Albion Online Basic Build Dual Swords Guide

Basic Build Dual Swords Guide

The Dual Swords build emphasizes agility and consistent combat. Equip balanced twin swords for increased speed and damage. Skills like Quick Strike and Voracious Cut apply heroic charges, while handles multiple enemies. Increase dexterity for precision, strength for damage, and opt for light armor, heroic charge amulet, and speed boots for mobility. Maintain a balanced strategy between attacks and evasions for success.

Equipment and Abilities


Initiate's Dual Swords

1. Heroic Strike/Heroic Cleave (Q Slot): Choose between a single-target strike and an area-of-effect cleave. Both apply heroic charges.

2. Blade Cyclone: Spin in the indicated direction, dealing damage to enemies in your path. Activating with a heroic charge increases damage and consumes a charge.

3. Whirling Blades: Dash forward, becoming immune to crowd control. Deals damage on impact and boosts attack speed and damage for three seconds if you hit at least one enemy.


Initiate Mage's Habit - Fire Breath: Unleash a brief offensive spell that ignites enemies in front of you.

Initiate Mercenary Jacket - Bloodthirst: Activate to recover health each time you deal damage.

Initiate Soldier's Boots - Rejuvenating Sprint: A healing sprint ability that provides a slight health recovery.

Initiate Cape: Increases energy and passive energy regeneration.

Worker's Riding Horse: Swift transportation across the map with added carrying capacity.


- Minor Poison Potion: Applies a long-term damage-over-time effect and reduces enemy resistances.

- Beef Stew: Boosts your damage.

- Roast Pork: Restores health based on the damage you inflict.

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Advantages and Weaknesses


1. High Mobility: Swift movements grant exceptional agility in combat.

2. Numerous Buffs: Abundant buffs enhance both basic attacks and abilities.

3. Speed for Monster Clearance: Quick attacks effectively clear monster-infested areas.

4. Suitable for 1v1 Combats and Duels: Excel in one-on-one encounters with enhanced abilities.

5. Cost-Effective: An affordable build for effective performance.


1. Delayed W Abilities: Key W abilities unlock at higher levels, delaying full potential.

2. Close-Proximity Dependency: Success relies heavily on staying close to targets.

3. Inadequate for Large-Scale Battles: Not optimal for engagements involving a large number of adversaries.


The versatility of the Dual Swords build is evident in its ability to adapt to various scenarios. The choice between single-target or area-of-effect abilities, provided by the Q slot, allows for customization based on the demands of combat. In 1v1 duels, the single-target ability shines, while the area-of-effect skill excels against nearby groups, applying heroic charges. Heroic Cleave adds complexity by allowing the application of two charges when hitting three or more enemies, maximizing the potential of heroic charges.

Heroic charges, limited to a maximum of three, elevate both movement speed and attack speed. Proper synchronization of these charges with the sword skills significantly enhances their effects. The W skill, a directional spin with up to three hits, becomes a valuable tool for repositioning and dealing damage, with the potential for increased damage when consuming a heroic charge.

The primary skill, a long-range sprint, doesn't require heroic charges but benefits from them, amplifying automatic attacks for three seconds. The habit adds a strategic touch with an extra damage spell, ideal for clearing groups of enemies.

In combat, an effective strategy involves initiating with Q to accumulate charges, then using W for damage or repositioning. Skill E is reserved for dodging crowd control or maximizing damage with three charges. The jacket is activated along with area-of-effect skills or the increased attack speed from E when health is low, ensuring a safe exit during critical moments. The combination of mobility, heroic charges, and skill synchronization makes this build an efficient arsenal on the battlefield.