OSRS Temple of Ikov Quest Guide


Temple of Ikov Quest Guide OSRS

In this pivotal quest, a critical decision regarding one's allegiance becomes paramount. Lucien, a determined character, has his sights set on acquiring the elusive staff of Armadyl, a powerful artifact concealed deep within the Temple of Ikov. This coveted staff is zealously safeguarded by the dedicated guardians of Armadyl, creating a conflict that demands the allegiance of a courageous adventurer.

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42 Thieving 

40 Ranged (Is not a hard requirement as it can be bypassed - See Below )

The ability to defeat a level 84 enemy with Ranged

Items Required         

Any yew, magic, or dark bow (must be able to fire ice arrows, so crossbows won't work!) or darts or throwing knives

20 unnoted limpwurt roots

Start Point  

Speak to Lucien at the Flying Horse Inn in the north-west corner of East Ardougne

start point

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To initiate this quest, you must first have a conversation with Lucien, who can be found at the Flying Horse Inn, situated to the north of King Lathas' Castle in East Ardougne. Lucien will share his compelling tale about his urgent need for the Staff of Armadyl, a legendary and sought-after artifact. In his trust, he will entrust you with a pendant and beseech you to undertake the challenging task of retrieving the staff on his behalf.

This quest sets the stage for a thrilling adventure filled with intrigue and peril, as you delve into the mysteries surrounding the Staff of Armadyl and the enigmatic figure of Lucien.

talk to lucien

Before venturing into the Temple of Ikov dungeon southeast of the Ranging Guild, remember to wear the Pendant of Lucien provided by Lucien. Additionally, equip yourself with a reliable light source and have a knife at your disposal. It's essential to keep the pendant on at all times inside the dungeon, and ensure that your total equipment weight remains under 0 kilograms to avoid disruptions during your journey. For those without 43 Prayer, consider making occasional trips to the bank to restock on food as necessary. This preparation will be crucial as you embark on your quest within the temple's depths.

climb down ladder

Upon entering the dungeon, proceed west and descend another set of stairs. In the next chamber, cut through the spider web located at the room's rear and collect the Boots of Lightness. Put these boots on and ascend the stairs once again.

Now, enter the room to the north, inhabited by skeletons. Make your way to the damaged bridge on the western side of this room, but take care to ensure that your total weight is under zero. If your weight exceeds zero, you risk falling into the lava below, potentially taking up to 20 points of damage. After safely crossing the broken bridge, enter the room and retrieve the Lever.

Important Note: In case of failure, ascend the ladder to Hemenster. Visit a nearby bank to deposit the necessary items to reduce your weight to zero. Then, return to the temple and retry this step to proceed with your quest.

take lever

Near the entrance of the dungeon, close to the ladder, there's a lever bracket mounted on the wall. Use the Lever from your inventory with this bracket and pull the lever. This action will unlock the gate to the south.

Proceed through the now-open southern gate, and follow the pathway until you come across several chests tucked away in alcoves. Thoroughly search each chest to acquire Ice arrows. Continue searching these chests until you've amassed a supply of approximately 20 to 25 arrows. As a precaution, consider disabling "Auto Retaliate" and activating "Protect from Melee," or be prepared to consume food as needed during this phase of your quest.

search ice arrows

After collecting a sufficient number of Ice arrows (around 20-25), return to the bank. Retrieve your items, including 20 unnoted Limpwurt roots, Prayer potions, food, your Ranged armor, and a bow. Once fully equipped, re-enter the temple and make your way to the room with the skeletons.

This time, proceed directly north into a chamber containing a lever and a trapdoor. Begin by searching the lever for any traps and disarm them before pulling the lever. It's crucial to note that if you pull the lever without disarming the traps first, the trapdoor will open, and you'll plummet onto spikes, potentially taking up to 20 points of damage. Be cautious and methodical in this step of your quest.

search  for traps lever

Exit the room and head west until you reach a door. Open it, and proceed through the room to reach another door on the opposite side. However, as you attempt to open the second door, you'll encounter the Fire Warrior of Lesarkus, who will block your path and engage you with fiery spells. Activate Protect from Magic and attack him from a distance using your Ice Arrows.

Important Note: If you don't defeat him quickly enough, the Fire Warrior may pause the battle and ask you to leave. In this case, simply attempt to open the door again to continue.

attack fire warrior

Once you've vanquished the Fire Warrior of Lesarkus, proceed by opening the northern door. Here, you'll encounter Winelda, a witch. She offers to teleport you across the lava, but it comes at the cost of 20 unnoted Limpwurt roots. Provide her with the roots, and she will facilitate your teleportation to the other side of the lava.

talk to winelda

After safely crossing the lava with Winelda's assistance, follow the path to its end, passing the room with the ladder. There, you'll discover a Shiny key on the ground. Pick up the key and return to the room where the Guardians of Armadyl are located.

In this chamber, push against the wall to gain access to the Guardians of Armadyl's room. Navigate to the northwestern corner of the room, where you'll find the Staff of Armadyl resting on a table. At this point, a pivotal decision awaits you: you must choose whether to align yourself with the Guardians of Armadyl or remain loyal to Lucien. Your choice will significantly impact the course of your quest.

take Shiny key

Side With The Guardians:

Remove the Pendant of Lucien from your neck and initiate a conversation with one of the Guardians of Armadyl. Inform them of your quest for the staff and your association with Lucien. Their disappointment will be evident, and they will express the need for your cleansing.

Respond by saying, "You are right, it is time for my yearly bath," acknowledging the necessity of purification. In response to your compliance, the Guardians will bestow upon you the holy water's blessing. Additionally, they will provide you with an Armadyl pendant and entrust you with the task of eliminating Lucien.

talk to guardian of the armadyl

Exit the room and ascend the ladder to the east. You will emerge inside a building located in McGrubor's Wood. Utilize the Shiny key to unlock and pass through the door.

Now, employ your Amulet of Glory to teleport either to Edgeville or Varrock. Proceed to the modest house situated just outside the eastern wall of the palace (east of Edgeville). Within that house, you will encounter Lucien. Engage him in combat while wearing the Armadyl pendant to bring your quest to a successful conclusion.

talk or attack lucien

Side With The Lucien:

If you opted to align yourself with Lucien, make an attempt to seize the Staff of Armadyl from the table. Be prepared for the Guardians of Armadyl to intervene and stop you from laying your hands on it. In response to their interference, engage in combat and defeat all the guardians in that corner of the room. Once they are vanquished, pick up the Staff of Armadyl.

take staff of armadyl

After securing the staff, depart from the room and ascend the ladder to the east. This will lead you to a building within McGrubor's Wood. Unlock the door using the Shiny key and proceed through it.                        

Use your teleportation method to reach Varrock and then proceed to the small house located just outside the west palace wall (east of Edgeville). Within this house, you will encounter Lucien. Hand over the Staff of Armadyl to him to claim your well-deserved reward for your choices and actions throughout the quest.

talk to lucien

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

temple of ijov completed

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