OSRS Throne of Miscellania Quest Guide

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[OSRS] Throne of Miscellania Quest Guide

Welcome to the "Throne of Miscellania" quest guide for OSRS!

In this thrilling quest, we'll venture to the Fremennik island of Miscellania, where the king, Vargas, has undergone an unusual transformation and turned into a Yeti. This peculiar situation has left the kingdom at a crossroads, requiring an urgent regent to rule in his absence.

Our mission is to delve into this intriguing realm, uncover the secrets behind King Vargas's transformation, and aid in finding the rightful regent to guide Miscellania through these challenging times. Are you ready to face challenges, solve puzzles, and make crucial decisions that will shape the fate of Miscellania?

Prepare yourself for an adventure brimming with mysteries and surprises as we set forth on the quest for the "Throne of Miscellania"!

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Start point:  Talk to King Vargas in the Miscellania Castle. Take the longboat from Rellekka to access Miscellania.

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Official difficulty: Experienced

Official length: Medium


  • Completion of the following quests:
  • Heroes' Quest
  • Shield of Arrav
  • Lost City
  • Merlin's Crystal
  • Dragon Slayer I
  • The Fremennik Trials

Items required:

  • Iron bar
  • Logs (obtainable during the quest if you bring an axe)
  • At least one of these tools in order to gain favour: A pickaxe, an axe (if 45 Woodcutting), a rake (if 10 Farming and 35 Herblore, obtainable during quest for 15 gp), a harpoon or lobster pot
  • Any non-silver ring you are willing to lose (not onyx/dragonstone/explorer/beacon/'perfect' ring)
  • Flowers you are willing to lose (can be bought from Flower Girl in Miscellania for 15 coins; trollweiss, marigold, nasturtiums, and white lily will not work. You can also plant and pick mithril seeds if you do not have flowers yet.)
  • If seeking the Prince: a cake (chocolate cakes work too)
  • If seeking the Princess: any bow (except composite, ogre, training and magic bows!) you are willing to lose


  •  45 Woodcutting to cut Maple trees to earn approval
  •  10 Farming to rake flax to earn approval and  35 Herblore to rake herb patch for approval
  • Weight-reducing clothing
  • Stamina or energy potions
  • Dramen/Lunar staff for fairy rings
  • Fremennik Medium Diary for the shortcut between Miscellania and Etceteria

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Take the longboat from Rellekka to Miscellania (the largest one, with the same sailor from Fremennik Trials), or alternatively, use the fairy ring code "cip" (if you have already started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen) to arrive north of the castle. In case you haven't obtained flowers yet, you can purchase them from the Flower Girl in the castle courtyard. And if you find yourself in need of anything or happen to forget something, don't worry; you can always make use of the bank in Etceteria.

Once you arrive, head upstairs in the castle (south-west) to speak with King Vargas and kickstart the quest. He will agree to grant you the role of ruler of the kingdom, but there are a few tasks you must accomplish first. You'll need to either marry his daughter or son, make peace with Etceteria, and gain the support of the population to prove yourself worthy of this honor.


Note: It's crucial to use the specific items mentioned below on the [Princess/Prince] and perform the required emotes; otherwise, [she/he] will keep repeating "Good day."

Warning: If you change your gender twice at the Make-over mage (for instance, going from Female to male and then back to female) before giving the prince or princess a ring, you will need to redo that section. However, if you have already given them the ring, they will speak to you as if you are not engaged, but fear not, it won't have any impact on the quest progress.

Princess Astrid: Enter Princess Astrid's room, located north of the throne room, and engage in a conversation with the Princess of Miscellania. As you begin to express your desire to become the regent, she interjects, mentioning her numerous suitors. Nonetheless, she offers you a chance to impress her.

Talk to the princess multiple times, agreeing with whatever she says. Then, present her with the flowers. You can easily acquire mixed flowers for 15 coins from the Flower Girl in the marketplace just outside the building where the king presides. Now, perform the Dance emote within her room.

Continue conversing with her, ensuring you respond with amiable answers. Once there are no more topics for you to agree upon, use a bow[1] (the weapon, not the emote) on her.

Once more, exchange a few more words with her. When she addresses you as "dear" and you respond with "darling," select the Blow Kiss emote. Use the Blow Kiss emote on her before presenting her with the ring.

Once all agreeable topics have been exhausted, use the ring on her. Finally, she agrees to marry you. However, she mentions that the actual ceremony will have to wait until you find a priest. Nevertheless, you can now inform her father of the impending marriage.

impressing princess astrid with a dance

Prince Brand: Head to Prince Brand's room, located south of the throne room, and initiate a conversation with the Prince of Miscellania. As you begin to share your aspiration of becoming the ruler of the kingdom, he interjects with a skeptical question, wondering why he should be interested in a "crass adventurer like yourself?" Nevertheless, he offers you an opportunity to impress him.

Engage in a continued conversation with the prince, making sure to choose the most flattering responses, until he asks if you would like to hear his poem. Show enthusiasm and reply that you would love to hear it. After he recites his poem, select "Be still, my heart" and use the Clap or Cheer emote (remember to stand inside the room and not in the doorway for both emotes). He expresses his gratitude.

Use the flowers on him to keep the dialogue going when he asks if they are for him, answer with a resounding "Yes."

