OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest Guide

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Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest Guide OSRS

"Zogre Flesh Eaters" is an adventure set in the Feldip Hills region, requiring you to explore the crypts of Gu'Tanoth, a burial site for ogres. These crypts have been overrun by undead zombie and skeleton ogres, making it a challenging and dangerous quest.

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Completion of the following quests:

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

You must be able to defeat a level 111 enemy.

4 Smithing 

8 Herblore 

30 Ranged 

Items required

5 free inventory spaces are needed to receive items near the start of the quest

A comp ogre bow (not needed if using Crumble Undead in final battle) or:

Wolf bones

Achey logs (obtainable during quest)

Knife (obtainable during quest)

Axe of your Woodcutting level

Bow string

Brutal arrows (not needed if using Crumble Undead in final battle) or:

Achey logs

Knife (obtainable during quest)

Nails of your Smithing level


Feathers (4 per 1 brutal arrow)

Start point  

Speak to Grish in Jiggig, just south of Castle Wars

start point

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Speak with the ogre Grish, who can be located to the south of Castle Wars and west of Gu'Tanoth, the Ogre city situated west of Yanille. Grish has a task for you: to investigate the reason behind the sudden appearance of the Zogres. To aid you in this mission, he will provide you with three Cooked chompy and two Super restore (3) potions.

Please be cautious: When confronted by a Zogre, there's a risk of contracting a temporary disease that reduces any skill by 10 points. It is strongly recommended that you bring extra Super Restore potions to counter this effect.

talk to grish

Proceed eastward and engage in a conversation with the Ogre guard, discussing Grish's name as your reference. By mentioning Grish, the Ogre guard will assist you by demolishing the barricade, allowing you to jump over.

Navigate through the area, passing by the Zogres. Descend the stairs and make your way to the northwestern section of the caves, referring to the Zogre Dungeon Map if needed. A brief cutscene will unfold.

Inspect the broken lectern to uncover a Torn page. Following this, search the nearby skeleton, which will trigger an encounter with a Zombie (level 39). Defeat the Zombie to acquire the Ruined backpack. Open the backpack to reveal a Knife, a Dragon inn tankard, and some Rotten food.

search broken lecturn

Investigate the ogre coffin situated directly to the west of your location. Then, utilize your Knife on the coffin in an attempt to open it. If you succeed in opening it, search the coffin once more to obtain a Black prism.

Please take note that failing to open the coffin will result in a temporary decrease of 1 point in your Strength level.

search ogre coffin

Head to Yanille and proceed to the Dragon Head Inn. Display the tankard to the Bartender, who will inform you that it belonged to a man named Brentle Vahn, who has unfortunately been murdered. He was last seen conversing with a wizard.

Make your way to the Magic Guild, where you'll find a bell outside. Ring the bell, and Zavistic Rarve will materialize. Engage in conversation with him, discussing the Torn page and Black prism you obtained. He will reveal that a curse has been placed, and these items are the source of it.

talk to Zavistic rarve

Proceed to the house located to the north of the Magic Guild. Go upstairs and engage in conversation with Sithik Ints, who can be found in the western room lying on his bed. Following your conversation with him, search his room to discover the following items: the Book of 'h.a.m', the Book of necromancy, the Book of portraiture, Charcoal, and Papyrus.

Read all of the books to gather more information about Sithik Ints. Utilize the Papyrus on him to create a Portrait of him.

Please take note that there's a possibility that the Portrait you create may not resemble a "classic realist interpretation." Consequently, the Bartender may not accept it. It's advisable to draw multiple portraits and examine each one until you successfully create a realistic representation.

create various realistic portraits

Take the Portrait to the Bartender, and he will confirm that the person depicted is the wizard who was seen talking to Brentle Vahn. He will sign the portrait as well. Now, take the Signed portrait along with the rest of the evidence back to Zavistic Rarve at the Magic Guild.

Zavistic Rarve will provide you with a Strange potion intended for Sithik. However, when you attempt to administer it to Sithik, he refuses to take it. In this case, you must use the potion on the Cup of tea located on top of his drawers.

Return to Zavistic Rarve and inform him of the situation. He will advise you to check on Sithik. Head back to Sithik, who has now been transformed into an ogre. You can now engage in conversation with him to obtain some answers. Sithik will reveal that you need to craft Brutal arrows and seek out two rare herbs, which can be found on the island of Karamja.

To craft Brutal arrows, use any type of Nails on Flighted ogre arrows while carrying a Hammer in your inventory. You'll need approximately 100 arrows for your encounter with Slash Bash (level 111).

For the required herbs, search for Clean rogue's purse and Clean snake weed. Refer to a map for their specific locations. To create Relicym's balm (4), combine the Rogue's purse with a Vial of water, and then add the Snake weed to the (unf) potion.

Return to Grish to obtain the Brutal arrows. He will also teach you how to fashion a Comp ogre bow using an Achey tree log, Wolf bones, a Knife, and a Bow string.

Proceed to the dungeon and head west. Use the Ogre gate key on the door and descend the stairs. Search the stand, which will trigger an encounter with Slash Bash (level 111). Defeat him to obtain the Ogre artifact.

Please note: Slash Bash employs both melee and ranged attacks. It is advisable to use Brutal arrows from a concealed position and activate Protect from Ranged to mitigate his melee attack. If you don't defeat him quickly enough, he may become bored and vanish, requiring you to restart the fight.

attack slash bash

Once you have successfully defeated Slash Bash and obtained the Ogre artifact, bring it back to Grish. He will express his gratitude for your assistance in completing this quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

zogre flesh eaters completed