[RS3] Pirate's Plunder

RS3 Pirate Plunder

Welcome to a narrated guide like no other to the RS3 Pirate Plunder activity during "Frank's Free Chest" event in RuneScape. Collect elusive bits of eight, unlock thrilling rewards from the chest's two tables, and savor the surprises within the Pirate Plunder. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the world of RuneScape!

A glorious and treasured bag of pirate plunder awaits lucky players as they sail through the high seas of RuneScape during the epic event, Frank's Free Chest in the splendid month of April 2023. With each 16th bit of eight collected, a dazzling bag of untold riches and booty is bestowed upon the valiant adventurers.

To access the bag's rewards, players must open it, which consumes the bag in the process. It's essential to have enough free slots in the backpack to claim the treasures inside.

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How can i get it? Guide to Obtaining Pirate Plunder during Frank's Free Chest Event

1. Event Overview:

Frank's Free Chest was an eagerly awaited time-limited, members-only event that graced the world of RuneScape from 5th April 2023 to 2nd May 2023. The event brought excitement and adventure to players across the realm, centered around the charismatic and enigmatic character, Redbeard Frank. Known for his nautical tales and adventurous spirit, Redbeard Frank could be found in front of The Rusty Anchor, an iconic establishment in the bustling harbor town of Port Sarim.

To participate in the event, players were required to be members of the exclusive RuneScape community, granting them access to this thrilling escapade. Each day, players were eagerly greeted with a delightful surprise as they logged into the game to find a single bit of eight awaiting them. The event organizers ensured that players were generously rewarded for their dedication and loyalty, encouraging daily engagement throughout the event's duration.

However, the true test of the players' mettle came with the playtime rewards. As players delved deeper into the adventures and challenges that RuneScape had to offer, they found themselves further rewarded for their commitment. For every hour they spent in the game, they earned one additional bit of eight, serving as a testament to their perseverance and tenacity.

Yet, as with any grand tale, there were limits to the riches that could be amassed. Players could earn a maximum of 16 bits of eight each week, cleverly balancing the excitement of the event with a touch of strategic planning. This weekly cap aimed to create a fair and balanced playing field, ensuring that all players had equal opportunities to progress in their quest for Redbeard Frank's favor.

The event's climax arrived on 2nd May 2023, when players could no longer collect additional bits of eight. The time had come to open the fabled Frank's Free Chest, a treasure trove brimming with exquisite rewards. The chest bestowed players with the chance to use their hard-earned bits of eight for additional rolls on two distinct rewards tables, enhancing the allure of the event's conclusion.

As players approached the chest, their hearts raced with anticipation and excitement. For every four bits of eight offered, they received one roll on either the regular rewards table or the alternate rewards table. The distribution followed a captivating alternating pattern, beginning with the regular rewards table and then shifting to the alternate rewards table for the subsequent rolls. (RNG)

Yet, the adventure did not end there. As a token of appreciation and gratitude for joining in the festivities, every player received a piece of pirate plunder (small) at the outset of the event. This charming item held the promise of even more treasures, further enriching the experience of every participant.

Moreover, in a truly generous gesture, players were granted an additional piece of pirate plunder alongside every 16th bit of eight they gathered. However, they were cautioned to ensure sufficient space in their backpacks before venturing forth to claim this delightful reward.

As the event came to a close on 3rd May 2023, the curtain began to fall on Frank's Free Chest, and no further bits of eight could be earned. But fear not, for any remaining bits of eight that players held dear were gracefully deposited into the chest, ensuring that no effort went unrewarded.

Players were given ample time, until 31st May 2023, to collect their well-earned rewards from the chest and savor the delights of their pirate plunder. As they bid farewell to the event, they carried with them memories of camaraderie, daring escapades, and the spirit of adventure that only RuneScape could deliver. The legend of Frank's Free Chest would live on in the annals of RuneScape history, leaving players eagerly awaiting the next grand tale to unfold in this ever-evolving virtual world.

