Player-Owned Farms RS3 Guide

Player-Owned Farms RS3 Guide

The player-owned farm it allows players to manage their own livestock at Manor Farm north of East Ardougne, similar to managing their own house and port.

Players can start maintaining their livestock by speaking to Granny Potterington at the farm north of Ardougne, requiring level 17 Farming and level 20 Construction. As with farming patches, players can only see their own livestock (crops) and not other players', so the player-owned farm is not instanced.

Getting started:

To start, you will have to complete the "Player-Owned Farms" tutorial by talking to Granny Potterington at the farm northeast of Ardougne.

After completing the tutorial, you will unlock the ability to have your own farm.

Managing your animals:

At the beginning, you can buy animals from Granny Potterington using beans that you have obtained through various activities.

Once you have bought an animal, you will have to place it in an aviary suitable for its type. Animals have different requirements such as food, shelter, and cleanliness.

Keep an eye on the health, happiness and growth stages of your animals, as they will need specific care and attention at each stage.

Player-Owned Farms

Reproduction of animals:

Animal breeding is a key aspect of Player-Owned Farms activity.

You can breed animals by placing two compatible animals of the same type and gender in a breeding aviary. There is a chance that they will produce offspring, which you can then breed and sell for a profit.

Breeding requires animals to have reached a specific growth stage, so be sure to follow their growth progress.

Animal Traits and Trait Market:

Animals in Player-Owned Farms have unique traits that can affect their characteristics and offspring.

The trait market, accessed through the farm management interface, allows you to buy and sell animal traits with other players. This can be a great way to upgrade your animals and increase their value.

Farm Upgrades:

As you progress through the Player-Owned Farms activity, you can unlock various upgrades for the farm.

These upgrades can include larger birdhouses, additional breeding slots, and the ability to have more animals on your farm.

To unlock these upgrades, you will need to earn reputation with Granny Potterington by completing different tasks, such as caring for and breeding animals.

player's farm

Sale of animals:

Once your animals have reached the highest growth stage, you can choose to sell them for beans or to other players in the Grand Exchange.

Selling animals can be a great way to earn extra income and increase your farming level.


Player-Owned Farms has its own set of achievements that you can complete for rewards and bonuses.

These achievements range from reaching specific breeding milestones to obtaining rare and valuable animals.

rare animals

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:

Make sure you feed your animals regularly to keep them healthy and happy.

Use the right type of manure on your plants to improve their growth.

Keep an eye on the health and happiness levels of your animals, as neglecting them can lead to problems.

Use the advantage of the farming skill layer to check the health and happiness of your animals with a single click.

In short, Player-Owned Farms is a complex and rewarding activity in RuneScape 3. With proper care and management, you can cultivate a prosperous farm and raise valuable animals for profit.