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Revenant Maledictus Guide[OSRS]



The Revenant Maledictus is a powerful demi-boss that belongs to the ethereal revenants, an undead spectral being enveloped in Zarosian energy.

This formidable creature has a chance to appear whenever any revenant is defeated in the Revenant Caves. The probability of its appearance is determined by the total combined combat levels of all revenants slain by players on that world, divided by a specific flat spawn rate. Once the Maledictus appears, the chance is reset, and it won't reappear for 45 minutes, during which the spawn chance begins accumulating again.

When the Maledictus is active, all players in the cave will receive a notification of its presence and a hint indicating the general area where it spawned: northern, middle, or southern sections of the caves. Players within range will also see a flashing arrow on their mini-map, guiding them towards the boss's location. This situation often leads to player encounters, as everyone seeks to challenge or defeat the Maledictus.

The boss can spawn in several areas within the Revenant Caves, including the chambers of revenant cyclops, revenant demon, and revenant dragon in the northern section. In the middle area, it can be found near revenant hellhounds, revenant pyrefiends (both east and west), revenant dark beasts, and revenant orks (both north and south). Finally, in the southern part, it can appear around revenant demons and outside the southern revenant demon's area.

Players have approximately 10 minutes to confront the Maledictus before it disappears if not defeated.

Facing the Revenant Maledictus presents an exciting challenge and an opportunity for valuable loot. However, be prepared for fierce competition from other players also vying to take down this fearsome adversary. Exercise caution and choose your battles wisely in the Revenant Caves to maximize your chances of success.

In the Revenant Caves, while regular combat is limited to single-way combat, the Revenant Maledictus operates differently. Any number of players can engage the Maledictus in combat, and in turn, it can attack all players within range. Its standard attack consists of a spike-shaped ranged projectile.

The Maledictus possesses the power of the Zarosian icon embedded in its back, enabling it to utilize two types of Ancient Magicks for special attacks. If the icon glows blue, the boss will cast an ice spell that freezes all players in range, preventing them from attacking momentarily. If the icon glows red, it will use a blood spell, dealing damage to all players in range while healing itself for a portion of the damage dealt. Both these attacks have a slight delay, allowing players to avoid them by stepping off their current tile when targeted. Additionally, the Maledictus may unleash a powerful air projectile if the icon glows white. This projectile explodes in a 5x5 area, dealing up to 25 damage to anyone caught within. Protection prayers can reduce the damage taken from all attacks, except for the air area-of-effect attack.

Upon the Maledictus's defeat, players dealing the most damage and wearing an Amulet of Avarice will receive the Forinthry Surge skull, providing a 15% accuracy and damage boost against all revenants for 30 minutes. This buff can be acquired by killing another player who possesses the skull, as long as both players are wearing an Avarice amulet. Removing the amulet will remove the buff, and changing worlds will decrease its duration by 1 minute. The remaining time of the Forinthry Surge can be checked by examining the equipped amulet.

For drops, the top-damaging player against the Maledictus receives three rolls: one for a guaranteed ancient totem or emblem and the other two from the revenant dragon's drop table and rates. All players who dealt damage to the boss will receive one blighted super restore and two pieces of blighted food, dropped under them, even if they leave the area. Ironmen can only obtain drops when killing the boss solo but can still receive the Forinthry Surge buff. (Note that the drop table provided below is taken from the revenant dragon's loot table.)

Engaging the Revenant Maledictus presents an opportunity for valuable rewards, but it also involves significant risk and competition in the dangerous Wilderness environment. Be well-prepared, coordinate with your team if applicable, and exercise caution during your encounters to maximize your chances of success.

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How to get there(Revenants)

  1. Start from Ferox Enclave, which can be reached via a Ring of dueling or the Minigame teleport to Last Man Standing.
  2. Use a burning amulet to teleport to either outside the Lava Maze or the Bandit Camp.
  3. Utilize the Wilderness Obelisks to teleport to the level 35 obelisk, then run north to find the high-level entrance to the caves.
  4. With 57 Woodcutting, one can make a waka canoe to head into the Wilderness. Upon arriving, run northwest to the high-level entrance of the caves.
  5. Teleport to the level 27 obelisk and run east, leading to a chasm down to drop players in the middle of the caves. This is a one-way entrance.
  6. A Revenant cave teleport brings you directly to the north entrance of the caves, at level 40 Wilderness.

Note: Without 75 Agility (or 70 with a Summer pie), using the lower leveled entrances is recommended, as the higher end of the cave has limited escape options without the level 75 and 89 Agility shortcuts. The level 89 shortcut is a good escape route for players if their aggressor lacks the Agility needed to cross it. The shortcuts do make the player vulnerable as they navigate it for a few seconds, however.

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Suggested skills

  •  70+
  •  70+
  •  40+
  •  70+
  •  37+ (Protect from Magic, 40+ Protect from Missiles, 43+ Protect from Melee, 70+ Piety, Protect Item)
  •  89+ (optional, strongly recommended)


100 porciento drops


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Ancient statuettes

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