OSRS What Lies Below Quest Guide

What Lies Below Guide OSRS

"What Lies Below" is indeed a RuneScape quest that revolves around the Dagon'hai, a secretive and powerful group of Zamorakian mages. In this quest, players collaborate with the Varrock Palace Secret Guard to thwart the nefarious plans of Surok Magis, a key figure within the Dagon'hai.


Completion of the following quests:

Rune Mysteries

Skills Required

35 Runecrafting

Items required

Empty bowl

15 chaos runes

Access to the Chaos Altar (Chaos talisman or tiara, or travelling through the Abyss or Temple of the Eye) (Catalytic talisman and Catalytic tiara will NOT work)

Start point  

Talk to Rat Burgiss south of Varrock.

Start point


Certainly, to embark on this task, locate Rat Burgiss at the crossroads situated south of Varrock and north of Lumbridge. Upon conversing with him, he will inform you about a recent incident where a group of outlaws has raided his trading cart. They have pilfered 5 papers from him, and he urgently requires your assistance to recover them. Rat Burgiss will provide you with a folder to safely store these papers once you retrieve them from the outlaws.

Talk to rat burgiss

Proceed to the northwestern corner of the Grand Exchange in Varrock. Once there, locate the underwall tunnel entrance, and make your way inside. As you navigate through the tunnel, head southward while keeping the river and the adjacent wall on your sides. Continue along this path until you arrive at the Outlaw camp.

It's worth noting that if you haven't yet reached the required 21 Agility level to use the tunnel shortcut, an alternative approach would be to either walk or teleport to Edgeville. After your arrival in Edgeville, cross the river and proceed southward. Stick to the route that runs between the river and the wall until you reach the Outlaw camp. This camp is situated below Lucien's house, and it's where you'll be able to confront the outlaws and retrieve the stolen papers.

climb-into Underwall tunnel

Upon arriving at the Outlaw camp, your task is to confront and defeat five Outlaws, each with a level of 32. By defeating them, you'll recover the five papers stolen from Rat Burgiss. Once you have all five papers in your possession, use them on the folder that Rat provided you earlier.

With the papers securely stored in the folder, return to Rat Burgiss. After speaking with him, he will assign you another task. He will request that you deliver his letter to Surok Magis, who can be found in the library of Varrock.

To proceed with this task, make your way to the library located within Varrock Castle. There, you can engage in conversation with Surok Magis. During your conversation, Surok Magis will inform you of his ability to transmute clay into gold bars. To help him with this process, he'll need two specific items: an ordinary bowl and a wand infused with Chaos.

This quest will lead you on a journey to acquire these items and potentially uncover more about the mysterious dealings surrounding Surok Magis and the Dagon'hai.

talk to surok magis

To reach the Chaos altar without needing a Chaos talisman or tiara equipped, you have three options. Here's a summary of Option 1, which is recommended and requires 42 Mining:

1. Obtain a diary and wand from Surok Magis. Read the diary for important information.

2. Exit Varrock through the east gate and head north until you reach the statue of Saradomin.

3. Speak to Anna Jones near the statue to receive a bronze pickaxe.

4. Use the bronze pickaxe to excavate the statue of Saradomin, revealing a hidden tunnel entrance.

5. Enter the tunnel and proceed northward.

6. Reach a portal within the tunnel.

7. Step through the portal, which transports you to the second level of the Chaos Maze.

8. Navigate the maze westward until you find a ladder.

9. Climb down the ladder to reach the lower level of the maze.

10. Walk eastward within the maze to finally reach the Chaos altar.

This method allows you to access the Chaos altar without requiring a Chaos talisman or tiara, enabling you to continue your quest.

Option 2: (Long and Partially Safe) For this method, you'll head to the Chaos Altar entrance in the wilderness. Once inside, navigate through the maze to reach the Chaos Altar. Be prepared for this option to take some time, as the maze can be frustrating, and the journey into the wilderness to reach the altar can be perilous.

Option 3: (Requires Mage of Zamorak completion) Alternatively, you can head to Edgeville and proceed northeast. Ask the Mage of Zamorak to teleport you to the Abyss, and then navigate through the rift to reach the Chaos Altar entrance. Upon entering, you'll find yourself directly in front of the Altar, eliminating the need to navigate the maze.

Once you're at the Chaos Altar, use your wand on the altar to make it glow. Afterward, return to the Varrock library and converse with Surok Magis. He will provide you with a letter intended for Rat Burgiss.

These options provide different routes to the Chaos Altar and guide you through the necessary steps to activate the altar.

use wand in the altar

Return to Rat Burgiss and deliver the message you received from Surok Magis. Rat will reveal to you that he is, in fact, the commander of Varrock Palace's Secret Police. He'll disclose that Surok Magis has sinister intentions to take over the Kingdom of Misthalin by using a mind control spell on King Roald. Rat will direct you to Zaff, the proprietor of the Staff Shop located in Varrock Square, to help prepare a spell that can counteract Surok's mind control.

Speak with Zaff, and he will outline his plan to you. Zaff will provide you with a Beacon Ring and offer instructions on how to apprehend Surok Magis. Make sure you prepare your gear for an impending confrontation, as you will likely need to engage in a battle to thwart Surok's dangerous plans.

talk to zaff

Proceed to confront Surok Magis and make an attempt to arrest him. During this confrontation, Surok will cast his mind control spell on King Roald, forcing you to engage in a battle with the bewitched King Roald, who is at Level 47. Fight against King Roald until his hitpoints are reduced to zero.

Once King Roald is at zero hitpoints, use the Beacon Ring you obtained earlier. This action will summon Zaff, who will arrive just in time to save King Roald from the mind control spell. Zaff will then instruct you to return to Rat Burgiss.

Head back to Rat and inform him of the events that transpired during your encounter with Surok Magis and King Roald. This will likely mark a significant turning point in your quest to thwart Surok's nefarious plans.

attack king roald

Return to Rat Burgiss to finish the quest.

Congratulations, quest complete!

what lies below completed