2. Collecting Bits of Eight:

During the duration of Frank's Free Chest event, players had the opportunity to collect valuable bits of eight, which were the currency used to unlock rewards from the chest and gain favor with Redbeard Frank. There were two main ways to obtain these coveted bits:

Daily Login Rewards:

Players were rewarded for their loyalty and dedication by simply logging into RuneScape each day during the event period. Upon logging in, they would receive one bit of eight as a daily login reward. This incentive was designed to encourage players to be actively engaged with the game and participate in the event regularly.

Playtime Rewards:

In addition to the daily login rewards, players could earn bits of eight by spending time playing RuneScape. For every hour of playtime, they would be rewarded with one bit of eight. This aspect of the event rewarded players for their dedication and the time they invested in exploring the game world, completing quests, engaging in combat, and participating in various activities.

Weekly Limit:

While the prospect of earning bits of eight through daily logins and playtime was enticing, there was a cap on the total number of bits that could be earned in a week. Players could accumulate up to 16 bits of eight in a single week. This weekly limit was put in place to ensure a fair and balanced distribution of rewards among players, regardless of their playtime availability.

By diligently logging in each day and spending time immersed in the adventures of RuneScape, players could steadily amass bits of eight and prepare themselves for the grand finale when they would have the chance to utilize them for even greater rewards from the chest. This system not only rewarded active participation but also promoted a sense of community and camaraderie as players united in their pursuit of Redbeard Frank's favor and the treasures hidden within the chest.

3. Using Bits of Eight on the Chest:

The highlight of Frank's Free Chest event was the eagerly anticipated moment when players could use their hard-earned bits of eight on the fabled chest to unlock a treasure trove of rewards. This exciting phase of the event commenced on 3rd May 2023 when the chest was finally opened for all players to access.

Gaining Additional Rolls:

To make the most of their bits of eight, players had the opportunity to gain additional rolls on two distinct rewards tables by using their accumulated bits as currency. For every four bits of eight they offered, they received one roll on either the regular rewards table or the alternate rewards table. This gave players the chance to secure even more rewards, enhancing the thrill and excitement of the event's conclusion.

Regular and Alternate Rewards Tables:

The rewards tables were thoughtfully designed to offer a diverse range of enticing items and surprises. Each roll on the rewards table gave players a chance to obtain exclusive in-game items, valuable resources, rare cosmetic items, or even unique limited-edition rewards. These rewards were a testament to the efforts players had put into collecting bits of eight throughout the event.

4. Obtaining the Pirate Plunder:

The Pirate Plunder was a coveted item that added an extra layer of excitement and reward to Frank's Free Chest event. It served as a special token of appreciation from the event organizers and represented the spirit of adventure and pirate lore that permeated the event.

A Token of Gratitude:

At the outset of the event, every player was graciously bestowed with a piece of pirate plunder (small). This generous gesture from the event organizers was a way of welcoming players to the adventure and expressing their gratitude for participating in the event.

A Treasure for Every 16 Bits:

In addition to the initial piece of pirate plunder, players received an additional one with every 16 bits of eight they collected. The accumulation of bits of eight was already an exciting endeavor, but the promise of receiving pirate plunder at regular intervals added an extra incentive for players to stay engaged and continue their quest for rewards.

The pirate plunder (small) was a mysterious bag filled with a diverse array of rewards. Upon opening the bag, players would be treated to an assortment of in-game treasures. The contents of the pirate plunder could include valuable resources, rare and unique cosmetic items, special emotes, exclusive pets, and other desirable rewards that enriched the player's gaming experience.

A Limitation to Opening the Plunder:

While the prospect of receiving pirate plunder was alluring, there was a crucial requirement to claim the rewards. Players needed to have free slots in their backpacks or inventory to open the plunder. This limitation was in place to ensure that players had ample space to receive and enjoy the rewards they obtained from the plunder. As such, it encouraged players to manage their inventory carefully and create enough space for this special treasure before venturing to open it.

A Timeless Souvenir:

The pirate plunder became a cherished memento for players participating in the event. The items obtained from opening the plunder served as tangible reminders of the adventures they undertook, the challenges they overcame, and the camaraderie they shared with fellow players during the event.

