[OSRS] Witch's Potion quest guide

Witch's Potion Quest Guide OSRS


Items Required:

  • Burnt meat
  • Eye of newt
  • Onion
  • Rat's tail (only obtainable after starting the quest)


  • Teleport to Rimmington

Ok Let’s do this!


Consulting Hetty the Witch:

Visit Hetty at her residence situated in the southeastern part of Rimmington.

start location


Express your interest in delving into the realm of the black arts. Hetty will disclose that she's presently concocting a potion and requires four distinct ingredients. She entrusts you with the task of acquiring these ingredients:

  1. A rat's tail.
  2. A portion of burnt meat.
  3. An eye of newt.
  4. An onion.


Acquiring Specific Ingredients:


  1. Rat's Tail: Dispose of a level 1 rat to secure a rat's tail. These rats can be located within the archery shop situated to the west of Hetty's abode. Remember, you can only obtain a rat's tail if you've initiated the quest. It's essential to note that giant rats will NOT yield a rat's tail.
  2. Burnt Meat: Confront a giant rat positioned just north of the chapel graveyard to the southeast of Rimmington. Alternatively, you can eliminate a cow within the cow pen located south of Falador. After obtaining the meat, proceed to cook it. If you're not successful in burning the meat, deliberately cook it to the point of burning by using it on a fire, range, or even a player-lit fire. In Hetty's own residence, meat can be employed on the fireplace for this purpose. Another option involves purchasing raw meat from Wydin at the food store in Port Sarim.
  3. Eye of Newt: An eye of newt can be conveniently purchased from the magic shop located in Port Sarim. This magical emporium is indicated on the map with a fire rune symbol. The cost for this purchase is a mere 3 coins.
  4. Onion: Onions are abundant in a field situated directly to the north of Rimmington and east of Melzar's Maze. Alternatively, you can locate onions in the backyard of Fred the Farmer's farmhouse, which is west of the sheep pen in Lumbridge.


Wrapping Up

After successfully collecting all the required items, engage in conversation with Hetty once more. She will proceed to add the items to her cauldron and then instruct you to partake of the potion.

add the items to her cauldron


Imbibe from the cauldron to effectively conclude the quest and reap your well-deserved reward.


And that is! Quest Complete!