OSRS The Hand in the Sand Quest Guide


The Hand in the Sand Guide OSRS

Indeed, The Hand in the Sand is an intermediate-level quest that revolves around the curious finding of a severed hand in Bert's sand pit located in Yanille. This quest is known for its abundance of puns and humorous dialogue throughout the storyline.

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17 Thieving 

49 Crafting 

Items required

Beer (can be obtained during quest)

About 150 coins

2 empty vial

Redberries (Purchasable during the quest from the Food Store in Port Sarim)

White berries

Lantern lens

5 earth runes (can be bought from Betty for 20 gp)

Bucket of sand (obtainable during quest if you bring a bucket)

Start point  

Talk to Bert in Yanille, near the sand pit.

start point

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Initiate a conversation with Bert, who resides in the westernmost house of Yanille.

talk to bert

Bert will express his concerns about the severed hand he discovered in his sand pit and his fear of losing his job. Offer to assist him in unraveling the mystery, and he will instruct you to visit the Guard Captain at the Dragon Inn.

Engage in conversation with the Guard Captain located in the southern pub. He will request more beer, so fulfill his request by giving him a beer. Inquire about the hand, and he will examine it before advising you to proceed to the Wizards' Guild and seek information from someone there.

talk to guard captain

Ring the bell located outside the Wizards' Guild, and Zavistic Rarve will appear to assist you.

talk to Zavistic Rarve

Engage in a conversation with Zavistic Rarve regarding the hand, and he will request that you investigate why Bert's hours have changed.

Return to Bert and inquire about his job. He will provide you with a copy of his work schedule, which indicates that he works with the Sand Corp in Brimhaven.

Travel to Brimhaven and speak with Sandy. After a brief discussion, search his desk to obtain Sandy's rota (Bert's original rota). If you read both schedules, you'll notice they don't match. Additionally, while you're in Brimhaven, attempt to pickpocket Sandy's pocket to obtain some sand, which will be useful later in the quest.

Note: Acquiring sand from Sandy's pocket may require some patience.

Search Sandys Desk

Return to Bert in Yanille and present him with both work schedules (rotas). In gratitude, he will give you a Magic Scroll that mysteriously appeared in his room and suggest seeking the wizards' advice on its nature.

Ring the Wizards' Guild bell once more and converse with Zavistic. He will provide you with a magical orb and instruct you to place it in Sandy's office. He will also request that you obtain some truth serum from Betty in Port Sarim. If you talk to Zavistic again and offer him a vial, he will teleport you to Betty's location.

In Port Sarim, Betty will require a vial from you. Provide her with one, and she will explain that to complete the serum, you need to add redberries to the vial she gave you and then mix in some whiteberries to create Pink dye

talk to Betty

Employ the Pink dye on the Lantern lens to create a Rose tinted lens.

Return to Betty, who will have a vial placed on the counter. Stand at the door and apply the lens to the counter, resulting in a vial of truth serum.

To complete the serum, Betty explains that you need a special item belonging to the person you intend to use it on. Offer her the sand you acquired from Sandy's pocket earlier. If you didn't collect the sand previously, you must return to Sandy and obtain it. You now possess your Truth Serum

Return to Sandy in Brimhaven and attempt to combine the serum with the mug on his table. Before doing so, you will need to distract him. When attempting to distract Sandy, you will encounter these options:

use Truth serum in Sandys coffee mug

Select one of the options provided to distract Sandy. If successful, he will briefly look away, and a message box will appear, indicating that it's time to add the serum to his coffee. If he doesn't fall for the distraction and responds with "I'm not falling for that one," you will need to try again. When he does look away, add the serum to his coffee.

Activate the orb and engage in conversation with Sandy. He will confess that he altered the work schedule to avoid paying Bert extra for working longer hours. He also mentions bribing a wizard to erase Bert's memory of the original schedule and then killing the wizard to avoid getting caught.

Return to Yanille and speak with Zavistic. Hand over the orb, and he will make a rather unusual request: 5 earth runes and a bucket of sand. Provide him with these items, and with the aid of magic, he will refill Bert's sandpit and ensure that Bert no longer has to work.

The sand magically refills, thanks to Zavistic Rarve.

After completing the previous tasks, Zavistic will instruct you to visit the Entrana sandpit to investigate if you can locate the remains of the slain wizard. Ensure that you remove any armor before heading to Entrana.

Upon arrival at the Entrana sandpit, engage in conversation with Mazion to obtain the wizard's head.

Return to Yanille and speak with Zavistic once more.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

The hand in the sand

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