

Interestingly, higher-level masteries, despite not being specialization nodes, function similarly to elite specialization nodes in terms of granting combat fame credits. For example, for every proficiency node that reaches level 100, the player earns combat fame credits alongside the associated items equipped during combat.

The conversion of combat fame into combat fame credits is dependent on the equipment that the player utilizes, specifically requiring either an elite-level specialization node or a level 100 master node on the Destiny Board for the equipment used.

Each type of node offers a different percentage of combat fame credits per unit of fight fame gained, based on the category of equipment. For instance, if a player earns 100 battle fame, and the credited percentage is 10%, they will receive 10 combat fame credits instead.

This system allows players to gradually accumulate combat fame credits as they progress through elite specializations and masteries, rewarding their dedication to combat proficiency and equipment mastery.

Elite Specializations