Keep conversing with the prince, and when he inquires about your name, provide a flattering response. Continue to flatter him until he asks if you would like to hear his saga. Even if you wonder about having time for a whole saga, let him proceed with it anyway. Keep up the flattery and conversation, then give him the cake or chocolate cake, making sure not to accidentally eat it, and tell him it is for him.

When he addresses you with endearments like "my [darling/dear]," select the Blow Kiss emote and use the ring on him. If he initially refuses the ring, persist in talking and flattering him. Eventually, after blowing him a kiss and using the ring on him, he should react with surprise, asking, "Is this for me? Really?" Respond with a confident "Yes."

Ask the prince to marry you, and he enthusiastically responds with a "Yes!" However, he mentions that the actual ceremony will have to wait until you find a priest. Nonetheless, you can now inform his father that he has agreed to marry you, and you're well on your way to becoming the regent of Miscellania alongside your beloved prince!

Peace deal

Speak with Advisor Ghrim, who stands off to the side behind the king, and inquire about how to make peace with Etceteria. He advises you to have a conversation with Queen Sigrid of Etceteria. Head east, cross the bridge into Etceteria, and make your way to the large building located on the eastern side of town. Go upstairs and enter the central room, where you'll find Queen Sigrid.

Engage in a dialogue with Queen Sigrid, and when you inform her that you have been sent by King Vargas to negotiate a treaty, she expresses her willingness to agree to a peace deal. However, she sets a condition that King Vargas must officially recognize Etceteria as a sovereign nation. Return to King Vargas and convey what Queen Sigrid has stated. In response, King Vargas insists that he will acknowledge Etceteria as a separate nation only if Queen Sigrid changes Etceteria's national anthem.

Hasten back to Queen Sigrid and engage in conversation with her. Although she initially praises the anthem she composed herself, she eventually agrees to change it as per your request. However, she asks that you come up with a new anthem. Return to Miscellania and enter the room to the south of King Vargas's throne room. Speak with Prince Brand, informing him of your need for a new anthem. He immediately agrees to write one for you, but unfortunately, it turns out to be terrible. He hands you the awful anthem he composed.

Enter the throne room next door and discuss the anthem issue with Advisor Ghrim. Provide him with the awful anthem, and he makes some adjustments, skillfully transforming it into a good anthem. Head back to Queen Sigrid and inform her that you now have a new anthem. Delighted with her new anthem, she hands you a treaty that she has already signed, and it awaits King Vargas's signature.

Take the treaty back to King Vargas and inform him that it is ready for his signature. However, he mentions that he cannot sign it with an ordinary pen; he needs a pen large enough for him to hold. Head to the northern shore of Miscellania, east of the mining icon, where you will find Derrik residing in the house with the anvil. Speak with Derrik and present him with your strange request. He agrees to create a giant nib for you, provided you have an iron bar.

Hand over your iron bar to Derrik, and he gives you the giant nib. Use the nib on logs to craft a giant pen. You can find a few evergreen trees scattered around the islands, so you don't need to go to the mainland if you haven't brought logs. Take the giant pen to King Vargas, who gladly signs the treaty, marking an end to the rivalry between the two kingdoms.

With the treaty signed, peace has been achieved between Miscellania and Etceteria, thanks to your diplomatic efforts and problem-solving skills!

sigrid singing the current version of the etceterian anthem

Public support

Note: The timing of completing the Throne of Miscellania quest is essential, as it determines the moment your Kingdom will lose favor, deduct money from the coffer, and produce resources. Be mindful of finishing the quest at a convenient time to manage these aspects effectively.

Once the treaty is in place, you must secure the support of the people to become the new ruler. To complete the quest successfully, you'll need the backing of 75% of Miscellania's population. At the quest's outset, you'll begin with 25% approval (which could be even lower if you harmed villagers or stole from stalls). You can increase your approval rating by 0.33% with each action you take.

To check your current approval rating, speak with Advisor Ghrim. However, until the quest is finished, the local laborers won't provide updates on your progress and will simply ask, "Who are you?"

If your goal is to achieve a 100% approval rating, continue working until the individual receiving the items indicates you should stop. This achievement will also be acknowledged in your Fremennik achievement diaries, as your chat box will notify you that you've completed a challenging task.

Good ways to get support:

  • Rake the herbs and flax outside the palace walls.
  • Mine coal on the north side of Miscellania.
  • Chop maple trees in the centre of Miscellania.
  • Fish tuna, lobsters, or swordfish by the docks of Miscellania (Barehanded fishing works, but does not provide Strength nor Agility experience).

Ways to lose it:

  • Kill villagers.
  • Steal from stalls.

Talk to Advisor Ghrim regularly to keep track of your public support level. Once you have garnered the support of 75% of the population, head to King Vargas and receive your well-deserved congratulations!

Congratulations on completing the "Throne of Miscellania" quest guide in OSRS! You've demonstrated bravery, diplomatic skills, and problem-solving abilities on this thrilling journey to the Fremennik island. Now, as the ruler of Miscellania, your decisions will shape the destiny of the entire kingdom. May your reign be prosperous and filled with success!

Thank you for following this guide step by step and for your dedication in reaching the quest's conclusion. We hope you enjoyed every challenge and excitement that this quest provided. Never forget that you are a true champion of Miscellania!

Best of luck in your future endeavors, and may you continue to have thrilling adventures in the world of OSRS! May your upcoming challenges be just as rewarding, and may you always find the strength to overcome any obstacles in your path.

Until next time, may the gods be with you on your future adventures. See you in the realm of Gielinor! Farewell, adventurer!


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