OSRS Witch House Quest Guide

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Witch's House Quest Guide OSRS

In the quiet village of Taverley, a solitary witch inhabits her enigmatic abode, dedicating herself to the mystical arts and her solitary pursuits. Trouble arises when a young boy inadvertently kicks his ball into her garden, leading to an encounter with the reclusive witch. She staunchly refuses to return the lost ball, prompting you to consider a daring plan to retrieve it without incurring her ire.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

Must kill a mystery level 53 monster.

Items required          

Cheese (You may wish to bring several in case you mess up)

Leather gloves (obtainable during the quest)

Start point  

Talk to the boy near the gate entrance of Taverley

start point

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Engage in a conversation with the young boy in Taverley, who will share his tale of woe about losing his ball to the infamous witch, Nora T. Hagg. He'll reveal that she's stashed the ball away in her shed, leaving it tantalizingly out of reach.

talk to boy

Following this conversation, make your way northwest to approach the front door of the witch's eerie house. To your dismay, you'll discover that the door is securely locked. However, your resourceful nature serves you well as you spot a hidden key beneath one of the nearby potted plants. Seize the Door key and use it deftly to unlock the door, paving the way for your impending adventure within Nora T. Hagg's mysterious abode.

look under potted plant

"Collect the Diary from the table and peruse its contents for further insights into the witch.

Please take note that you must have reviewed the Diary and have it in your possession to access the Key in the fountain."

take diary

"Proceed northward and access the basement by descending the ladder. Don the Leather gloves before proceeding through the gate. Explore the wall cupboard within and retrieve a Magnet.

Please bear in mind that wearing the Leather gloves is imperative when attempting to unlock the gate, as failing to do so will result in damage. If you've forgotten the gloves, thoroughly search the nearby crates, boxes, and sacks until you discover a suitable pair.

Afterward, return to the main room upstairs and enter the adjacent small room to the south. Employ a piece of Cheese to entice the mouse out of its hole. Subsequently, swiftly utilize the Magnet on the mouse. This action will cause the mouse to retreat into its hole, unlocking the door leading to the garden."

use cheese in mouse hole

"Enter the garden and proceed towards the shed located at the farthest end. Conceal yourself behind the hedges to remain out of the witch's sight. Ensure you position yourself near the center of each hedge to avoid detection. As you reach the shed, attempt to open its door, only to discover that it is locked.

Please take note: If you are apprehended by Nora T. Hagg, she will transport you out of her house and confiscate the ball and key. Consequently, you will need to secure another piece of Cheese to unlock the garden door and start anew.

Walk alongside the hedges in the direction of the fountain at the opposite end of the garden. Investigate the fountain and you will uncover a Key. Maintain your hidden position whenever the witch approaches."

"Revisit the shed and employ the Key to gain entry. Upon entering, your attempt to seize the Ball will trigger an attack from the Witch's experiment, which takes on four distinct forms. It is imperative that you defeat all four forms before you can successfully retrieve the Ball.

1. First Form: Encounter a Level 19 Experiment

2. Second Form: Confront a Level 30 Spider

3. Third Form: Face off against a Level 42 Bear

4. Fourth Form: Challenge a Level 53 Wolf

Only after vanquishing each of these forms can you safely acquire the Ball."

defeat the experiment

"After successfully defeating the Experiment, secure the Ball. At this point, you have two options: either navigate your way back through the garden or employ a teleportation method to exit. Once outside, return the Ball to the boy to complete the quest.

Please be cautious and avoid getting caught by Nora, as her apprehension will result in teleportation out of the area, necessitating the retrieval of the Ball once more."

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Witch's House  completed

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