OSRS Spirits of the Elid Quest Guide

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Spirits of the Elid Guide OSRS

"Spirits of the Elid" is a quest in RuneScape that revolves around aiding the villagers of Nardah in restoring water to their drought-stricken town. The villagers are convinced that they have fallen victim to a curse, and your task is to uncover the reality behind the disappearance of their water sources. As you progress through the quest, you will explore the mysteries surrounding Nardah and its people while working to bring relief to the parched town.



33 Magic 

37 Ranged 

37 Mining 

37 Thieving 

Ability to defeat three level 75 golems

Items Required            

Runes for Telekinetic Grab (One law and air runes)


1-2 thread

Crush weapon

Stab weapon

Slash weapon

Light source



Pickaxe (can be obtained during the quest)

Bow and arrows (can be obtained during the quest); a crystal bow will also work

Start Point

start point  

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To initiate the "Spirits of the Elid" quest in RuneScape, start by taking a flying carpet to Pollnivneach. From there, walk south and then take another flying carpet to Nardah. Once you've arrived in Nardah, head east and engage in a conversation with Mayor Awusah. He will inform you of a curse that has afflicted their town and request your assistance in addressing this dire situation. This sets the stage for your quest to uncover the mystery behind the curse and assist the troubled town of Nardah.

talk to awusah the mayor

In the "Spirits of the Elid" quest in RuneScape, after speaking with Mayor Awusah, proceed north of the Mayor's house and have a conversation with Ghaslor the Elder. Ghaslor will share information about river spirits and provide you with the Ballad of Jareesh. This ballad will play a crucial role in your quest as you continue to uncover the truth behind Nardah's curse and work towards restoring water to the town.

After reading the Ballad of Jareesh in the "Spirits of the Elid" quest in RuneScape, you'll discover information about a cave at the river source. This cave is situated northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks. To progress further in the quest, visit the temple located just west of Ghaslor's house. Inside the temple, employ the Telekinetic Grab spell to acquire the Ancestral key, then search the cupboards in the room to find the Robes of Elidinis. You'll need to use a needle and thread to repair the robes, marking a significant step in your journey to uncover the mystery behind Nardah's curse and restore water to the town.

cast telekinetic grab in ancestral key

you'll need to prepare by taking the following items with you: the key, robes, pickaxe, bow and arrows, rope, food, and weapons to combat three Level 75 golems. Once you're properly equipped, proceed to the mouth of the river, which is located northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks. Here, use a rope on the root to access the cave entrance. This marks the beginning of your journey into the cave as you work to uncover the secrets behind Nardah's curse and restore water to the town.

use rope in root

After entering the cave, the first task is to make sure you have the Robes of Elidinis and the Ancestral key with you. These items are crucial for progressing further. The initial challenge lies in opening the first double door, which requires these specific items.

Once you have successfully passed through the double doors, you'll encounter a series of three additional doors to the east. Behind each of these doors, a different golem awaits, and each golem requires a unique attack style to defeat. Here's a breakdown of what to do:

1. South Door: Open the south door first. Inside, you will confront the White Golem. To defeat it, you should employ a stab attack. This should be a well-aimed strike to ensure its defeat.

2. Water Source: After defeating the White Golem, proceed through the door and access the area where the water source is blocked. You will need to use your thieving skill to clear the blockage and ensure the flow of water is restored.

It's important to keep in mind that you'll likely encounter more challenges and puzzles as you progress deeper into the cave. Make sure to be adequately prepared with the right items and strategies to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

defeat white golem

After opening the southeastern door, you'll encounter the Grey Golem, which should be defeated using a slashing attack. Once it's defeated, clear any obstacles with a pickaxe and proceed to the next door. This sequence of challenges and solutions is a part of your journey within the cave, where you need to remain vigilant and ready to overcome obstacles as you advance in your mission.

defeat grey golem

After successfully opening the final door to the northeast, you'll encounter the Black Golem, which should be defeated using a crushing attack. Once the Black Golem is defeated, proceed through the door and aim an arrow at the target to clear the last blockage. This series of challenges and actions is a crucial part of your expedition within the cave, and it's essential to adapt your tactics and equipment as you confront these obstacles to progress further in your quest.

defeat black golem

After successfully opening all three doors and unblocking the water sources, the second pair of double doors will unlock. Proceed through these doors, and you will come across water spirits located to the east. Engage in conversation with the water spirits, and they will impart important information to you. They will explain that the townspeople of Nardah discarded the statue of Elidinis, leading to a curse that afflicts their town. To remove this curse, the townspeople must restore the statue to the temple. This revelation sets the stage for your further adventures and the quest to help the town of Nardah by retrieving and reinstating the statue of Elidinis.

talk to nirrie

To progress in your quest, return to Nardah and seek out the Mayor. He will inform you that the statue of Elidinis was discarded into a crevice located to the west of Nardah. Before embarking on this journey, be sure to retrieve the shoes and cut the soles off as you make your way to see the Genie for the first time. You can find the Genie to the west, but remember to carry a rope and a light source with you for safety. Descend into the crevice you discover, and initiate a conversation with the Genie. Initially, the Genie will request his soles. Speak to him once more to hand over the soles, and in return, he will give you the much-needed statue of Elidinis to aid in your quest's progression.

talk to genie

With the statue of Elidinis in your possession, return to the shrine in the temple, specifically the place where you originally took the Ancestral key. Once there, carefully place the statue on the stand. This action should serve to restore the statue to its rightful place within the temple, and in doing so, you will contribute to lifting the curse afflicting the town of Nardah. Your efforts will not only bring relief to the townspeople but also mark the successful completion of this crucial step in your quest.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

spirits of the elid completed

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