OSRS Wintertodt Guide 2023

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Wintertodt Guide OSRS

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Wintertodt in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! If you're looking for an exciting and chilling experience in the world of Gielinor, look no further. Wintertodt is a mysterious and powerful creature residing in the wintry region of Great Kourend, and facing it is an epic task that rewards brave and skilled adventurers.

Wintertodt is a special and unique activity that combines firemaking skill with combat prowess and the wisdom to survive in extremely frosty conditions. Do you dare to venture into its icy lair and confront the most intense cold you've ever experienced?

In this guide, we'll provide you with all the information you need to master Wintertodt and make the most out of this thrilling activity. You'll learn about the prerequisites to participate, how to access the location of Wintertodt, what gear to bring along, strategies for facing the creature, and, of course, the generous rewards you can obtain.

Get ready to wield your axe, cast powerful spells, and prove your worth against Wintertodt. Feel the warmth of the fire and the thrill of battle as you embark on this frosty and exhilarating odyssey in OSRS! Let the battle against the wintry enemy begin!

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What is Wintertodt?

A minigame-style boss that challenges adventurers to use their skills instead of traditional combat. Nestled in the Northern Tundras of Great Kourend, this enigmatic creature brings forth an eternal winter and bone-chilling cold. Its true nature remains shrouded in mystery, but its ability to manipulate the weather to plummeting temperatures has earned it a fearsome reputation among the people of Great Kourend.

To combat this wintry menace, players must assist the pyromancers, a special group of Arceuus mages dedicated to keeping the Wintertodt at bay. As guardians of the sacred flame, only they possess the knowledge of spells required to subdue this formidable foe, making them vital in defending Great Kourend. While their magical prowess is exceptional, they lack expertise in other areas, relying on skilled adventurers to aid them in their task.

To contribute to the effort of subduing the Wintertodt, players must have a Firemaking level of at least 50. No favor with any of the cities of Great Kourend is required for this undertaking. Additionally, skill levels in Herblore, Fletching, Woodcutting, and Construction do not impact the speed of their respective activities, but higher levels do provide more experience.

It's important to note that the Wintertodt is considered a boss rather than a minigame, and death within its icy domain is perilous. The usual rules for item loss apply, and even Hardcore Ironmen risk losing their coveted Hardcore status if they fall here. So, prepare yourself for a skill-based battle against the relentless Wintertodt and the everlasting winter it seeks to spread!

How to get there?

When embarking on your journey to the Wintertodt, there are two primary methods of travel, each with its own pace:

1. The fastest option involves using a games necklace to reach the camp. However, this method requires having previously taken Veos's ship to Great Kourend at least once.

2. Alternatively, adventurers can opt for a slightly slower route by using the fairy ring code "cis" (after paying 80,000 coins to Trossa) and then proceeding to walk westward along the path.


Choose your preferred method wisely, and may your path to the Wintertodt be both swift and safe!

Worlds to play

worlds to play


To participate in the thrilling Wintertodt fight, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Firemaking level 50 is essential to take part in the battle against the Wintertodt.

2. Completion of the "Druidic Ritual" quest is required if you wish to pick bruma herbs, which play a crucial role in crafting rejuvenation potions.

3. Owning a player-owned house is necessary to gain Construction experience from repairing broken braziers during the encounter.

Now, let's make sure you have the right items to face this wintry challenge:

A bronze axe or a higher-tier axe (You can obtain a bronze axe from a crate).

A knife (You can find it in the Wintertodt).

A hammer (You can also find it in the Wintertodt).

A tinderbox or a bruma torch (Both can be obtained within the Wintertodt).

Unfinished rejuvenation potions (You can obtain these in the Wintertodt as well).

Additionally, although optional, it is highly recommended to have the following:

Warm or winter-themed clothing to protect against the freezing temperatures.

Food to sustain yourself during the battle.

Level Agility 60+ is recommended, allowing the use of the northern gap-jump shortcut as well as providing more run energy for moving between braziers.

