Sea Slug Quest Guide OSRS

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Sea Slug Quest Guide OSRS

A multitude of bizarre sea creatures has swarmed the fishing platform, and a disconcerting number of fishermen have mysteriously disappeared. This alarming situation has raised considerable alarm within the local community, sparking a pressing need for a brave and resourceful adventurer to embark on a mission to uncover the truth behind this eerie phenomenon.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

30 Firemaking

Items required          

Swamp paste (made by mixing flour with swamp tar then cooking the mixture on a fire; can also be bought from a Trader crewmember for 75 coins, from Rasolo for 60 coins west of the Fishing Guild, or from the Khazard General Store for 42 coins at full stock)

Start point  

Speak to Caroline just north of Witchaven

start point

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Approaching Caroline, she immediately senses your inquisitive presence. With a worried look in her eyes, she begins to share the troubling circumstances she's currently facing. She confides in you about the fishermen who have vanished without a trace and the bizarre sea creatures that now swarm the fishing platform.

Caroline's voice quivers as she recounts her worries. In a hushed tone, she mentions her dear friend Holgart, a seasoned fisherman known for his intimate knowledge of the sea. Caroline firmly believes that Holgart possesses the skills and bravery necessary to navigate the perilous waters and safely transport you to the mysterious platform.

talk to caroline

When speaking with Holgart, you learn that his boat is in disrepair and he needs swamp paste to fix it. You provide him with the paste, and together, you prepare to head to the fishing platform on this vital adventure.

repairs Holgart's boat

As you approach the fishing platform, you spot Bailey, a weathered fisherman. He beckons you over and begins to share a troubling tale about his family. He mentions his son, Kennith, who is currently hiding upstairs, and his other son, Kent, who left in search of help several days ago but hasn't returned.

Taking heed of Bailey's words, you make your way up to the upper level using the ladder located on the northeast corner of the platform. Once upstairs, you head west towards the building to locate Kennith and discuss the situation. To get his attention, you shout across the crates to let him know you're here to help.

After speaking with Kennith and gathering information, you make your way back down to the main platform area. There, you find Holgart and discuss the whereabouts of Kent, the missing family member who set out in search of assistance.

talk to kennith

Upon your arrival on a secluded small island, you engage in a conversation with Kent, who unravels the unsettling history of events that unfolded five days ago. Kent's story reveals the sinister control the sea slugs exerted over the fishermen. As you speak, Kent manages to shield you from falling under the sea slug's influence.

talk to kent

With heartfelt gratitude, you thank Kent for his timely intervention. Realizing the urgency of returning to the fishing platform to rescue Kennith, you enlist Holgart's help for a safe journey back.

However, as you arrive at the platform, the fishermen block your way up the ladder, wary of the sea slug threat. Undeterred, you seek out Bailey for valuable information. He discloses the sea slugs' vulnerability to heat and hands you a torch. But there's a catch—you must ignite it yourself.

take damp sticks

Resourcefully, you locate a broken piece of glass in the corner and set about lighting the torch. To further prepare, you collect damp sticks from the northeast section of the platform, ensuring you're well-equipped to confront the sea slugs and save Kennith.

You combine the broken glass with the damp sticks, generating dry sticks that are perfect for starting a fire. Skillfully, you rub them together until the torch ignites, casting a warm glow.

With the torch in hand, you ascend the ladder to the upper level of the platform, determined to rescue Kennith. After a brief conversation with him, you notice loose panels on the exterior of the building where he's sheltered. With a swift kick, you dislodge them, allowing for better communication with Kennith. You exchange words with him once more, reassuring him of your rescue plan.

kick badly repaired wall

Turning your attention to the nearby crane, you skillfully manipulate its controls. As it rotates into position, Kennith seizes the opportunity, leaping onto the crane and from there into the waiting rowboat below. With Kennith safe and secure, your mission to protect the fishing platform takes another positive step forward.

rotate crane

You make your way back to Holgart, who is waiting by the rowboat. With Kennith now safely rescued, you both embark on the journey back to the mainland, leaving the fishing platform and its mysteries behind.

Upon reaching the shore, you head straight for Caroline to inform her of the successful rescue mission. She's relieved to hear of Kennith's safe return and offers you a well-deserved reward as a token of gratitude for your bravery and resourcefulness. Your adventure, marked by challenges and intrigue, has come to a satisfying conclusion, with the fishing platform once again secure and the missing fishermen accounted for.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Sea slug completed

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