Albion Online Basic Build Cursed Greatstaff Guide

Basic Build Cursed Greatstaff Guide

The Cursed Greatstaff is a powerful mage weapon that deals damage over a long period, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a more tactical and crowd-control style of play.

Basic Build Cursed Greatstaff Guide

Equipment and Abilities


Initiate's Cursed Greatstaff:

1. Armor Piercer (W): Launches a demonic ray that damages enemies and briefly reduces their resistances.

2. Area of Decay (Q): Channels an area that applies curse charges every 0.8 seconds, up to 3.2 seconds.

3. Fire Breath (Habit): Offensive spell that briefly ignites enemies in front of you.


- Cursed Sickle: Secondary weapon that applies curse charges to enemies it hits.

- Initiate's Mage Habit: Provides offensive spells, including "Fire Breath" which briefly ignites enemies.

- Initiate's Cleric Robe: Grants a shield upon taking damage, making you invulnerable and increasing damage for a short duration.

- Initiate's Soldier Boots: Provides a movement spell that charges over time, allowing escape or pursuit.

- Initiate's Bag: Increases carrying capacity.

- Initiate's Cape: Boosts energy and passive energy regeneration.

- Worker's Riding Horse: Provides fast travel across the map and increases carrying capacity.


- Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts long-term damage and reduces enemy resistances.

- Catfish: Increases health regeneration significantly when out of combat, allowing for quick health recovery after defeating a group of monsters.

Equipment and Abilities

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Advantages and Weaknesses


1. Rapidly Clears Large Enemy Groups: The build excels at swiftly dispatching large numbers of enemies due to its area-of-effect abilities and long-lasting curse charges.

2. Effective for Small PvE & PvP Groups: It's well-suited for both small-scale player versus environment (PvE) encounters and player versus player (PvP) skirmishes, thanks to its combination of damage-dealing and crowd-control capabilities.

3. Long-Term Damage Spells Allow for Maneuverability: The use of long-term damage spells enables you to move between casting abilities while still applying pressure to enemies, allowing for strategic positioning and mobility in combat scenarios.

4. Affordable: The build utilizes equipment and consumables that are accessible and relatively inexpensive, making it suitable for players on a budget.


1. Curse Charges Can Prolong Combat: While the curse charges are effective for dealing damage over time, they may prolong combat encounters by keeping you engaged with enemies for extended periods, potentially increasing the risk of being overwhelmed or taking unnecessary damage.

2. Not Suitable for Large-Scale Battles: Due to its focus on dealing with groups of enemies and its limitations in terms of scalability, the build may not be as effective in large-scale battles where crowd control and burst damage are more crucial for success.

Gameplay Style

This gameplay style focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the Cursed Greatstaff and other available resources to inflict continuous damage and control the battlefield. Here's a summary of how you should approach encounters with enemies:

1. Strategic Positioning with Q (Cursed Sickle): Use your Q ability to throw the Cursed Sickle towards enemies, ensuring you hit as many targets as possible. Try to position yourself to maximize the range and effect of this ability.

2. Management of Cursed Charges: Make the most of the Cursed Charges as they can stack up to four times. Replenish them when necessary to maintain a steady flow of damage on your enemies. Always be mindful of when to release the "fifth" charge to maximize direct damage to the target.

3. Strategic Use of W (Armor Piercer): Your W ability is useful both for dealing additional damage and for reducing enemy resistances. Employ this ability tactically, especially when facing tougher enemies.

4. Skill Swapping as per Situation: Consider swapping to the Rancor ability to tackle tougher enemies, empowering your auto-attacks based on the time spent without attacking.

5. Channeling E (Area of Decay): Use your E ability to quickly apply Cursed Charges on the ground. However, note that you'll be immobilized while channeling this ability, so ensure you're in a safe position before using it.

6. Additional Damage Spells from the Habit: Make use of the additional spell from the habit to dispatch groups of enemies faster and maintain pressure on your opponents.

7. Defensive Ability of the Robe: Utilize the defensive ability of the robe when anticipating heavy damage. This will provide you with an invulnerability shield that protects you and increases your damage for a short period.

8. Energy Management: If you run out of energy, utilize the Energetic passive to continuously replenish it each time you use a basic attack.

Gameplay Style