Level Prayer 22 to use Rapid Heal and/or Prayer 49+ to use Redemption may provide additional healing.

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Wintertodt Strategies

Wintertodt's attacks:

The Wintertodt employs three distinct attacks that can harm players, along with two additional actions that can impede its defeat:

1. Passive Damage: Players will experience occasional passive damage while in the area, especially when the Wintertodt's energy is high. This damage cannot be avoided. It interrupts fletching and feeding braziers but does not interrupt chopping bruma roots.

2. Snowfall in a 3x3 Area: This is indicated by a snowfall covering a 3x3 area around players. After a short delay, a substantial pile of snow will cause heavy damage to anyone standing within that zone. Players should move to evade this attack.

3. Heavy Snowfall over a Lit Brazier: When a heavy snowfall occurs over a lit brazier, it signals that the brazier will be shattered after a brief delay, causing damage to anyone standing in a tile adjacent to the brazier. This attack is more frequent at low energy levels.

4. Light Snowfall over a Lit Brazier: If a light snowfall is observed over a lit brazier, it indicates that after a short delay, the brazier will be extinguished, but no damage will be dealt. This attack is more common at low energy levels.

5. Snowfall over a Pyromancer: When a snowfall targets a pyromancer, they will suffer damage after a short delay. However, this attack cannot harm the player.

Tips to keep in mind during the encounter:

When relighting or repairing a brazier, you can initiate other actions before the animation completes. For instance, you can begin repairing the brazier, click on your food to heal during the repair process, then relight the brazier, and promptly use a knife on a log to fletch.

While running, you can fletch or combine the Bruma herb with the Rejuvenation potion (unf). If you're running from the Bruma roots to the Brazier, fletching one Bruma root can increase the points gained.

For maximum Firemaking experience when feeding Bruma roots to the Brazier without fletching, carrying a Rejuvenation potion can be helpful to ensure reaching the 500 point mark, especially during fast rounds for better rewards. The potion provides a quick 30 points for healing the Pyromancer.

The 3x3 snowfall attack requires a clear 3x3 space without obstructions to occur. Certain spots, particularly those next to the bruma roots, are safe from snowfall attacks.

The area depicted in the image is safe, and none of the Wintertodt's attacks will harm the player within this zone. Fletching is not possible here, but players can craft rejuvenation potions. Stay alert, use these tips to your advantage, and may you emerge victorious against the chilling Wintertodt!

the area safe

Big groups

When preparing for the Wintertodt encounter, having four warm items equipped is sufficient to protect against the freezing cold. However, to enhance your survivability, it is highly advisable to wear a regen bracelet and utilize the Rapid Heal prayer. This combination allows for automatic health regeneration during each fight, significantly reducing the need to carry a large amount of food.

For resupplying between battles, players should consider equipping a games necklace and a ring of dueling. These items will allow you to teleport to the Ferox Enclave, where you can restore your hitpoints and prayer points conveniently. To further prolong the effectiveness of the Rapid Heal prayer, equip high prayer bonus items in the remaining equipment slots.

By following these tips and utilizing the right gear and prayers, you'll be well-equipped to face the Wintertodt and emerge victorious against the icy onslaught. May your skills and preparation lead you to success in this chilling battle!


During the Wintertodt fight, it's crucial to keep a close eye on your health and surroundings. If your health drops too low, be sure to eat to stay in the battle. The Wintertodt can unleash a potent snowfall attack in a 3x3 area, dealing significant damage. When you see snow falling, quickly move away from the affected zone to avoid harm. The damage inflicted depends on your Hitpoints and Firemaking levels.

For players with high Hitpoints, it's advisable to use the southern braziers to reduce banking time since they will be consuming food at a steady rate. On the other hand, those with lower Hitpoints won't need to bank for food as frequently, so they can feed the northern braziers and even use the agility shortcut between rounds (requires 60 Agility) for some additional Agility experience.

