OSRS The Queen of Thieves Quest Guide

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The Queen of Thieves guide

"The Queen of Thieves" is a quest within the Great Kourend quest series in Old School RuneScape. It follows the events of the "Client of Kourend" quest and was announced on July 6, 2017, as part of the Old School Content Poll #57. This quest is part of the ongoing storyline in the game, offering players an opportunity to delve further into the lore and challenges of the Great Kourend region. As with other quests in the series, players can expect a mix of storytelling, puzzles, and challenges as they progress through the quest.

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Completion of the following quests:

Client of Kourend

X Marks the Spot

20 Thieving 

20% Port Piscarilius favour

Note: Use "A Favour Certificate" reward from Client of Kourend on Piscarilius for 20% favour.

Items Required          

Stew (Cooking ingredients can be obtained during quest for 6 coins. Requires 25 cooking) Or bought from Forester's Arms bartender in Seer's Village for 20gp.

Start point  

Speak to Tomas Lawry outside the Port Piscarilius bank.

start point

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the queen of thieves map

Start by talking to Tomas Lawry, who can be found outside the bank in Port Piscarilius.

talk to tomas

After speaking with Tomas Lawry, your next objective is to infiltrate the new gang known as the "Saviors of Kourend." To do this, visit the house west of the starting point in Port Piscarilius and look for either a poor-looking man or a poor-looking woman. Speak to one of them to continue your quest.

talk to poor looking woman

The less fortunate individual will suggest you seek out Robert O'Reilly, whose residence can be found by heading south across the bridge and then westward. Approach Robert O'Reilly and engage in conversation with him; he will inquire about a stew.

talk to robert reslly

Important: In case you haven't brought a stew with you, you'll have to procure the necessary ingredients from Kenelme, who resides in the house located to the west.

Buy the ingredients for the stew

Additionally, you'll need to obtain a bowl from the general store situated to the southeast.

general store

Robert O'Reilly will provide you with information that the Savior of Kourend gang can be found within The Warrens, which is the underground sewer system beneath Port Piscarilius. To reach The Warrens entrance, head east to locate a manhole marked with an exclamation point on the minimap. Once you reach the manhole, descend into The Warrens.

Upon entering The Warrens, proceed southward, then head to the west, crossing two small bridges, until you reach a substantial island. On this island, you'll encounter Devan Rutter near the fish stall. Initiate a conversation with him, and he will task you with eliminating Conrad King as a requirement for joining the gang.

To return to Port Piscarilius, retrace your steps by heading east across the two bridges and then northward back to the manhole. Climb back up to reach Port Piscarilius.

Upon emerging from the manhole, head east toward the dock located on the southern side of the Piscarilius mess hall. Here, you will encounter Conrad King, and you will need to confront and defeat him. You have the option to choose your approach, but regardless, it will result in a violent confrontation.

After dealing with Conrad King, return to Devan Rutter in The Warrens by descending back down the manhole. Then, proceed north to the tent and engage in a conversation with the Queen of Thieves. The discussion will revolve around the clan, and eventually, she will reveal her true identity as Lady Shauna Piscarilius. You may initially be skeptical of her claim, at which point she will send you to Councillor Hughes' house to gather evidence.

talk to the queen of thieves

To return to Port Piscarilius, enter the manhole once more and make your way south. From there, continue southward to Hosidius. You'll find Councillor Hughes' house located to the east of the Hosidius General Store, within the area outlined in red on your map.

Hughes' house location

Enter the Councillor's house and make your way to the chest. You'll need to pick the lock on the chest before you can open it. Once it's unlocked, search the chest to retrieve the letter.

open chest

Take the retrieved letter back to Tomas Lawry to share it with him. He will forget about the Queen of Thieves and inform you that there is no greater reward than the sense of being useful.

Afterward, return to the Queen of Thieves, who is actually Lady Shauna Piscarilius, to claim your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

the queen of thieves completed

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