OSRS Vampyre Slayer Quest Guide

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Vampyre Slayer Quest Guide OSRS

The menacing bloodthirsty creature dwelling beneath the ominous Draynor Manor has plunged the local residents into perpetual dread. Despite the ever-looming fear it instills, a shroud of reluctance blankets the community, leaving them unwilling to confront this malevolent entity in a battle of life and death.

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Able to defeat a combat level 34 vampyre with a very high health recovery rate.(20 Combat level)

Items required       





Start point

Speak to Morgan in his house in Draynor Village, just north of Ned's house.

start point


Initiate a conversation with Morgan, who resides within his dwelling on the northern fringes of Draynor village, situated across from the wheat field. Morgan will candidly recount the tales of the vampiric terror that plagues the village and beseech you to take on the task of its elimination. Additionally, he will urge you to seek out his confidant, Dr. Harlow, a friend of his, at the Blue Moon Inn located in the city of Varrock.

talk to morgan

Before setting off for Varrock, take a moment to explore Morgan's residence further. Ascend the staircase within his house and conduct a search of the wall cupboard, where you will discover a clove of Garlic—a vital item in your quest to combat the vampire menace.

With the Garlic in hand, make your way to Varrock and embark on a quest to locate the Blue Moon Inn, situated along the path leading southward from the city center, toward the southern gate.

Inside the inn, engage in a conversation with Dr. Harlow and heed his request to procure a beer for him, which will cost you a modest 2 gold pieces (2gp). In return for your hospitality, he will divulge the crucial information you seek regarding the vampire's demise and generously provide you with a formidable weapon: a Stake.

talk to Dr. Harlow

Prior to embarking on your journey to Draynor Manor, ensure that you are well-prepared. Equip yourself with a hammer, suitable armor, a reliable weapon, and a stock of nourishing food to fortify yourself for the impending confrontation. Then, proceed to Draynor Manor.

Upon entering the manor, navigate your way to the lower floor, climbing the stairs that lead downwards. Approach the ominous coffin and proceed to open it. At this point, Count Draynor, a formidable adversary with a level of 34, will swiftly emerge and commence a hostile assault against you.

Engage in combat with Count Draynor, relentlessly attacking him until his health bar is fully depleted, leaving him vulnerable. The Stake in your possession should automatically trigger, plunging into his heart and delivering the decisive blow. In the rare event that this mechanism does not activate, ensure that both the hammer and the Stake are in your inventory. If the issue persists, consider utilizing the Garlic on Count Draynor and manually performing the stabbing action with the Stake to ensure his demise.

defeat vampire

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Vampire Slayer Completed

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