OSRS The Ascent of Arceuus Quest Guide

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The Ascent of Arceuus Quest Guide OSRS

"The Ascent of Arceuus" is indeed a quest in the Great Kourend quest series, with a primary focus on the Arceuus House within the Great Kourend region. This quest is part of the ongoing narrative and adventures available to players within the realm of Old School RuneScape, providing an engaging storyline and challenges for players to conquer.

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12 Hunter 

20% Arceuus favour

Completion of the following quests:

Client of Kourend

X Marks the Spot

Items required:


Start point:

Speak to Mori in Arceuus

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Your journey begins by speaking to Mori, who can be found north of the pub in Arceuus. To your astonishment, Mori informs you that her friend, Thana, has passed away. This turn of events is considered impossible, as the citizens of Arceuus achieved immortality during the Ascent of Arceuus a thousand years ago. Mori implores you to seek help from David Andrews, the leader of the Kourend Council, the current ruling authority of Great Kourend.

To locate Councillor Andrews, head south-west to Kourend Castle. He can be found on the 1st floor (UK). When you speak with him, Councillor Andrews explains that the Arceuus family has opted to keep their knowledge secretive, making it impossible for the Council to provide assistance. As a side note, you may also choose to pray at an altar in the top floor of the castle to complete a task in the easy Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Upon learning of the Council's inability to help, return to Mori and relay the news. Mori expresses her frustration, explaining that the Council's role as rulers was never intended, and they rarely offer assistance. She suggests that if the Council won't intervene, Lord Arceuus might be your next hope, as she believes he cannot ignore a death among his own people. Your quest continues as you seek to unravel the mystery surrounding Thana's death in the ancient and enigmatic realm of Great Kourend.

Location of Councillor Andrews

Continuing your quest, make your way north-west to the Tower of Magic, located just west of the Arceuus Library. Approach the Tower Mage stationed outside the doors and inform them of the recent death in Arceuus. They will explain that the tower has been grappling with issues, but given the possible connection between your investigation and their problems, they grant you access.

Upon entering the tower, you will encounter several Tormented Souls, which appear to be attacking the mages inside. There are five spirits in total: one immediately engages you, while the other four assail the mages. Dispatch all of these Tormented Souls to ensure the safety of the tower's inhabitants.

Proceed to the upper floor and engage in conversation with Asteros Arceuus, the son of Lord Trobin Arceuus. He will reveal that their instruments recently detected fluctuations in power emanating from the Dark Altar. These fluctuations resulted in an unusual loss of power, almost as if the Altar itself had ceased to function. To address this, Lord Trobin Arceuus employed himself as a conduit to channel the remaining power from the Dark Altar. This act inadvertently led to the experimental trapped souls breaking free and turning hostile, ultimately resulting in Thana's demise. Lord Arceuus' power is the sole force maintaining the immortality of his people.

Asteros discloses a surprising revelation—the knowledge of immortality was not actually discovered by his father, as most believe. Instead, it was bestowed upon him by three ancient volcanic creatures known as the Tasakaal. These enigmatic beings reside within the sulphur volcano of Mount Karuulm and possess an unparalleled understanding of the Dark Altar. Asteros urges you to establish contact with the Tasakaal in the hopes of uncovering a solution to restore power to the Dark Altar, ultimately preserving the immortality of the Arceuus citizens. Your quest's path continues, leading you deeper into the mysteries of Great Kourend.

https://oldschool.runescLord Trobin Arceuus in a magical trance.ape.wiki/images/The_Ascent_of_Arceuus_-_Lord_Trobin%27s_spell.gif?f5a38

To proceed with your quest, head towards Mount Karuulm. There are two convenient methods to reach it:

1. Utilize the fairy ring code "cir" for quick access.

2. Alternatively, you can use a Battlefront teleport.

Having 62 Agility can make your journey up the mountain slightly more manageable and faster, so consider this option if available.

