Albion Online Basic Build War Axe Guide

Basic Build War Axe Guide

The War Axe build centers around the Bloodthirst ability, enabling dual axe throws for damage and self-healing. This setup boasts extra self-healing, a defensive skill aiding energy recovery, and improved mobility. This comprehensive build ensures a dynamic playstyle, blending offense and defense seamlessly. Master the art of strategic axe throws, leveraging self-healing, and capitalizing on increased mobility to dominate the battlefield.

Equipment and Abilities


Initiate's War Axe:

1. Heartbreaking blow: Enhanced with the Rippling Strike/Rippling Turn ability. Choose between single-target damage or area damage, both applying Bleeding effects.

2. Adrenaline Surge: Boosts damage and attack/movement speed through your W slot skill, aiding in maintaining proximity to your target.

3. Blood Bandit: Main ability inflicts additional distance damage based on Bleeding stacks on the target. It's a two-part combo: the first deals increased damage, and the second provides direct healing.


- Initiate Scholar's Habit - Energetic Shield: Defensive spell reduces incoming damage while restoring energy for each hit received.

- Initiate Mercenary Jacket - Bloodthirst: Active skill allows health recovery with every dealt damage.

- Initiate Mercenary Shoes - Invigorating Sprint: Chases down targets while reducing cooldowns, also useful for evading combat.

- Initiate Shield: Secondary weapon enhancing defenses and Crowd Control resistance passively.

- Initiate Bag: Increases passive carrying capacity.

- Initiate Cape: Boosts energy and energy regeneration.

- Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts long-term damage effects and decreases target resistances.

- Catfish: Significantly boosts health regeneration when out of combat, ideal for swift recovery post-monster encounters.

- Worker's Mount Horse: Speedy transportation with added carrying capacity.

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Advantages and Weaknesses


1. High Endurance Against Strong Enemies: Robust resilience in the face of formidable foes, ensuring prolonged survival in intense battles.

2. Good Energy Management: Efficient handling of energy, guaranteeing effective skill usage without premature exhaustion.

3. Swift Monster Area Clearance: High effectiveness in quickly clearing out groups of monsters, facilitating resource gathering and game progression.

4. Solid Pursuit Potential: Ability to effectively chase down targets, maintaining pressure on mobile enemies.

5. Affordable: Accessible costs and requirements, making it a viable option for players with varying levels of experience and resources.


1. Bleeding Charges Can Prolong Combat: The accumulation of bleeding effects may extend engagements, potentially posing a disadvantage in prolonged combat scenarios.

2. Not Suitable for Large-Scale Battles: Limitations in massive-scale confrontations, where effectiveness might diminish due to the build's focus on individual targets.


In this dynamic playstyle, leverage the Q-slot spell for both direct damage and the strategic application of Bleeding charges on your target(s). Seize opportunities to weave in direct attacks between spells, maximizing your offensive capabilities. The W-slot ability is a key asset, providing a temporary boost to your damage output. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable tool for maintaining proximity to your target, with its buff lasting up to 7 seconds upon dealing direct damage.

The Blood Bandit skill adds an extra layer to your offense, allowing for additional damage. Take advantage of the second throw to recuperate health, especially when your enemies have accumulated multiple Bleeding charges. Deploying this skill before activating your jacket ensures a seamless integration of offensive and defensive maneuvers.

The helmet ability becomes crucial when energy reserves are low or you anticipate a substantial energy expenditure. With each hit received, it not only replenishes energy but also mitigates incoming damage, enhancing your overall sustainability in combat.

The jacket, a potent defensive tool, excels in health recovery. While it boasts a significant cooldown, it proves invaluable in emergencies. Each instance of direct damage dealt triggers a healing effect, up to 7 times. For an accelerated healing process, combine this skill with Battle Sprint, capitalizing on the attack speed bonus.

The shoes function as versatile mobility tools, facilitating both engagement and disengagement. Utilize them strategically to close gaps or create distance from adversaries. The added benefit of Invigorating Sprint lies in its cooldown reduction, enabling more frequent use of your entire skill set, thereby enhancing overall combat efficiency. Mastering this multifaceted playstyle ensures adaptability in various scenarios, making you a formidable force on the battlefield.