Albion Online Basic Build Natural Staff Guide

Basic Build Natural Staff Guide

The Natural Staff build focuses on maximizing the healing and continuous damage abilities of the Natural Staff, a weapon belonging to the hunter branch. With this build, your character will be able to heal large areas and inflict persistent damage on enemies daring to face you.

With the Natural Staff build, you'll be a crucial pillar in any group of adventurers, providing constant healing and support while your enemies succumb to the power of nature.

Basic Build Natural Staff Guide

Equipment and Abilities


Natural Initiate Staff:

1. Thorn Growth (Q): This skill generates a thorn-infested ground, applying charges to all enemies within its range every 0.5 seconds. Its short cooldown allows for consecutive casting, up to 3 times.

2. Bramble Seeds (W): Places a line of seeds on the ground that matures after a short delay, propelling all enemies standing on it into the air. Both abilities deal damage, with the second one inflicting even greater harm.

3. Life Cycle (E): The primary ability heals up to 5 allies within a generous radius. If enemies in this range have at least 3 thorn charges, they suffer additional damage and a brief immobilization.


Initiate Mage's Habit - Fire Breath: This offensive spell briefly engulfs enemies in front of you in flames.

Initiate Mercenary Jacket - Bloodthirst: Activating this skill allows you to recover health each time you deal damage.

Initiate Soldier Boots - Rejuvenating Sprint: These boots grant a healing sprint ability, allowing for swift movement while restoring health.

Initiate Shield: Enhances defenses and passive resistance to crowd control.

Initiate Bag: Increases carrying capacity for your inventory.

Initiate Cape: Boosts energy levels and passive energy regeneration.

Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts a long-term damage effect on targets and reduces their resistances.

Pork Omelette: Augments casting speed and cooldown reduction, enabling more frequent use of abilities.

Worker's Riding Horse: A swift mount that efficiently traverses the map and adds extra carrying capacity.

This combination of equipment and abilities renders your character a versatile and formidable presence on the battlefield. With a well-balanced mix of healing, crowd control, and offensive capabilities, adapt your playstyle to capitalize on the strengths of each item and skill, ensuring a comprehensive approach to various encounters.

Equipment and Abilities

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Advantages and Weaknesses


1. Quick Area Clearance: The build excels in swiftly clearing monster-infested areas, allowing for efficient progression through PvE content.

2. High Endurance: Your character boasts a substantial capacity for endurance, enhancing survivability in various encounters.

3. Effective Small Group Healing in PvE: Well-suited for providing effective healing to small groups during PvE activities, contributing to sustained group vitality.

4. Affordability: The build is cost-effective, making it accessible for a wide range of players without requiring substantial in-game resources.


1. Lack of Additional Mobility Beyond Boot Spell: While the boots provide a sprint with healing benefits, there is a general absence of additional mobility options, potentially limiting strategic movement in certain situations.

2. Long Casting Times and Inactivity: The build is characterized by extended casting times, leading to periods of vulnerability during which your character may be inactive and susceptible to enemy attacks.

3. Ineffectiveness in Large-Scale Battles: Not suitable for large-scale battles, as the build may lack the area-of-effect and rapid response capabilities required for such intense combat situations.



Your Q spell creates a thorn field on the ground, repeatedly applying charges to enemies within. It can be reactivated within three seconds, up to three times. Auto-attacking an enemy within the thorns consumes them, dealing additional damage.

The W ability throws bramble seeds onto the ground, exploding after a brief delay, launching enemies and interrupting them. Both damages synergize well with the Mercenary Jacket.

You can switch your W to Revitalize to face stronger enemies, enhancing your endurance at the expense of some damage and crowd control.

Your E spell is a potent heal, ideal for group play. It synergizes with Thorn Growth, immobilizing enemies with three or more charges while dealing additional damage.

Your entire kit can also be used for group healing; simply swap Q for Rejuvenation or Blossoming Flower, and W for any other ability besides Bramble Seeds.

The Habit provides additional damage, enabling faster enemy group eliminations. The jacket can be used for health recovery, best combined with your W and E abilities, which can hit multiple targets and apply life steal charges more rapidly. Your Q doesn't activate Bloodthirst as it inflicts no direct damage. Auto-attacks are recommended when using this jacket.

Your boots offer a sprint ability, rapidly recovering a small amount of health and increasing your movement speed.

An enemy encounter would entail:

1. Accumulate several Thorn Growths, ensuring all enemies are within these areas.

2. Use W to keep them away or interrupt their main abilities.

3. Cast E when enemies have multiple thorn charges.

4. Auto-attack the targeted enemy to deal more damage.

5. When low on health, use your jacket with Bramble Seeds and auto-attacks. You can also use your boots to retreat and heal further.

Energy management is crucial, so utilize the Energetic passive and auto-attacks during cooldowns.