At the beginning of the fight, as soon as the Wintertodt's energy bar turns green, use a tinderbox to light one of the braziers (you can do this immediately when the respawn timer hits 0:00). This grants you 25 points towards the required 500. Additionally, you'll receive Firemaking experience (Firemaking level * 6). Remember to relight the brazier whenever it extinguishes while you're nearby.

If you have a potion, pluck a herb from either the middle eastern or western wall and use it to complete the potion. Otherwise, start chopping bruma roots to gather fuel for the braziers.

When your inventory is full of roots, add them to the lit braziers. Each root adds 10 points and provides some Firemaking experience (Firemaking level * 3).

Fletching roots into kindling is recommended only for gaining points, not Firemaking experience, as the time it takes to fletch makes it slower overall. Fletching requires a knife and provides fletching experience (Fletching level * .6). Adding the kindling grants 25 points and 30% more Firemaking experience than roots. Stand either right next to the bruma roots (to avoid the 3x3 attack) or 2 squares away from a brazier while fletching, so you can quickly react if the brazier breaks or extinguishes while staying out of the shrapnel's range.

Broken braziers are fixed rapidly on Wintertodt worlds, so you must click on them immediately after they break if you want to gain Construction experience. Once fixed, they can be relit unless the pyromancer is down. In such cases, consider healing the pyromancer yourself, moving to another brazier, or fletching while waiting for someone else to heal the pyromancer.

Make sure to earn at least 500 points during each round to qualify for the supply crate and experience reward. The average time for subduing on a Wintertodt world is around 5 minutes and 20 seconds, including both the fight and wait time between each round. The wait time between each round is 45 to 90 seconds.

On a Wintertodt world, you'll require very little food as all 4 braziers will be lit. If you have an ornate pool and jewelry box in your house, you can teleport to the house to heal and then return to the Wintertodt camp, allowing you to conserve even more food.

gear wintertodtinventory wintertodt


Throughout the Wintertodt fight, it's crucial to have 4 warm items equipped at all times. For more efficient soloing, consider using weight-reducing gear like pieces from the graceful outfit, as each round may involve substantial running at the beginning and end. To maximize weight-reducing gear, wear warm items in the neck and shield slots. The bruma torch should be equipped in the weapon slot, while the axe can be left in the inventory, as the torch serves both as a warm item and a substitute for a tinderbox. Alternatively, you may choose to use the infernal axe in the weapon slot and carry a tinderbox in the inventory.

Maintaining as many free inventory spaces as possible is vital to minimize trips between the bruma root and brazier. It also allows you to carry more rejuvenation potions at the start of each round, reducing the need for restocking.

Damage inflicted by the Wintertodt increases significantly with higher HP levels, necessitating more food consumption. Using a Regen bracelet and a Hitpoints cape can substantially reduce the amount of food you'll need to bring.

Here are some example inventories to consider. These assume you are cautious to avoid brazier and area damage. If it's your first time soloing the Wintertodt, bring more food than necessary and adjust based on your experience in later rounds:

Example 1:

Bruma torch (weapon slot)

Regen bracelet

Hitpoints cape

3 warm items

Knife (for fletching)

Tinderbox (if not using bruma torch)

Rejuvenation potions

Food (adjust the quantity based on your HP level and experience)

Example 2 (using infernal axe):

Infernal axe (weapon slot)

Regen bracelet

Hitpoints cape

3 warm items

Knife (for fletching)


Rejuvenation potions

Food (adjust based on your HP level and experience)

Soloing the Wintertodt offers a notable advantage in terms of supply crate rolls per hour, making it a favorable choice for players aiming to obtain the Phoenix pet. By efficiently soloing the Wintertodt, you can expect around 28 rolls every 50 minutes. In comparison, subduing Wintertodt on main worlds with 750 points each round will grant an average of 23.4 rolls within the same time frame.

