[RS3] Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos Guide

Main Guide to Zamorak in the Elder God Wars Dungeon

Conquer the Elder God Wars Dungeon in RuneScape 3 with our definitive guide to defeating Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos. Discover the most coveted drops, best strategies, and recommended preset setups for battle. Whether a seasoned veteran or a brave newcomer, this guide will equip you to face and triumph over Zamorak, earning the spoils of victory in one of RuneScape's most epic confrontations.

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1. Drops:

- Last Guardian's Ward Bow: A powerful bow that you can obtain by defeating Zamorak.

- Havoc Equipment Outfit: An armor set with damage and defense bonuses to face your enemies.

- Chaos Roar Codex: A codex that unlocks a powerful chaotic magic attack.

- Lost Knowledge Codex: A codex that unlocks a teleport spell to different areas of the game.

- Zamorak's Jewels: A group of rare jewels that can be obtained when facing Zamorak. They have a drop rate of 1 in 500 in a group and 1 in 300 in solo (with a threshold of 100).

2. Preset Setups:

Before facing Zamorak, it is recommended to unlock the following enhancements:

- Infernal and Kal-xil Igneous Capes for the style you choose.

- Disruption Shield to avoid interruptions during the battle.

- Infernal Puzzle Box Tool Belt for assistance in the dungeon.

- Vigour Ring with its passive unlocked to save adrenaline.

Regarding the equipment used, it is based on the Stage 1 of #unknown-channel, but the following is also recommended:

- Ranged Skillcape or Max Ranged Cape + Kal-xil Igneous.

- Strength Skillcape or Max Melee Cape (for effect while using the Igneous Path).

- Senntisten City spells for magic.

Additionally, it is suggested to use the following preset setups:

- Elder Overload Salve to boost your abilities.

- Enhanced Excalibur for additional healing.

- Mobile Advantage for increased mobility.

- Free Healing to reduce the need for food.

- Brew Blue Blubber and Saradomin Brew Flasks for an effective combo.

- Adrenaline Renewal Potion to keep your energy high.

- Vulnerability Bombs to weaken the enemy.

- T80 Defenders, such as the Ancient Defender and Ancient Lantern, for better defense.

- Main weapon switches for magic and ranged.

- Reflect and Resonance abilities for additional protection.

- Vulnerability Bombs to weaken the enemy.

Melee Setup:

- Black Stone Vambraces, Blood Rune, Astral Rune, Body Rune, Soul Rune.

- Pink Stone Vambraces, Death Rune, Earth Rune, Law Rune, Cosmic Rune.

(Runes for disruption and vengeance)

Ranged Setup:

- Black Stone Vambraces, Blood Rune, Astral Rune, Body Rune, Soul Rune.

- Pink Stone Vambraces, Death Rune, Earth Rune, Law Rune, Cosmic Rune.

(Runes for disruption and vengeance)

Magic Setup:

- Ganodermic Armor for Animate Dead.

- Noxious Staff (T85+) if using 4TAA.

- Black Stone Vambraces, Blood Rune, Astral Rune, Body Rune, Soul Rune.

- Pink Stone Vambraces, Death Rune, Earth Rune, Law Rune, Cosmic Rune.

- Blue Stone Vambraces, Chaos Rune, Air Rune, Water Rune, Fire Rune.

(Runes for exsanguinate, fear incite, smoke cloud, SBS animate, Lunars, SBS disrupt, weaken except).

Advanced Magic Setup:

- Purple EoF (Eye of the Focused) with Personal Guthix Staff.

- Yellow EoF (Eye of the Focused) with Armadyl Battlestaff.

- Black Stone Vambraces, Blood Rune, Astral Rune, Body Rune, Soul Rune.

- Pink Stone Vambraces, Death Rune, Earth Rune, Law Rune, Cosmic Rune.

- Blue Stone Vambraces, Chaos Rune, Air Rune, Water Rune, Fire Rune.

(Runes for exsanguinate, fear incite, smoke cloud, SBS animate, Lunars, SBS disrupt, weaken except).

3. Recommended Upgrades:

These are the items recommended to include in your preset if you have them or can afford them, listed in order of cost-effectiveness.

Melee Setup:

- Mwspear (Masterwork Spear of Annihilation) or Lunging 4 for switching.

- ZGS (Zaros Godsword).

Ranged Setup:

- Ranged

   • Green EoF (Eye of the Focused) with Dark Bow.

   • Grimoire with Caroming 4.

   • Ascendrii Bolts (e) (Ascendrii).

Magic Setup:

- Magic

   • SGB (Seren Godbow) with Broken Staff of Armadyl and Erethdor's Grimoire.

   • Purple EoF (Eye of the Focused) with Personal Guthix Staff or Zamorak Staff.

   • Yellow EoF (Eye of the Focused) with Armadyl Battlestaff.

   • Cryptbloombody (Cryptbloom Equipment).

4. Ira-based Mechanics in the Zamorak Battle:

Zamorak's damage and health increase as his rage grows, and additional mechanics are introduced at specific rage thresholds. Here are some of these mechanics:

- 100% - Phase 7: A new phase of the battle begins.

