OSRS Tower of Life Quest Guide

Tower of Life Guide OSRS

The "Tower of Life" is a RuneScape quest that revolves around a group of alchemists who endeavor to create a living being. This quest presents players with challenging decisions regarding the fate and future of this artificial creature. Throughout the quest, players must navigate a series of puzzles and dilemmas as they work with the alchemists in their pursuit of creating life.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

10 Construction

Items required          


Saw (or crystal saw)

Beer (must be a regular beer - other beers do not work.)

Start point  

Talk to Effigy at the Tower of Life just east of the Ardougne Monaster

start point


Engage in a conversation with Effigy, who can be found outside the tower. He will request your assistance in persuading his workers to continue construction on the tower. The workers are currently hesitant, likely due to the peculiar nature of the tower and its purpose. Your task is to help convince them that the tower is not strange and that they should proceed with completing its construction.

talk to effigy

To help convince the workers to resume their duties and complete the tower's construction, follow these steps:

1. Begin by speaking to Bonafido, who can be found at the construction site. Express your intention to get everyone back to work.

2. Ask Bonafido to enter the tower and continue with the construction. However, he will insist that you aren't dressed appropriately for the task.

3. In order to acquire the necessary attire, you'll need to speak to each of the workers individually to obtain their clothing items.

4. Once you've spoken to "No fingers," who is one of the workers, you'll need to pickpocket him to acquire his boots.

This attire will allow you to blend in with the workers and meet their dress code requirements. With the proper clothing, you can return to Bonafido and continue persuading the workers to get back to work on the tower.

talk to bonafido

To obtain the necessary clothing from "The Guns" and Gummy for your mission, follow these steps:

1. Speak with "The Guns," and he will request a beer in exchange for his shirt. You'll need to find a beer to fulfill his request.

2. To acquire Gummy's trousers, have a conversation with him. He will explain that he lost his trousers in the water.

3. Head to the eastern side of the tower, near the ocean, and search the bushes in that area. You should find Gummy's trousers there.

With "The Guns" shirt and Gummy's trousers in your possession, you'll be well-equipped to continue your mission and blend in with the workers at the tower.

search plant

To acquire the needed outfit and successfully complete the tasks required for the quest, follow these steps:

For "Black-eye's" hard hat:

1. Approach "Black-eye" and engage in a conversation with him. He will request answers to a series of questions in exchange for his hard hat. Provide the following responses:

Q1: How many nails make a rocking chair?

A1: 3

Q2: What does 3 cloth, 3 planks, and 3 nails make?

A2: Torn curtains

Q3: I like fish and I would like to put some in my garden. How do I make a water feature?

A3: 10 clay

For Bonafido's questions:

2. Speak to Bonafido again. He will present you with questions to test your builder mentality. Provide the following responses:

Q1: What do you drink?

A1: Tea

Q2: How do you whistle?

A2: "Whistle for attention"

Q3: What's a good sign that you need to replace your trousers?

A3: Your legs are getting a bit cold.

Q4: What do you do if you cut your finger?

A4: Carry on; it'll fix itself.

For collecting supplies inside the tower:

3. Enter the tower and search the crates for the required supplies. You'll need the following items:

4 colored balls

3 metal sheets

4 valve wheels

6 rivets

4 pipes

5 pipe rings

5 metal bars

4 binding fluids

Once you've gathered all the necessary items and successfully answered Bonafido's questions, you can proceed with your mission to convince the workers to continue building the tower.

items locations

To repair the pressure machine upstairs and calibrate it using the colored balls, follow these steps:

Items required: 4 Coloured balls, 3 Metal sheets, and 4 Valve wheels

1. First, repair the pressure machine upstairs.

2. Once repaired, you'll need to calibrate it using the colored balls to fix the leaks. Here's how to do it for each of the four pipes:

Pipe 2:

Pull down the left lever.

Turn the 2nd valve left twice.

Turn the 2nd valve right until the pipe is filled with water.

Pipe 4:

Pull down the right lever.

Turn the 4th valve right three times.

Turn the 4th valve left once.

Turn the 4th valve right until the pipe is filled with water.

Pipe 3:

Lift the right lever back up.

Turn the 3rd valve right twice.

Turn the 3rd valve left once.

Turn the 3rd valve right until the pipe is filled with water.

Pipe 1:

Lift up the left lever.

Turn the 1st valve left twice.

Turn the 1st valve right until the pipe is filled with water.

By following these instructions, you should be able to successfully calibrate the pressure machine and address the leaks in the pipes using the colored balls.

calibrate the pressure machine

To repair the second machine, which is the pipe machine located two stories up, gather the required items: 6 Rivets, 4 Pipes, and 5 Pipe rings. Once the machine is fixed, you'll need to align the pipes properly to ensure the smooth flow of water. Here's how to do it:

1. Begin by repairing the pipe machine located two stories up using the 6 Rivets to secure any loose or damaged parts.

2. Once the machine is fixed, focus on aligning the pipes correctly to facilitate the flow of water. Use the 4 Pipes to replace any missing or damaged sections of the pipes.