It's essential to consider that soloing Wintertodt yields lower Firemaking experience rates compared to the group method. However, on the upside, you'll experience significantly faster Construction experience rates.

Additionally, soloing requires less attention since action-interrupting damage will occur less frequently.

For those seeking the elusive Phoenix pet or desiring a more focused approach to Construction training, soloing the Wintertodt can prove to be a rewarding and efficient strategy. However, it's crucial to strike a balance based on your goals and preferences. Whether you choose to brave the Wintertodt alone or team up with others, may your efforts be fruitful, and may the rewards be in your favor!

Starting a round

When entering the Wintertodt prison, grab 3–6 unfinished rejuvenation potions from the crate, depending on the amount of food you've brought. To reach 13,500 points, you'll generally need about 10–14 potions. Bringing extra potions at the start can save 1–2 restocking trips.

The goal is to reduce the Wintertodt's energy from 100% to 20–30% as quickly as possible. Run around the prison to light all four braziers promptly. Once all braziers are lit, gather bruma herbs to finish your potions. From here, you can choose to chop bruma roots for fletching into kindling and feed the brazier. If any brazier extinguishes during this early stage, immediately run to relight it. You can even fletch 2–3 kindling while moving between braziers.

Alternatively, after lighting all braziers, you can return to the safe area and wait for the Wintertodt's energy to deplete, leaving only to relight the two closest southern braziers. This method saves considerable food since you are more likely to be damaged during the early stage.

With the Wintertodt's energy reduced, passive damage and area attacks occur less frequently, while brazier explosions and pyromancer damage become more frequent.

Shift your focus to the south-western brazier as path-finding between the bruma root and a western brazier places you beside the pyromancer, saving time when healing them.

As the Wintertodt's energy decreases, you can continue feeding the south-western brazier. If the energy is high (15–30%), focus on fletching near the braziers, fixing and lighting them as soon as they extinguish, and healing the pyromancer as needed. As the energy becomes low (5–15%), fixing and lighting braziers is still important but not as critical. If the energy drops below 5%, avoid lighting the brazier to avoid ending the round prematurely. Use this time to chop and fletch kindling, heal other pyromancers, or create more potions.

For rejuvenation strategy, you have two options:

1. Only click "Help" on a pyromancer when they are downed to re-light the brazier (least intensive approach).

2. Use the potions on pyromancers every time they take damage to maximize points. Each pyromancer has 14 HP, and using a single dose fully heals them if incapacitated, but only heals 5 HP if they are still standing. Each 4-dose potion is worth 120 points, and a single attack on a pyromancer can yield up to 90 points. There is a brief window to use a potion on a pyromancer while they have 0 hitpoints and heal 5, maximizing points yield.

You can use a potion on a pyromancer during the animation for repairing or relighting a brazier, as long as you're standing in the right spot. This is useful when a brazier attack has just struck, allowing you to heal twice without downtime.

If using the rejuvenation strategy, you may need 20–30 potions to reach 13,500 points. Ensure you have enough inventory spaces to restock 6–10 potions each trip. By doing so, using the potions takes little additional time overall, and you can reach 13,500 points in less than 45 minutes.

Ending a round:

Wintertodt's energy at ~10%: Begin fixing and lighting braziers as soon as they extinguish while continuing to chop and fletch kindling.

Wintertodt's energy at ~20%: Focus on 2 braziers, running between them to keep them lit. Chop and burn kindling when you need to run between braziers to significantly increase efficiency.

If you've reached 13,500 points, your reward potential does not increase. Quickly end the round by running between the 2 southern braziers, ensuring they are lit. Stand between both braziers to quickly run to one that extinguishes. Lighting a 3rd or 4th brazier will be difficult with low Wintertodt energy, but you may consider doing so if the energy is still high (>15%).

If you're concerned about running out of food before reaching 13,500 points, don't hesitate to end the round early using the above strategies. You will lose all your points if you die while trying to subdue the boss. Consider additional healing methods like waiting in the safe area or using prayers like Rapid Heal or Redemption. In desperate situations, players may ask friends or use alts to bring more food. Stay vigilant and adapt your strategy as needed to overcome the Wintertodt's icy challenges!

