AFK Training Methods for Skills OSRS


AFK Training Methods for Skills OSRS

In Old School RuneScpae, skilling activities can be effectively pursued with minimal interaction, offering both skill progression and potential income. Here's a comprehensive overview of some of the most lucrative methods for idling across various non-combat skills.

AFK Training Methods for Skills OSRS

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Farming Farming:

- Method: Passive farming, particularly focusing on herbs due to their economic value.

- Additional Info: Trees offer great experience, but herbs tend to be more profitable.

Hunter Hunter:

- Method: Passive methods such as birdhouse runs or semi-idle activities like hunting Maniacal Monkeys and Herbiboars.

- Additional Info: These methods require minimal attention and provide considerable idle experience and valuable loot like bird nests.

Herblore Herblore, Crafting Crafting, Fletching Fletching, Smithing Smithing, and Cooking Cooking:

- Method: Selecting "All" when prompted to convert entire inventories of materials into products.

- Additional Info: Requires occasional trips to the bank, but offers lucrative returns, especially with activities like smithing cannonballs and cooking fish.

Fishing Fishing:

- Method: Fishing karambwans provides extended periods without clicking, while also allowing for activities like raising kittens for additional rewards.

- Additional Info: Anglerfish spots offer longer intervals between banking runs, making it a low-effort yet profitable activity.

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Woodcutting Woodcutting:

- Method: Focusing on chopping trees that grant the most experience per log, especially utilizing the Woodcutting Guild for efficient banking.

- Additional Info: Sulliusceps offer great idle experience but require occasional attention when navigating the swamp.

Magic Magic:

- Method: Utilizing utility spells like Enchant Crossbow Bolt or Plank Make for passive training.

- Additional Info: While expensive, these methods provide efficient training without combat.

Prayer Prayer:

- Method: Offering bones at altars such as the Gilded Altar with lit incense burners or the Chaos Altar in the Wilderness for increased experience rates.

- Additional Info: Offers mostly idle experience with significantly boosted rates compared to traditional burying.

Mining Mining:

- Method: Utilizing areas like the Motherlode Mine or mining Shooting Stars for decent experience with minimal interaction.

- Additional Info: Motherlode Mine offers decent payouts with veins having a lower chance of depleting, while Shooting Stars provide stardust for members.

Firemaking Firemaking:

- Method: Partially idling through activities like battling the Wintertodt.

- Additional Info: Requires caution due to its dangerous nature, but offers substantial rewards with minimal interaction.

Agility Agility and Thieving Thieving:

- Method: Limited idling potential, though methods like continuously crossing pressure pads or pickpocketing trapped Knights of Ardougne can minimize interaction.

- Additional Info: Note that these activities occasionally damage the player, reducing idle potential.

Runecraft Runecraft:

- Method: Crafting blood and soul runes in Arceuus from level 77, which involves mining dense essence blocks.

- Additional Info: Profitable method with some AFK potential, offering additional Mining and Crafting experience.

Construction Construction:

- Method: Passive experience gained from handing in rare drops like long bones and curved bones to Barlak.

- Additional Info: While traditional construction tasks cannot be idled, passive experience from rare drops contributes to skill progression.

These methods offer players the opportunity to progress in various non-combat skills with minimal interaction, making them ideal for players seeking efficient training alongside other activities.