Albion Online Basic Build Battle Gauntlets Guide

Basic Build Battle Gauntlets Guide

The Unleashed Fury is an aggressive build that maximizes the potential of Battle Gauntlets, emphasizing exceptional mobility, impactful damage, and short but effective crowd control abilities. This configuration is designed for warriors who favor close-quarters combat and seek to dominate the battlefield with a lethal combination of speed and power.

Basic Build Battle Gauntlets Guide

Equipment and Abilities Used


Battle Gauntlets of the Initiate

1. Dragon's Leap Combo: A short-range combo that allows you to run and inflict damage within a reduced radius. Can be activated a second time to briefly launch enemies into the air.

2. Triple Kick: Slowly runs through enemies, dealing damage up to three times.

3. Falcon's Strike: Levitates and becomes immune to crowd control. With the second activation, you launch towards a marked area, dealing damage in a 6m radius.


Initiate Mage's Habit - Fire Breath: Your habit has an offensive spell that briefly ignites enemies in front of you.

Initiate Mercenary Jacket -Thirst for Blood: The jacket's active ability allows you to regain health every time you inflict damage.

Initiate Soldier Boots - Rejuvenating Sprint: Your boots' ability is a sprint that slightly heals you.

Initiate Bag: Increases carrying capacity.

Initiate Cape: Increases energy and passive energy regeneration.

Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts a long-term damage effect on targets and decreases their resistances.

Beef Stew: Increases your damage.

Worker's Mount: A mount that quickly takes you across the map while adding carrying capacity.

Equipment and Abilities Used

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Advantages and Weaknesses


1. High Mobility: The build provides significant mobility, allowing you to dodge enemy spells or easily escape from challenging combat situations.

2. Small-Scale Crowd Control: With abilities like Triple Kick and Falcon's Strike, you have the capability to control groups of enemies in smaller areas, which can be crucial for tactical combat.

3. Build for 1v1 Combat and Duels: Thanks to the combination of mobility and short-range abilities, this build is particularly effective in individual combat and duels, where agility and precision are essential.

4. Affordable: The accessibility of this build makes it suitable for players who are starting out or seeking an effective configuration without relying on highly specialized equipment.


1. Medium Speed for Clearing Monster Areas: While the build excels in individual combat, its speed for clearing areas filled with monsters may be relatively moderate compared to other configurations specialized in this task.

2. Requires Practice: Given the focus on mobility and specific abilities of the build, it may require some practice to fully master its potential and execute combos effectively.

3. Not Suitable for Large-Scale Fights: Due to its orientation toward individual combat and small-scale crowd control, this build may not be the most effective in massive fights where speed for clearing large areas is crucial.

Gameplay Style

Gameplay Style

Your Q ability is a two-part combo where you dash in the targeted direction and deal damage. If you use the ability again, you'll dash again and knock enemies into the air while the spell goes on a 7-second cooldown, and if you don't, you can reuse the first part of the combo after 2 seconds. To maximize damage, use only the first part; the second is better for interrupting or finishing off a target.

The W ability consists of another dash that deals damage three times. It allows you to pass through a group of targets and deal damage in the vicinity, so you can deal as much damage as possible to your targets. If you hit a player, you'll drag them along with you. To maximize damage, aim close to your current position to deal damage in a specific area. Aiming farther away will allow you to travel a greater distance, but the damage will be dispersed.

Your main ability is a two-part combo. First, you levitate and become immune to crowd control. Then you can use the ability again to dash to a specific area and deal area damage. This is good for initiating, as you can hit a group of enemies while they are inactive.

Your auto attacks can further increase your damage. The first passive of "Fatal Fury" increases your damage with each auto attack. Since the gauntlets have a lot of attack speed, you can alternate some attacks between your abilities to increase your damage.

The habit has an additional damage spell to finish off groups of enemies faster.

The jacket can recover health. It works best in combination with your weapon abilities if you hit multiple targets, or when you auto attack an enemy for a few seconds.

Your boots have a sprint ability with which you can quickly recover a small amount of health and increase your movement speed.

An engagement would be something like this:

1. Use your E to levitate and then use the ability again to dash towards the targets.

2. Use the first part of your Q to deal damage.

3. Use your W to deal additional damage.

4. Alternate between using the first part of your Q and auto attacks.

5. Use your jacket when you have less than 60% health, ideally in combination with area spells against groups or with auto attacks against individual enemies.

6. If you run out of energy, you can try cloth sandals with the Energetic Sprint ability.