And now the rewards

Successfully subduing the Wintertodt with a minimum of 500 points rewards players with Firemaking experience (Firemaking level * 100) and a supply crate containing two initial rewards. Every 500 additional points guarantee an extra reward. Moreover, for every point earned beyond each 500-point threshold, there's a scaled percentage chance to receive an additional reward. For instance, reaching 750 points ensures 2 rewards, and there's a 50% chance to get a third reward (250/500=50%).

The rewards a player receives from the supply crate are influenced by their skill levels. Higher-level players are more likely to receive rarer rewards, with lower-level rewards becoming less common as the player's level in that skill increases. At the highest point, low-level rewards are entirely removed from the drop table. While players with lower levels in those skills still have a chance to obtain rare rewards, the drop rate is substantially lower. Notably, the herb, ore, fish, uncut gem, seed drops, and logs are based on the player's Herblore, Mining, Fishing, Crafting, Farming, and Woodcutting levels, respectively, at the time of opening the crates, as confirmed by Mod Ash.

Thus, skill levels play a significant role in determining the variety and rarity of rewards a player may receive from the supply crates. As you progress and excel in various skills, you'll unlock better chances of obtaining more desirable items.


Tome of fire

Fire tome

The tome of fire is a unique book that serves as a shield replacement and can be obtained as a possible reward from a supply crate obtained by subduing the Wintertodt. To wield the tome of fire, players need to have at least level 50 in Magic.

When the tome is empty, it can be traded with other players. Its primary function in this state is to provide magic attack and magic defense bonuses.

To unlock its full potential, players can charge the tome with burnt pages. Each burnt page adds 20 charges to the tome, and the cost per charge is 126.70. The tome can hold up to 1,000 pages, requiring an investment of 2,534,000 coins to fully charge it. Pages can be removed from the tome, but if any charges from a page have been used, the entire page will be consumed upon removal.

Once the tome has at least one charge, it becomes an infinite source of fire runes while equipped. Using it as a source of fire runes does not deplete any charges.

When casting fire spells with a charged tome equipped, the spell's damage is boosted by 50% (multiplicative with magic damage bonuses from equipment). Each fire spell cast consumes one charge. The bonus only applies to the standard spellbook's fire spells, including Fire Strike, Fire Bolt, Fire Blast, Fire Wave, and Fire Surge. Other spells that use fire runes, such as Iban Blast, Flames of Zamorak, Undead Grasp, Demonbane, smoke spells, and non-combat spells, do not benefit from the bonus and do not consume charges.

Should you wish to trade in empty tomes, Ignisia can exchange them for 250 burnt pages per tome, which has a value of 633,500 coins.

The tome of fire offers unique advantages for magic-based combat and can be a valuable asset in various situations.


As we conclude this guide on subduing the Wintertodt in Old School RuneScape, I hope you've found the information provided to be helpful and informative. Remember, the Wintertodt is a challenging but rewarding encounter that requires a combination of skill, strategy, and resource management.

Whether you choose to face the icy menace alone or join forces with fellow adventurers, may your Firemaking prowess shine bright, and may the supply crates hold valuable treasures to aid you in your journey.

As you venture into the Northern Tundras of Great Kourend, braving the perpetual winter and unfathomable cold, may the warmth of determination and knowledge guide you to success. Keep in mind the essential steps, gear, and tactics discussed here, and adapt them to your playstyle for maximum efficiency.

From mastering the art of lighting braziers and fletching kindling to harnessing the power of the tome of fire, the Wintertodt awaits your challenge. May your adventures be filled with excitement, rewards, and camaraderie.

Safe travels, adventurer, and may the fire of your spirit burn bright in the face of the Wintertodt's icy fury! Farewell, and may your journey through Gielinor be filled with many grand achievements!