[OSRS] Spindel (Venenatis) Guide

OSRS Spindel (Venenatis) Guide

Image showing Spindel or Venenatis, a wilderness boss in Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Spindel is a less powerful version of Venenatis, and players can encounter it in the Web Chasm, a single-plus combat area found in level 29 Wilderness. When compared to Venenatis, the battle against Spindel is less challenging and safer, making it a more accessible option for players. However, in exchange for the easier fight, the drop quantities and rates of valuable items are lower.


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It's important to note that defeating Spindel will count towards a Venenatis slayer boss task, allowing players to make progress on their assigned tasks while facing this weaker variant.

For those looking for a somewhat less intense encounter while still earning progress towards their slayer tasks, Spindel in the Web Chasm can be a viable option in the Wilderness.


Spindel is located in the Web Chasm inside of the ruins. This can be found south of the black chinchompa spot and north-west of the level 25 wilderness green dragons. You can reach the dungeon entrance by:

  • Ferox Enclave teleport, exit the area north and run north-east
  • Graveyard of Shadows teleport and run north
  • Level 18 wilderness obelisk and run north-west
  • Use the canoe in Edgeville to travel north of the black chinchompa spot, then run south-east

The Location of Spindle in the wilderness (OSRS).


  • Melee attack: She simply lunges at the player
  • Ranged attack: Launches green spit at players
  • Magic attack: Launches webs at players
  • Sticky Web: Spindel (Venenatis) will occasionally deploy a sticky web at a player, sending a white-blue web at the target's location. It will then expand into a 7x5 AoE - while in this web, any player caught in it will take rapid hits of 3 damage, have their prayer drained by 3 and run energy by 10.
  • Spiderlings: Spindel (Venenatis) will occasionally call some spiderlings to assist her in battle. While fairly weak, they will drain prayer on every hit regardless if prayed against or hits. They will also increase her damage and allow her to hit through prayers if left alive.

https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/images/thumb/Fighting_Venenatis.png/300px-Fighting_Venenatis.png?c9187In the fight against Spindel (much like Venenatis), players should be aware that she can attack with all three forms of combat, which are Ranged, Magic, and Melee. However, during the fight, she will use only one combat style at a time. If players are in melee distance, they will be attacked only by her Melee attacks. It's essential to note that Spindel (Venenatis) is weakest to the crush attack style.

At the start of the fight, Spindel (Venenatis) will begin by using 8 Ranged attacks, followed by 8 Magic attacks. She will continuously change her position every 4 attacks. During the Ranged attack phase, Spindel (Venenatis) will also spawn spiderlings on the 1st Ranged attack of the cycle. These spiderlings can be a nuisance and deal additional damage to players, so it's crucial to deal with them effectively while focusing on the boss.

In addition to spawning spiderlings, Spindel (Venenatis) will deploy her web attack during the Magic attack phase. The web attack occurs on the 3rd Magic attack of the cycle. The web can be dangerous and should be avoided, as it can immobilize players, making them vulnerable to Venenatis's other attacks.

As players engage in the fight, it's essential to be cautious of Spindel's (Venenatis) attack patterns and adjust their protection prayers accordingly. Switching prayers between Ranged and Magic protection based on her attack style will help mitigate damage. Additionally, players using the crush attack style will have an advantage, as she is weakest to this type of attack.

Furthermore, it's crucial to maintain awareness of the spiderlings and the web attack while focusing on dealing damage to Spindel (Venenatis). Efficiently dispatching the spiderlings and avoiding the web will enhance the chances of a successful battle.

Keep in mind that Spindel (Venenatis) resides in the Wilderness, an area where player versus player (PvP) combat is possible. This means that other players may pose a threat during the fight. Players should remain vigilant and be prepared to defend themselves against potential PvP encounters while facing Spindel (Venenatis).

In conclusion, fighting Spindel (Venenatis) requires players to adapt to her attack styles, manage spiderlings and the web attack, and use the crush attack style for maximum effectiveness.

Suggested skills

  •  90 (105+ Recommended)
  •  70 (85+ Recommended)
  •  75 (85+ Recommended)
  •  80 (90+ Recommended)
  •  75 (85+ Recommended)
  •  70 (75+ Recommended)
  •  94+


Melee gear setup suggested to fight Spindel (Venenatis) in OSRS


Ranged gear setup suggested to fight Spindel (Venenatis) in OSRS


Inventory setup suggested to fight Spindel (Venenatis) in OSRS

Dinh's bulwark should be set to block in Combat options and equipped if attacked by player killers. If you elect to bring one, ensure you consider your items lost on death interface and turn on Protect item if necessary. You should aim to take 4 valuable items you wish to keep if killed by another player, usually Craw's bow, Necklace of anguish, Pegasian boots, and Dinh's bulwark provide the best balance of damage against Venenatis and survivability against other players.


Potential unique drops from Spindel (Venenatis) in OSRS

In conclusion, Spindel is a weaker variant of Venenatis and can be found in the Web Chasm located in level 29 Wilderness in Old School RuneScape. While the fight against Spindel is easier and safer compared to Venenatis, it offers lower drop quantities and rates. Players can engage in the battle with Spindel as part of a Venenatis slayer Boss task.

During the fight, Spindel will use different combat styles, including Ranged and Magic. She will attack with 8 Ranged attacks followed by 8 Magic attacks, while also moving position every 4 attacks. Additionally, she will spawn spiderlings during her Ranged attack phase and deploy a web attack during her Magic attack phase. Players need to be cautious of these mechanics and adapt their protection prayers accordingly.

To reach Spindel, players can teleport to Edgeville using an Amulet of Glory or any other suitable teleport method. From Edgeville, they should head north into the Wilderness until they reach level 29. At level 29 Wilderness, they can find the entrance to the Web Chasm, where Spindel resides.

When facing Spindel, players should utilize the combat style she is weakest to, which is crush. Maintaining awareness of her attack patterns, dealing with the spiderlings, and avoiding the web attack are essential to ensure a successful battle. It is also important to be cautious of potential player versus player (PvP) encounters in the Wilderness while fighting Spindel.