As you make your way to Mount Karuulm, you may come across a mine west of the dungeon entrance, down the mountainside. Inside, you'll find some iron rocks that can be mined. This could serve the additional purpose of completing a task in the easy Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Your quest leads you to the intriguing realm of Mount Karuulm, where ancient secrets await discovery and where you hope to establish contact with the enigmatic Tasakaal beings.

To continue your quest, enter the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon atop the mountain's summit using the elevator. Notably, you won't require any specialized foot protection for this journey.

Within the dungeon, seek out one of the three Tasakaal beings. Initially, they will dismiss your presence, but their attitude will change once they hear the name "Arceuus." It will then pique their interest, prompting them to listen to your words.

The Tasakaal will recount a significant event from the past. Long ago, Trobin sought their aid in a desperate plea to save his dying wife. The Tasakaal, moved by his request, granted him the knowledge of immortality. However, Trobin misused this knowledge to bestow immortality upon the entire population of Arceuus, which ultimately disrupted the delicate balance of the world. In their own words, "For every death, there must be life. For every life, there must be death. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be." Due to this imbalance, the Tasakaal refuse to assist the people of Arceuus, as their time has long been overdue.

This revelation sheds light on the consequences of immortality and sets the stage for the quest's unfolding narrative, as you seek to navigate the complexities of the Arceuus House and the world of Great Kourend.









After offering to aid the Tasakaal in exchange for their assistance in saving the people of Arceuus, they will acknowledge the usefulness of the Arceuus House's work with souls in helping to maintain the delicate balance of life and death. With this understanding, the Tasakaal agree to lend their assistance on one condition: you must assist them with a task of their own.

The Tasakaal

The task they assign you involves freeing a trapped soul located in a grave to the south-east of the mountain. If you possess a second Battlefront teleport, you can conveniently use it to directly access the Ancient Grave. If not, you will need to leave the mountain and travel south-east to reach the location. Once you've arrived at the Ancient Grave, begin your quest to locate the trapped soul.

Inspect the ancient grave to initiate the task. You will need to follow a series of tracks, identified by inspecting the plants along the way. These tracks lead you eastward, ultimately directing you towards the Farming Guild. Note that it's crucial to inspect the specific plants that align with the tracks you're following. Along this path, you will encounter the Trapped Soul, which will attack upon discovery.

Ensure that you inspect each plant along the pathway to reveal the footprints; otherwise, the trapped soul will not make its appearance. It's important to mention that the Trapped Soul emerges from a bush, and by moving to the other side of the bush, you can safespot the creature. Be cautious, as the Trapped Soul will retreat into the bush if you move out of its line of sight. Additionally, be mindful that the Trapped Soul may disappear if you take too long to defeat it, making this encounter challenging for very low-level characters.

Upon successfully defeating the Trapped Soul, return to the Tasakaal to report your completion of the task. They will inform you that they've identified the root cause of the issue: while the Dark Altar functions as usual, someone has placed a device to divert its power toward a nearby construct. Unraveling this mystery is the next step in your quest as you work to restore balance to the world of Great Kourend and save the people of Arceuus.











To progress in your quest, head to the Dark Altar, located north-east of the Arceuus Library. You can reach this destination using various methods, including:

1. Utilizing the fairy ring code "c.i.s" if it has been repaired.

2. Using a games necklace to teleport to Wintertodt.

3. Employing an Arceuus library teleport tablet if you possess one.

Once you arrive at the Dark Altar, inspect the rocks in the vicinity until you discover a peculiar device. Automatically, you will proceed to smash this device. Your next task is to return to the Tower of Magic and speak with Lord Arceuus to finalize the quest.

Upon speaking with Lord Arceuus, you will relay the information about the device and its apparent sabotage of the Dark Altar. Lord Arceuus expresses deep concern over this deliberate act and mentions that he has dispatched researchers to examine the device's workings. He extends his gratitude for your efforts in saving his people from potential harm.

With the quest's conclusion, you have successfully unraveled the mystery surrounding the Dark Altar and thwarted a nefarious plot, securing the well-being of the people of Arceuus.

File:Lord Trobin Arceuus chathead.png

Congratulations! Quest complete!

The Ascent of Arceuus completed