- 500% - Infernal Tomb: All players must be on their platform at the same time to exit Infernus.

- 500% - Chaos Witch Channelers in Infernus: They appear with 50% adrenaline, and their first ability will be Asphyxiate.

- 750% - Infernal Tomb: The demons move faster towards the portal.

- 900% - Channelers: The gray health of the channelers regenerates faster with each platform activation, making gradual depletion more challenging.

- 1000% - Channelers: Chaos Witch Channeler generates 100% adrenaline, and their first ability is Omnipower Omnidirectional.

- 1000% - Phase 7: Charge damage no longer resets between cycles.

- 1000% - Phase 7: Zamorak's HP limit is 250,000 per player.

- 1470% - Chaos Demon's HP limit in Infernus is 70,000.

- 1500% - Adrenaline Cage Attack: Targeted player has their Devotion disabled.

- 1600% - Zamorak's Stagger after killing a rune in Phase 7 reduced from 10 to 5 ticks.

- 1740% - Phases 1-6: Zamorak's initial HP limit is 1,600,000 per player.

- 3500% - Phase 7: Reviving runes have an HP limit of 60,000.

5. Attack Rotation in the Zamorak Battle:

Auto-attack Cycle:

- 5 Magic Attacks → 5 Ranged Attacks → Repeat (special attacks interleaved).

Special Attack Cycle:

- The following diagram describes the pattern of special attacks used by Zamorak and how they vary based on phase transitions:

Notes: Phases end when the drain HP bar is depleted. HP transfer from channelers to drain becomes irrelevant once 900% rage is reached, as Zamorak will heal approximately ~22k HP per tick.


- A message saying "Zamorak begins to draw power and energy from something within Infernus" will appear, generating a Chaos Witch Channeler in Infernus.

- Players must enter Infernus using the additional ability button and defeat the witch before being able to activate the next rune.

- It is advised to use anti/venom and surge towards the witch.

- At 1000% rage, the Chaos Witch Channeler generates 100% adrenaline, and their first ability is omnidirectional.

Zamorak's Flames:

- Zamorak will shout "The world will burn" and crash into the ground, dealing 2 melee hits and generating Zamorak's Flames between the player with aggression and Zamorak.

- To deal with this, stay close to the boss, use Devotion, and use defenses if you have low health.

- The black smoke (Zamorak's Flames) heads towards the easternmost player. The more smoke a player absorbs, the higher the damage received.

- Ideally, the base tank will be the only player east of Zamorak and in melee distance, while everyone else will be west, out of melee distance.

- In the case of a solo player, you can walk directly underneath Zamorak to avoid the black smoke.

Adrenaline Cage:

- Zamorak will say "Chaos, unfettered!" and then release those affected by the attack's prayers, preparing to bombard the base with strong magic attacks.

- Stand still, use Protect from Magic, and use abilities like Devotion, Reflect, or Debilitate to protect yourself.

Chaos Explosion:

- Zamorak will charge his attack by shouting "I will tear you asunder!"

- To successfully deal with the stun mechanic, you will need to inflict enough damage quickly to force him to launch the attack ahead of schedule.

- He will shout "Feel the rage of a god" and unleash a red projectile that deals up to 25,000 typeless damage. The interrupt speed will affect the amount of damage dealt.

- Use abilities like Vitality, Resonance, and Intercept. At higher rage levels, you may need to use Immortality.

Infernal Tomb:

- Zamorak says "Step into the dark... meet your death," targets players, assigns a rune overhead, and transports them to Infernus, where larger demons march toward a portal to the main arena.

- Most players choose to use a couple of quick abilities to kill the demons (ideally Caroming 4 followed by an ability chain).

- Players must go to the pad with the corresponding rune they received.

- At higher rage levels, it is recommended to stun Zamorak beforehand and defeat all the demons before leaving.

Note: Two of the runes look very similar, it doesn't matter which one you come out of, but the wrong platform will cause massive damage to all group members.

Destruction Rune:

- Zamorak will shout "You're already dead" and place a huge red rune around him, with a gap between two circles.

- Black sludge will flow clockwise or counterclockwise, sometimes changing direction and applying stuns to those caught in it.

- Standing in the red areas will inflict mild, rapid typeless damage.

- During this attack, players cannot teleport to Infernus or charge runes.

6. Spells and Edicts in the Zamorak Battle:

Charge Pads:

- The arena has 6 pads that you can stand on to charge.

- When a pad is fully charged, Zamorak will stop attacking for a while, and your adrenaline bar will recharge. After this, you will receive an Edict while Zamorak gets a Maleficium depending on the charged platform.

- You won't be able to charge the pads when Zamorak says "HEED MY CALL." To continue charging the next platform, you must enter Infernus and defeat the mage present.

- This occurs after charging each pad.


Maleficia and Edicts:

- Each time a player activates a pad, both the player and Zamorak will gain a stack of currently active Edicts and Maleficia, respectively.

- This means that the stacks will increase as more runes are activated.

