Top 5: Venator Bow uses in OSRS

Venator Bow top 5 uses[OSRS]

The Venator Bow is a powerful two-handed ranged weapon that originated from the Venator, an ancient group of hunters and explorers in service to the Zarosian Empire. To wield this bow, one must reach level 80 in the Ranged skill and combine five Venator fragments.

The Venator Bow stands out for its impressive attack range, being six units long, and increasing to eight when using the "Long-range" combat style. Additionally, it has the versatility to shoot any type of arrow. It is worth mentioning that this bow does not degrade with use, although it has a passive effect that consumes charges, similar to how an uncharged infernal axe behaves as a regular dragon axe.

Despite its Zarosian roots, the Venator Bow unfortunately does not grant divine protection against Zarosian NPCs in the God Wars Dungeon. It is a weapon of great power and worth, but its connection to Zaros does not provide this particular advantage against its compatriots in the mentioned dungeon.

The Venator Bow has a passive effect that requires ancient essence for its activation. When used in a multiple combat area, the bow will attempt to shoot another arrow towards a nearby target after attacking the primary target. This second arrow will inflict damage of up to two-thirds of the original maximum hit, rounded down. Additionally, the attack can bounce again, either towards the original target or towards a third nearby target. This unique feature of the bow makes it a formidable tool in combat situations where multiple enemies are present.

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Here are the top 5 ways players can make the most of the Venator Bow:

Taking on Powerful Bosses:

One of the standout uses of the Venator Bow is its ability to take on challenging bosses in the game. Its special attack, "Piercing Shot," can deal massive damage to bosses with multiple phases or those that summon minions. The high accuracy and damage output of the bow make it a popular choice for boss encounters.

Player versus Player (PvP) Combat:

In PvP situations, the Venator Bow can be devastating. Its special attack can hit multiple opponents at once, making it a formidable choice for multi-combat areas and clan battles. The rapid attack speed and high damage output make it lethal in skilled hands.

Monster Slayer Tasks:

The Venator Bow is an excellent choice for monster slayer tasks that require ranged attacks. Its high attack speed and damage output make it efficient for taking down weak monsters at range. The special attack can also be useful against boss monster slayer tasks or larger groups of monsters.

Chambers of Xeric (Raids):

The Venator Bow is a viable weapon to use in the Chambers of Xeric raid. Its special attack can be useful for facing certain mechanics during the raid and dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

Rev Caves and PvM in the Wilderness:

The Venator Bow is a popular choice for combat against players and PvM activities in the Wilderness. Its high damage output and special attack for multiple targets can make it effective for facing groups of players or NPCs in the Wilderness.

It's important to note that the Venator Bow is a relatively rare and valuable item, so it's essential to use it wisely and take proper care of it. Always consider the situation and weaknesses of your opponent before using the special attack to make the most of its capabilities.


In addition to its special abilities, the Venator Bow can be used with different armor sets and accessories to maximize its effectiveness in various situations. Players can experiment with different combinations to find the optimal setup that suits their playstyle and goals.

In summary, the Venator Bow is a powerful ranged weapon that provides players with the opportunity to take on epic challenges, excel in PvP combat, efficiently complete monster slayer tasks, and engage in PvM activities both inside and outside the Wilderness. Its versatility and ability to deal massive damage make it a valuable asset for adventurers seeking exciting and rewarding challenges in the world of Old School RuneScape.

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