[OSRS] The Corsair Curse Quest Guide

The Corsair Curse Quest Guide OSRS

The Corsair Curse Quest Guide OSRS


Items Required:

  • Spade (obtainable during quest)
  • Tinderbox (obtainable during quest)



  •  20 Combat level
  • Energy potions or (members only) stamina potions
  • Weapon, armour and some food


Ok let’s do this!


The Plight of the Cursed Crew:

Initiate dialogue with Captain Tock, positioned at the crossroads just north of Port Sarim.

Initiate dialogue with Captain Tock, positioned at the crossroads just north of Port Sarim.

He will relay that his Corsair crew has fallen victim to a malevolent curse and will seek your assistance. Once you agree to lend your aid, a brief cinematic sequence will indicate the boat's location (docked at the western end of Rimmington). Engage Captain Tock once more on the dock to set sail for Corsair Cove.

Within Corsair Cove, you will find four crew members to engage:

  1. Ithoi the Navigator: Visit Ithoi initially in his hut, situated upstairs within the expansive hut to the southwest of Corsair Cove. He will identify the situation as a curse and mention that numerous factors could be responsible for it.
  2. Arsen the Thief: Journey to the large hut directly west of the dock, where you will find Arsen and Colin upstairs. Speak to Arsen and he will confess his role in causing the curse, describing specific events that transpired.
  3. Cabin Boy Colin: While within the same large hut, converse with Colin upstairs. Like Arsen, he will also acknowledge his contribution to the curse by narrating his experiences.
  4. Gnocci the Cook: Ascend to the smaller hut positioned further west. Gnocci can be found upstairs in this hut. Interact with him to hear about his involvement in the curse.

Should you not already possess a spade and tinderbox, you can discover a tinderbox near Gnocci the Cook and a spade lodged in the sand beneath the prominent Tropical Tree southeast of Gnocci's hut, near the rocks. Please note that the bank, managed by Yusuf, will remain inaccessible until this quest is successfully concluded.

Investigating the Curse's Origin:

Having conversed with Ithoi, you'll be required to delve deeper into each crew member's claims. Engage Arsen, Colin, and Gnocci in any order to gather additional insights about the events they believe led to the curse. Each crew member's assertion will necessitate further investigation.


Arsen's Unfounded "Curse":

It appears Arsen the Thief was dispatched by Captain Tock to investigate some caves located west of the cove. However, his entrance was immediately detected by the ogres, leading him to hastily grab some valuables before making a swift escape. Arsen now suspects that he might have unwittingly purloined a sacred relic, thus attributing the curse on his crew to this theft.

Speak to Captain Tock onboard the ship and request the relic. As he possesses no use for it, he hands over the ogre artefact to you.

Venture west of the cove and descend into the Corsair Cove Dungeon through the hole. Engage Chief Tess near the entrance. She will divulge that Arsen simply made off with one of her numerous toothpicks and that the shamans have not cast a curse upon the crew.

Return to Arsen to elucidate the actual sequence of events. Assure Arsen that the curse was not of his doing, putting his concerns to rest.


Colin's Misunderstanding:

Cabin Boy Colin entertains the idea that he might have incurred the wrath of a mermaid when he spotted one through Ithoi's telescope.

Ithoi's telescope.

His perception is that the mermaid took exception to the attention she received from an unfamiliar onlooker, particularly the shouting and blown kisses, leading to the alleged curse on the crew.

Utilize the telescope within Ithoi's hut to unravel the mystery. The "mermaid" Colin encountered is revealed to be an ogre by the name of Bugs. If you've previously completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, you'll recognize Bugs as Rantz's offspring.

Upon discovering the truth, share this information with Colin. Clarify that the mermaid he encountered was, in reality, an ogre named Bugs. Colin can be assured that the curse is not a result of his actions.