- For example, if you activate pads 6 → 5 → 4, once pad 4 is activated, pad 6 will have 3 stacks, pad 5 will have 2 stacks, and pad 4 will have 1 stack.

Specific Spells and Edicts:

- Maleficium: Twinshot, Edict: Anima Flow (stacking)

  - Zamorak's attacks deal a second hit at 10% of the original hit, per stack.

  - Player basic abilities increase their adrenaline gain by 20% of the original value, per stack.

- Maleficium: Castigate, Edict: Haste (stacking)

  - If Zamorak's targets have less than 5% of their Constitution level (per 100) as a stack, they will be instantly executed.

  - Your abilities' cooldowns are reduced by 8% of the original cooldown time, per stack.

- Maleficium: Coven, Edict: Inner Chaos.

  - Zamorak periodically summons their coven to support them. Lifeweavers will continuously heal Zamorak for 1,000 health points every few ticks, while Protectors will reduce the damage Zamorak takes by 25% for each present.

  - Enemies will appear on the western and eastern ends of the arena (next to the second and fifth pads, respectively), but they won't move toward Zamorak until a player is within range on the minimap.

  - Standing close to a haunted rune inflicts and receives 5% more damage.

- Maleficium: Disintegrate, Edict: Guardian's Triumph (stacking)

  - Zamorak's attacks push 7% of the damage through any shield effect, per stack.

  - After using an ultimate ability, your next basic ability consumes Guardian's Triumph, increasing damage dealt by 20% and healing you by 8% of your missing health, per stack. It has a 30-second cooldown.

- Maleficium: Chaos Traps, Edict: Sword of Edicts

  - When activated, Zamorak generates traps throughout the arena that deal piercing magic damage when walked upon. Traps will appear around the arena and on all pads each time a pad is activated.

  - The Sword of Edicts temporarily absorbs diminishing defensive power, dealing and receiving 5% less damage while you are near it. It also protects against damage, stuns, and binds when activating Chaos Traps. Its effect lasts for 30 seconds and has a 60-second cooldown.

- Maleficium: Affliction, Edict: Balance of Power (stacking)

  - When Zamorak's targets are healed, the amount is reduced by 10% per stack.

  - While your health is below 60%, outgoing damage increases by 6% per stack.

These are the different spells and edicts that will affect the battle against Zamorak. Take note of their effects and adapt your strategy accordingly.

7. Chaos Trap Map:

Once the Chaos Trap rune is active, traps will appear in specific locations. Below is a map with possible trap locations.

8. Phase 7:

When rage reaches 100%, Phase 7 is introduced. At this point, players will be taken to Infernus instead of continuing the fight as before the rage phase.

Once Phase 7 initiates:

- A Chaos Demon will appear and must be defeated.

- Two magic attacks will be sent to all players.

Rune Calls:

- A number of runes (2 in solo, or equal to team size in group) will appear in front of Zamorak and remain there temporarily. The order they appear in is the order they must be defeated.

- The same rune may appear twice.

- Killing a rune out of order will cause players to take massive damage.

- Runes regenerate after being defeated, so be careful not to kill them twice.

After defeating the last rune, Zamorak becomes attackable and will use the following moves in this order:

1. A powerful melee hit

2. A strong typeless hit followed by 4 additional hits

   - The initial hit damage before mitigation is equivalent to the red HP bar rather than the green HP bar visible when killing runes.

   - Make sure your team is spread out as it can deal over 10,000 damage even at 100% rage.

If Zamorak is not defeated before becoming immune after the fourth additional typeless hit:

1. The demon will appear again, followed by a powerful melee hit.

2. A strong typeless hit will be executed.

3. The rune calls will be activated again.

4. The cycle resets, returning to the first step once the last rune is defeated.


Keep this sequence of events in mind during Phase 7 and plan your actions accordingly to successfully face Zamorak. Good luck in the battle!

9. Useful Tips:

Here are some tips that will be helpful during the battle against Zamorak:

- Accumulate Storm Shards and Shatter during Phase 7. These are special attacks that can deal significant damage to Zamorak.

- When Zamorak performs his melee hit, walk underneath him to prevent Zamorak's Flames from appearing. This will help you avoid additional damage.

- At higher rages, use the Zamorak's staff and the EoF (Elixir of Fury) spec to reduce the damage from Zamorak's magic attacks and regular attacks.

- If you are a DPS (Damage Per Second), use the EoF spec on the covens and summoned demons to maximize your damage.

- Avoid using the EoF spec right before Phase 7 due to cooldown issues. It's better to save it for use during Phase 7 and make the most of it.

- If you decide to use the EoF spec during Phase 7, activate the "Blood Barrage" ability to heal without losses during Zamorak's attacks.

- During the start of Infernal Tomb, you can stun Zamorak by using Freedom or Anticipation when he tries to push the rune towards you. You can also use a stun ability when your character is lifted by Zamorak. This will significantly reduce the damage dealt to players.

- You can use the Exception ability to protect other players and use the "Immortality" ability if multiple players will receive a fatal attack at the same time. These abilities can make a difference in critical moments of the battle.