Albion Online Basic Build Bow Guide

Basic Build Bow Guide

The Basic Bow Build focuses on maximizing the potential of the normal bow, a versatile and lethal hunter's weapon. This bow, equipped with enchanted arrows, not only provides exceptional range but also enhances your automatic attacks, allowing you to take down formidable creatures with ease.

Basic Build Bow Guide

Equipment and Abilities


Initiate's Bow:

1. Multishot: An area damage skill that knocks down and inflicts damage to enemies in a cone in front of you.

2. Lightning Arrow: The W skill launches an arrow into the air that lands after a short delay, immobilizing and dealing damage to all hit enemies.

3. Enchanted Quiver: Enchants your next 6 basic attacks, increasing attack speed and damage. Can be reactivated every 8 seconds to add 4 additional enchanted arrows to your quiver, with a limit of 6 enchanted arrows active at once.


Initiate Mage's Habit - Fire Breath: An offensive spell that briefly sets enemies in front of you on fire.

Initiate Mercenary Jacket - Thirst for Blood: An active skill that allows you to regain health each time you deal damage.

Initiate Mercenary Shoes - Energetic Sprint: Allows you to pursue targets, reduces cooldowns, and facilitates escaping from combat.

Initiate's Bag: Increases Carrying Capacity.

Initiate's Cape: Increases Energy and Passive Energy Regeneration.

Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts Long-Term Damage and Reduces Resistances.

Catfish Buff Food: Considerably increases health regeneration when out of combat, ideal for recovering health after eliminating a group of monsters.

Worker's Riding Horse: A mount that quickly takes you across the map and adds carrying capacity.

This setup combines offensive and survival skills, leveraging the range and versatility of the bow, magical abilities from the Initiate Mage's Habit, and resilience and health recovery from the Mercenary gear. Additional mobility and carrying capacity from the Worker's Riding Horse enhance your efficiency in the game world. Good luck on your adventures!

Advantages and Weaknesses


1. Highly Effective Against Single Enemies or Bosses: The build excels in dealing with individual foes or powerful bosses, leveraging its focused damage output and control.

2. Diverse Crowd Control Abilities: Various crowd control skills provide the ability to manage and manipulate multiple enemies, giving you an edge in controlling the battlefield.

3. Evade Attacks with Running Ability: The mobility granted by the running ability allows you to dodge and evade incoming attacks, enhancing your survivability in one-on-one encounters.

4. Affordable: The build is cost-effective, making it accessible to a broad range of players without requiring extensive resources.


1. Weak Against Groups of Enemies: The build struggles when faced with multiple enemies simultaneously, lacking the AoE (Area of Effect) capabilities needed for efficient crowd control.

2. Significant Downtime and Casting Time: The extended periods of inactivity and casting times for certain skills may leave you vulnerable in fast-paced situations or when dealing with numerous opponents.

3. Not Suitable for Large-Scale Battles: The build may not be well-suited for massive battles, where the ability to handle multiple opponents at once is crucial. Its specialization in single-target damage and control limits its effectiveness in larger-scale engagements.

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Q Ability - Arrow Barrage: Fires a cone of arrows in front of you, dealing damage and knocking down enemies. Useful for creating distance or interrupting enemy spells with its low cooldown, allowing frequent use for damage output.

W Ability - Crowd Control Burst: Temporarily immobilizes enemies in a small area, serving as crowd control. Ideal for initiating combat and keeping close-range enemies at bay. Can be swapped for Frost Shot for increased mobility at the expense of some damage and crowd control.

E Ability - Enchanted Quiver: Grants 6 enchanted arrows, boosting damage for your next basic attacks. Effective against powerful solo enemies. Reusable every 8 seconds to add 4 more enchanted arrows, providing a distance creation or spell-dodging option. Unused ability shortens its cooldown.

Initiate Mage's Habit: Adds an extra damage spell to quickly dispatch groups of enemies.

Initiate Mercenary Jacket: Utilize to regain health, especially effective when combined with enchanted arrows. Q and W abilities also trigger Life Steal, serving as a supplementary healing source.

Initiate Mercenary Shoes: Adjust your position with these shoes, whether to approach or retreat. Energetic Sprint reduces cooldowns, allowing more frequent skill usage.

Engaging an Enemy:

1. Activate E to empower your basic attacks with enchanted arrows.

2. Cast W to push enemies away from you.

3. Engage the target with auto-attacks.

4. Use Q for additional damage or to interrupt enemy abilities.

5. Reuse E if you need to dodge a spell or require the bonus damage from enchanted arrows.

6. Trigger the Jacket when your health drops below 60%, ideally in conjunction with enchanted arrows.

7. If energy is depleted, utilize the Energetic passive to continuously replenish energy with each basic attack.