3. Additionally, use the 5 Pipe rings to secure the pipes in their proper positions, ensuring they are firmly connected.

The objective here is to create a well-functioning pipe system that allows water to flow without any obstructions or leaks. Following these steps will ensure that the second machine is operational, and the pipes are aligned for the smooth flow of water.

repair the machine

To repair the third machine, a cage on the top floor, you'll need the following items: 5 Metal bars and 4 Binding fluid. The cage has different-sized bars that you can adjust using the '+' and '-' buttons. Sizes range from 1 to 4 bars. Here's how to complete each side of the cage:

First Side:

1. Click on the '+' or '-' buttons to select the following bars:

Horizontal bar, size 2

Horizontal bar, size 3

Vertical bar, size 2

2. Once you're satisfied with the size and orientation, click "Place Bar."

Second Side:

1. Click the right arrow to work on the next side of the cage.

2. Select the following bars:

Horizontal bar, size 2

Vertical bar, size 2

Vertical bar, size 4

3. Click "Place Bar" to confirm.

Third Side:

1. Click the right arrow again to move to the third side of the cage.

2. Choose these bars:

Horizontal bar, size 4

Vertical bar, size 2

Vertical bar, size 3

3. Click "Place Bar" to complete the third side.

Fourth Side:

1. Click the right arrow one more time to access the fourth and final side of the cage.

2. For this side, select these bars:

Horizontal bar, size 2

Horizontal bar, size 2

Vertical bar, size 2

3. Click "Place Bar" to finish repairing the machine.

Now that you've fixed all four sides of the cage, the machine should be operational. Make sure to select the bar sizes that fit into the purple spaces to ensure proper alignment and functionality.

Repair the cage

After speaking with Effigy, he will request that you meet him at the top of the tower. Follow these steps to continue the quest:

Go to the top floor of the tower. There, a cutscene will initiate, showing the summoning of a beast. However, the creature becomes agitated, causing everyone to flee.

Descend the tower and speak to Effigy again. He will ask for your assistance in confronting the creature once more.

Return to the top of the tower after your conversation with Effigy.

Speak to the beast and help it come to a decision by answering seven questions. You will need to choose which world to commit the creature to: magic or logic. It's crucial to provide answers that align with the chosen world, and you cannot mix the answers.

This portion of the quest involves making a series of choices that will determine the fate of the creature, so be sure to carefully consider your responses based on your chosen world of either magic or logic.


Magic Side

Logic Side

How can I make fire appear at my fingertips?

With the aid of 5 fire runes.

Get some logs and a tinderbox.

How do dragons breathe fire?

With the help of the magical dragonstones!

By ignition of gas in their belly as they exhale.

What do people do, day-in, day-out?

Runecraft, enchant jewellery, perform alchemy.

Fletching, Crafting, Smithing.

What could I do with unwanted bones?

Turn them into bananas or peaches!

Bury them.

What's the best way to travel?

Depends where you are headed, but teleport spells are a safe bet.

Run, run as fast as you can.

I hear people whisper of potions...

Yes, you can make magic potions to boost your skills.

People mix together ingredients in vials. The nutrients will help you.

How are rune stones created?

By harnessing the power of the gods!

Take a rune stone to an altar and use a talisman.

Can people move things with the power of the mind?

Yep, you can use the Telekinetic Grab spell.

Sure. Use your brain to tell someone to move it!

How can I possibly exist?

Through the power of alchemy.

It's a simple case of combining materials.

Explain those flashing sparks that scared the alchemists.

You have special powers - no surprise seeing how you were created.

Coincidence - there is a lot of loose metal around.

I want to learn more - what should I study?

How about Magic and Runecrafting?

Try some Mining followed by Smithing.

If I reach out far enough I can grab the sun.

Can't see why not, anything is possible.

Don't be silly! You'd get burnt!

Am I a creature of magic or a creature of logic?

Your very existence speaks of mystical forces.

Everything has a reason, even if you don't know what it is.

Which do you believe in?



After descending the tower and speaking with Effigy, you'll witness the reappearance of the beast, which will frighten Effigy. The creature will then request a meeting with you in the basement of the tower. Follow these final steps to conclude the quest:

1. Head to the basement of the tower by going down the trapdoor located within the tower.

2. Speak with the beast to the north. The creature will provide you with information about this place and explain how to initiate creature creation.

Upon this conversation, you will have successfully completed the quest "Tower of Life." Congratulations on your quest completion!

Tower of life completed