Unraveling Gnocci's "Curse":

Gnocci the Cook relates a tale of discovering a doll, known as "Her," while fishing for sustenance. He believes this doll to be inhabited by a demon and, out of apprehension, he buried it adjacent to the tree near his fishing spot. Gnocci is convinced that this demon's influence is responsible for the curse on the crew, and he seeks your aid in vanquishing it.

Embark on the task by excavating the area near the lump of sand, situated to the far western side of Ithoi's hut, just west of the fishing location where the doll was buried.

excavating the area near the lump of sand

The cutscene should guide you to the precise spot. Upon unearthing the item, you'll ascertain that it's a clockwork toy doll. If you possess at least level 18 Crafting, you can additionally mention that you have the knowledge to craft a doll akin to this one.

Once you've dealt with the situation, return to Gnocci and explain the actual sequence of events. Make it clear that the doll he discovered was simply a clockwork toy, and there's no connection between it and the curse. Gnocci will find reassurance in knowing that his actions weren't responsible for the crew's misfortune.

Unmasking the Traitor:

Ensure that your quest log has the entry stating, "I had ruled out all the corsairs' theories about how they had become cursed." If not, go over your conversations with each corsair once again.

After successfully disproving the theories put forth by Arsen, Colin, and Gnocci concerning the "curses," re-engage Captain Tock on the boat. He will recount how the curse's origins trace back to a point when he and Ithoi were absent for a parlay. Upon their return, they discovered the crew and Ithoi himself falling ill after consuming dinner. Captain Tock excludes the food as the cause, as he was with Ithoi at that time.

Speak to Gnocci next. Learn that he refrained from cooking dinner that evening due to the traumatic incident with the "possessed" doll. He reveals that Ithoi took up the culinary task and then departed for the parlay with Captain Tock. Gnocci, too, dismisses the food as the root cause of the curse.

Proceed to speak with Arsen, who discloses that his brother, Francois, informed him of the possibility that Ithoi might be dismissed from Captain Tock's crew, as the corsairs had settled in the Cove and no longer required a navigator.

Your next conversation should be with Ithoi. Make him aware that you are aware of his involvement in preparing the meal that led to the crew's illness. He will believe you're accusing him of poisoning the crew and seek to understand your reasoning. Explain that Captain Tock is contemplating his dismissal, leading Ithoi to confess to the crime. He explains that by attributing the crew's misfortune to a curse, they'd be inclined to retain his services. Engage Ithoi again, informing him that you are aware the curse is fraudulent. He states he won't rise from his position, preventing him from proving he's feigning his illness. Step outside his hut and utilize the tinderbox on the driftwood beneath it. Ithoi will spring to his feet and dash outside to extinguish the flames using magic.

Return to Captain Tock with this newfound information and declare Ithoi as the mastermind behind the curse. Incensed, Captain Tock will request that you eliminate Ithoi.


Dealing with Ithoi:

Dealing with Ithoi:

Reenter Ithoi's hut, and expect an immediate confrontation. Ithoi will initiate an attack against you, wielding elemental strike spells, and he's capable of employing the Curse spell. For players with lower combat levels, be prepared for this encounter. It's worth noting that Ithoi's spells may miss frequently. If you're using ranged attacks, be ready to part with your arrows or bolts during the battle – these projectiles will vanish at the fight's conclusion.

For players with lower stats or equipment, an alternative tactic involves flinching Ithoi. Draw him towards the telescope to get him caught on one side of the hut entrance. From there, you can attack him while retreating as necessary until he is defeated.

Upon successfully vanquishing Ithoi, vacate his hut and return to Captain Tock. He will inquire about the current situation. Provide him with an explanation detailing Ithoi's demise due to poisoning the crew. Captain Tock will express his gratitude and permit the crew members to recuperate and regain their health. Additionally, he will mention that he plans to have a conversation with Yusuf, stationed in the bank to the north of the ship. This dialogue will ultimately lead to granting access to the bank within the cove.


And that is! Quest Complete!

! Quest Complete!