Adjustment of Archetypes in Ravendawn

Adjustment of Archetypes in the Patch 1.0.1

Here, we bring you the latest rebalance that the archetypes underwent in Ravendawn. This recent adjustment has affected various characteristics and abilities, aiming to enhance gameplay and balance within the game. The player community has been exploring and adapting to these changes, and it is anticipated that this update will contribute to a more dynamic and satisfying gaming experience. 

Ravendawn - Dev Blog - Archetypes

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Viper Arrow: The bonus damage per Aether consumed increased from 3% to 5%.

Several patches before Ravendawn’s Release, we significantly reduced the damage capacity of this ability. However, we feel this ability has an interesting fit for Damage over Time related builds but it has been significantly underperforming, thereby we are slightly buffing this skill. Considering it can deal both physical and magical damage, it opens up opportunities for spell power builds to invest in Archery.

holy Holy

Prophet: Chance increased from 10% to 20%.

Based on it’s incredibly low usage, and overall feel of this underperforming, we have increased it’s % chance. We're taking a cautious approach with this specific passive, given its manipulation of a precious combat resource from a support perspective.

Devout Healer: From now on, the passive can't be learned in case the player already learned "The Cost of Restoration".

Currently, most healing abilities in the game already have higher multipliers than damage-dealing abilities. Combining this with the ease with which players could achieve high levels of healing power using both of these passives, we created a scenario where players were gaining a significant amount of healing power quickly and with minimal investment. For now, we've chosen to prevent players from learning one passive if they've already learned the other. We'll monitor it’s usage, and further changes may be applied.

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Protection Protection

Spirits Resolve: Cooldown increased from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds.

This change aims to address the scenario where some players were staying alive in a somewhat unfair way when using the RavenCard Hoglet. We believe this change won't have much impact on other builds and will simply rectify the mentioned problem of players that seem near-unkillable at times.

Divine Purpose: A cooldown of 1 second was added for the player to gain stacks of the skill.

Following the pattern of other stacking passives, we are testing this model for Divine Purpose, one of the top picks for the Protection Archetype at the moment. 

Shadow Shadow

Death Blossom: The bonus damage per Aether consumed reduced from 70% to 60%.

We are slightly reducing Death Blossoms burst potential as it is higher than we feel attributes to good gameplay, primarily on the PvP side.

Spiritual Spiritual

The Cost of Restoration: From now on, the passive can't be learned in case the player already learned "Devout Healer".

Wind Wall: The duration of the Wind Wall was increased from 3 to 5 seconds.

This change aims to provide players with Archetype-related builds with a more effective way to manipulate scenarios where the ability fits well.

Typhoon: Cooldown decreased from 75 to 60 seconds.

We aim to make this ability's cycle more enjoyable for players in PvE, exploring the offensive side of the Spiritual Archetype. It can assist allies in landing other abilities, hasten the closure of a box, or smoothly fit into the player's damage-dealing skill cooldown if using the Shark Hydromancer card.

Witchcraft Witchcraft

Arcane Pulse: Defense Power reduction changed from 5% to 3%.

Arcane Pulse: Duration reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.

Understanding that Defense Power reduction is one of the most potent debuffs in the game, especially in the context of Ravendawn's damage formulas, we noticed that the RavenCard Ghostlamp Hag, combined with the basic ability Arcane Pulse, was achieving values higher than we would like for a Tier 1 Skill.

Eternal Worms: Healing is doubled when used against players.

Due to the way damage from Damage over Time (DoT) abilities functions in PvP, this ability was underperforming compared to its PvE counterpart. Doubling the healing when used against players aims to balance its effectiveness.

Cursed Touch: Damage increased from 20% to 30%.

To address player concerns about the damage output of DoT abilities, and after testing, we felt Cursed Touch needed an increase in the multipliers of this passive, avoiding adjustments to other abilities that we believe aren't currently suitable for damage increases, as it might impact non-DoT-dependent builds.

Warfare Warfare

Bladestorm: Health cost increased from 6% to 10%.
We are already aware that, with Patch 1.0.1, Bladestorm is allowing the consumption of more than 50 Aether to cast the skill. This is not intentional, and the team is already working to push a fix as soon as possible.

Fissure: Health cost increased from 6% to 8%.

Spiked Chains: Health cost reduced from 10% to 5%.

Earthquake: Health cost increased from 10% to 12%.

Warfare is currently (significantly) the most common Archetype among players who choose physical damage builds. We believe this popularity is due to the archetype's versatility and, above all, its sustain. We don't want to make specific changes to sustain abilities like Feasting Strike, Bloodbath, Bloodseeker, and Savagery, as we feel these abilities are already in a good place. Instead, we're adjusting the cost of each main ability of the Archetype to make it require slightly more Health cost to use certain abilities. We will be closely monitoring these changes specifically and make adjustments as necessary.

Wizardry Wizardry

Coldblast: Snare duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

This change aims to increase the setup potential of Coldblast for other abilities such as Icestorm, Flame Tornado, Rain of Arrows, and Meteor Strike. 

Flame Tornado: Cooldown reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.

Flame Tornado: Damage reduced from 80% to 60% Spell Power.

Currently, Flame Tornado can handle a significant amount of creatures as nearly a one-click ability, depending on the player's strength and what they're facing. A common practice is players using Air Aura and immediately following it with Flame Tornado to kill an exceptional amount of creatures at once. We feel this is too powerful for a 4-point ability, and have thus reduced it’s damage but also slightly lowered it’s cooldown.