OSRS Tekton Guide

Tekton Boss Guide OSRS

Tekton stands as a prominent combat challenge within the Chambers of Xeric (CoX).

Among the raid's denizens, he is among the select few that yield coveted Overload potions upon defeat, sharing this distinction with the Muttadiles and Vanguard chambers. Possessing a formidable defense level of 205, Tekton's Achilles' heel lies in his vulnerability to Crush Weapons.



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Recommended Equipment

Optimizing your crush bonus stands as the utmost priority when confronting Tekton. However, in teams consisting of three or more members, this emphasis slightly diminishes, courtesy of Tekton's lowered defense resulting from Dragon Warhammers and Bandos Godswords. Keep in mind to switch your scythe to the crush style when engaging Tekton while equipped with Inquisitor's gear.

Recommended Equipment


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Ok let’s do the strategy!

Tekton is often observed laboring at his magnetic anvil. The instant someone approaches him, he takes notice and initiates combat. It's prudent for all participants to employ Protect from Melee unless they're confident in their ability to evade his assaults. While protection prayers won't wholly negate damage, they will alleviate its impact. He cannot be targeted while stationed at his anvil.

Tekton displays immunity to Ranged attacks and experiences a substantial 80% reduction in Magic damage. Although accuracy might falter, it's still feasible to cast the Vulnerability spell, lowering his Defense by 10%. His Defense is notably resilient, thus favoring a crush weapon for confrontation is advised. Potent crush weapons like the elder maul prove effective. For grouped raids employing effective defense debuffs or solo players outfitted in Inquisitor's armor, connecting with Tekton is generally less troublesome.

Players should be aware that Tekton's melee strike connects with those standing on the sides adjacent to his arms. Optimal positioning involves attacking Tekton from behind.

During movement, Tekton inflicts rapid stomp damage upon players beneath him. Additionally, the pillars of smoke within his chamber can mildly harm players standing on them.

Tekton projects two distinct auras underneath him: orange signifies his non-enraged stance, while red indicates his enraged state. Tekton's overall Defense diminishes when the orange aura is present. Following a return from the anvil to assail players (excluding the fight's commencement), he enters an enraged state for roughly 15 seconds before reverting to his standard stance.

The special attacks of the dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword prove remarkably effective at diminishing Tekton's formidable Defense. Even in instances of misses, they still induce a slight defense reduction—Bandos godsword leading to a 10-level Defense drop and dragon warhammer affecting 5% of his Defense level.

Upon entering, all players should congregate on the same tile and lure him as far away from his anvil as possible. Once alerted to the team's presence, Tekton advances toward a player, ceasing upon reaching them and instigating combat. If attacked, he halts his movement. Consequently, players should adopt a counter-clockwise pattern around Tekton, striking at each corner turn. If Tekton ceases attacking and no players remain within melee range, he retreats to his anvil. Alternatively, he continues his assault for an extended duration before returning. Upon rejoining the anvil, Tekton regenerates a fraction of health and restores lost Defense. Subsequently, he targets each player with two sparks, each dealing moderate damage within a 3x3 range. The sparks target players' current positions, necessitating dispersion and evasion through movement. Upon his exit from the anvil, the targeted player should remain stationary; otherwise, he retreats and heals anew.

An alternate strategy involves stepping out of his melee range between the onset and landing of his attack, then re-entering for a strike. Proper timing ensures Tekton continues the attack, sidestepping his return to the anvil. Players have a three-tick window to engage, making the elder maul or godswords advantageous due to their six-tick attack speed.

Given Tekton's placement as the opening room in Challenge Mode raids, it serves as an optimal training ground, allowing practice to hone skills, as the mechanics can be unforgiving toward minor errors.

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