OSRS X Marks the Spot Quest Guide

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X Marks the Spot Quest Guide OSRS

"X Marks the Spot" is a starting quest in the Great Kourend storyline. It's aimed at beginners, introducing them to the Kourend world through a short treasure hunt in Lumbridge. Though not immediately apparent, the quest has ties to the broader Kourend story. Prior visit to Kourend isn't necessary but affects dialogues. In the quest, players follow Veos on a treasure hunt, making it a simple yet vital entry point to the Kourend narrative.


Quest Requirements:


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Start point:

Speak to Veos in The Sheared Ram in Lumbridge

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Seek out Veos at The Sheared Ram pub in Lumbridge. He has embarked on a treasure quest prompted by a scroll he discovered in the distant western realm of Great Kourend. Despite his unfamiliarity with Lumbridge, he's at a loss on how to proceed. Extend your assistance, and in gratitude, he'll bestow upon you a treasure scroll.

If at any point you encounter difficulty deciphering the scroll's instructions, you can turn to Veos for guidance. Find him either at the dock south of Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim or within The Sheared Ram in Lumbridge. He stands ready to offer hints to aid you in overcoming any hurdles along the way.

The initial clue from the treasure scroll reads as follows: "Within Lumbridge's bounds resides a man known as Bob. He departs his dwelling, taking a solitary step east, then progressing seven steps north, followed by five westward strides. He concludes his journey with a single step southward. Upon reaching his destination, he commences to dig a hole and conceals his prized possession."

Embarking from Bob's Brilliant Axes (easily located by the Axe shop icon.png icon), adhere to the instructions woven within the treasure scroll. Subsequently, employ a spade to excavate. The designated location is situated directly north of the northwestern window of the structure connected to Bob's Brilliant Axes, precisely aligned with the plant to the west. Once you engage in this strategic excavation, you'll be rewarded with the next segment of the treasure scroll, propelling you further along the path.


The Second Clue

The second enigma inscribed upon the treasure scroll manifests as a map, guiding you to a specific location. This map marks the path to the door situated behind Lumbridge Castle, adjacent to the kitchen tended by the Cook. Engage your instincts and turn to the tile positioned just south-west of the sizable crate. Employ your spade once again, uncovering a hidden trove that contains a mysterious orb, bestowing upon you a new layer of intrigue in your quest.


The Third Clue

The enigmatic orb becomes your compass for uncovering the subsequent clue. Drawing inspiration from a classic children's game, this orb functions as a tactile guide. By sensing its temperature, you discern your proximity to the hidden treasure. The orb's warmth or coolness corresponds to the distance separating you from the treasure. This measurement accounts for the steps required to reach the treasure, irrespective of obstacles, adhering to the Chebyshev distance.

As you teleport or traverse to various locations, the orb's tactile response will shift. This mechanism mirrors the mechanics of the Hot Cold Treasure Trails and The Enchanted Key miniquest.

Your final excavation point awaits just east of Draynor Village, northwest of the jail, and south of the wheat field where Leela resides. Embark on a four-step journey to the north of the bush, and upon arriving, unleash your spade once again. Beware of the nearby aggressive jail guards, particularly if you are of a lower level. As your spade meets the soil, a new treasure scroll will emerge, solidifying your progress in this captivating quest.


The fourth clue

The fourth clue is a Caesar shift that encrypts a location. In order to decode a Caesar-shifted message, you must first count the number of times a letter appears within the cipher. 

The cipher, ESBZOPS QJH QFO, when decoded, is DRAYNOR PIG PEN. Dig in the centre of the pig pen where Martin the Master Gardener is and you will receive an ancient casket. As you dig it up, you hear a faint whispering, though you can't make out what it says.


Upon securing the casket, make your way to the northernmost dock within Port Sarim. Positioned on the docks, right outside the Rusty Anchor Inn, you will find Veos waiting. Present him with the hard-earned treasure you've meticulously gathered throughout the quest. When inquired about the contents of the casket, Veos will respond evasively, suggesting that it's nothing of substantial significance, merely an item that could prove advantageous for him upon his return to Great Kourend.

And thus, with this final interaction, the quest culminates in success!

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

x marks the spot completed

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