A Final Plunder Collection:

As the event came to a close on 2nd May 2023, the opportunity to earn additional bits of eight ceased. However, any remaining bits of eight that players held dear were automatically contributed to the chest, ensuring that their efforts did not go unrewarded

Memories of a Grand Adventure:

The pirate plunder and the rewards obtained from it became cherished tokens of a memorable and rewarding event. Players could reflect on their journey and achievements as they continued to enjoy the spoils of Frank's Free Chest and the pirate plunder until 31st May 2023. This extended period for reward collection allowed players to savor the fruits of their labor and relive the excitement of the event even after its conclusion.

In summary, the Pirate Plunder was a symbol of appreciation and an added incentive for players to participate in Frank's Free Chest event. Opening the plunder provided players with a delightful surprise, filled with valuable rewards that enriched their RuneScape experience. The event's conclusion marked the end of a grand adventure, leaving players with lasting memories and treasured souvenirs from their time spent in pursuit of Redbeard Frank's favor and the wonders of the Pirate Plunder.

Event Conclusion and Reward Collection:

The event concluded on 2nd May 2023, and no more bits of eight could be earned after that date.

Any remaining bits of eight were automatically contributed to the chest.

Players can collect their rewards from the chest until 31st May 2023.

Remember to log in daily, spend time playing the game to earn bits of eight, and use them wisely on the chest to get more chances at rewards from the two tables. Don't forget to make space in your inventory to claim and enjoy the pirate plunder items received during the event.

Things to keep in mind

  • Claim It Wisely: The Pirate Plunder contains valuable rewards, so make sure to have free inventory space before opening it to avoid missing out on any items.
  • Strategize Your Bit Usage: Before using bits of eight on the chest, consider your preferred rewards table. You can choose to alternate between regular and alternate tables or focus on one for specific items.
  • Daily Logins Matter: Don't forget to log in daily to collect your daily bit of eight. This adds up and contributes to your overall rewards.
  • Make the Most of Playtime: Spend time actively playing RuneScape to earn bits of eight hourly. Maximize your weekly limit of 16 bits to get more rolls on the rewards tables.
  • Savor the Plunder Contents: Take your time when opening the Pirate Plunder. The items inside can be valuable and add to your in-game experience.
  • Treasure from Every 16 Bits: You receive a Pirate Plunder with every 16 bits of eight collected, so keep track of your bits to claim multiple plunders.
  • Share the Adventure: Engage with fellow players about their experiences during the event. Share tips, stories, and discoveries related to the Pirate Plunder and the event as a whole.
  • Keep an Eye on Time: The event ends on 2nd May 2023, and the chest is open until 31st May 2023. Plan your time accordingly to collect your rewards before the event concludes.
  • Enjoy the Surprise: The contents of the Pirate Plunder are randomized, so embrace the thrill of uncertainty and enjoy the surprise rewards.
  • Remember the Event: Frank's Free Chest is a memorable event, so don't forget to take screenshots or keep mementos to commemorate your journey and the Pirate Plunder rewards.
  • Engage with the Community: Join in discussions on forums, social media, or in-game chats to learn more about the event and hear about the experiences of other players.
  • Prepare for the Event: If the event repeats in the future, consider preparing in advance by freeing up inventory space and setting time aside for regular logins and play sessions.

Remember, the Pirate Plunder is a symbol of appreciation and a valuable aspect of Frank's Free Chest event. Approach the event with excitement and camaraderie, and make the most of your time in RuneScape during this special event. Happy plundering!


Opening the pirate plunder rewards adventurers with three valuable items: a previously locked title from the title list (if available), a drop from the regular or special event tables, and one pirate-themed cosmetic item. Each bag opening brings excitement and the joy of discovering these treasures, making it a highly sought-after endeavor for RuneScape adventurers.

Regular drops:

RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential rewards during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.

RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential rewards during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.

Special drops:

RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential special rewards during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.

RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential special rewards during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.

Cosmetics drops

RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential cosmetic rewards during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.

RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential cosmetic rewards during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.


RS3 Pirate's Plunder potential rewarded Titles during Frank's Free Chest event in RuneScape.